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Valentia, Love Your Skin!

12 December, 2016

Book Series by Michael Bolan!

Europe is on fire. Fuelled by religion, politics and power, war rages across the continent, pitting father against son, and brother against brother. 

In the wake of such conflict come horrific famine and deadly plagues. Rumours begin to surface of the End of Days, of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the violent Renaissance of Mankind.

As Europe burns, betrayal and feuding rages in the Brabant family. Why does Reinald, the powerful yet dishonest Duke fear his younger siblings so? How will headstrong Leo and noble Willem outsmart their older brother, and take back what is rightfully theirs? And what of Isabella, their troublesome younger sister, whose fiery temper lands her in love and in trouble...

Vowing to put right the wrongs of their family and bring an end to their brother's deadly plans, Willem, Leo and Isabella must chart a course through war, famine and pestilence. 

Meanwhile Reinald forms an unlikely and deadly alliance with a megalomaniac, a warmonger, and a deranged yet brilliant scientist, hell-bent on seeing their holy mission through to its grisly conclusion.

Can the Sons of the King of Brabant survive? Help appears from the most unlikely of places...


It is 1646 and the Thirty Years’ War is raging. While PinterestEurope teeters on the brink of annihilation, the mysterious cabal known only as The Rapture enters the final apocalyptic stage of their plan to bring about the Second Coming of Christ. 

Only the Sons of Brabant, and their bawdy Irish allies, have the skill and daring to stop them. But first, the companions part ways, each seeking a piece of the puzzle that has set Europe aflame. For they must gather and destroy the Seals of the Devil's Bible before the Rapture can unleash their cataclysmic force. Whoever holds the Seals controls the future of the planet...

Can Willem, Isabella and Leo put an end to their brother’s madness, or will Reinald achieve his perverted goal, destroying mankind in the process?


I grew up in the wilds of Ireland, surrounded by remnants of a forgotten age - Donegore rath, Slemish mountain, Ossian's grave - mystical places which lend reality to the stories behind them. 

But Ireland, for all of its beauty, is a small country, and as Longfellow said, "A boy's will is the wind's will", so I left to see the world. I have been gone more than two decades and I'm still admiring the view. Over that time, I have talked, argued, laughed and sung in myriad languages, hearing stories as rich and varied as those of my home. 

I grew up in a reading household, so it was natural for me to lift a book at an early age. That continued for several years, and then I promptly stopped. It was the most literary (or softest) teenage rebellion in history, but it took a deal with my mother (any book I wanted was bought for me, no quibbling) to get me back into a book.

I started with fantasy, expanded into sci-fi, then into adventure. A sojourn in Prague in the mid-90s, when English books were hard to come by, saw me read most of the Penguin Popular Classics series. Going back to random fiction after that, left me somewhat cold, as I realised that many authors were simply not that good at telling a story. 

It has only taken me two decades to try and do better myself, a time which saw me learn a couple of new languages, live in several different countries, build a corporate career and a successful private business and see (and do) some of the craziest things. Oh, and I became a father. Twice.

I devote my non-work time to playing with my two sons, rugby, reading and enjoying gin. I also still run my own business, but that is, quite literally, another story...


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