To any authors/publishers/ tour companies that are looking for the reviews that I signed up for please know this is very hard to do. I will be stopping reviews temporarily. My husband passed away February 1st and my new normal is a bit scary right now and I am unable to concentrate on a book to do justice to the book and authors. I will still do spotlight posts if you wish it is just the reviews at this time. I apologize for this, but it isn't fair to you if I signed up to do a review and haven't been able to because I can't concentrate on any books. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. I appreciate all of you. Kathleen Kelly April 2nd 2024

19 April 2024

The Nowhere Girls by Dana Perry April 1 - May 10, 2024 Virtual Book Tour!

BTHE NOWHERE GIRLS by Dana Perry Banner

April 1 - May 10, 2024 Virtual Book Tour


Book 1 in the Detective Nikki Cassidy series

My kid sister was murdered fifteen years ago. Now the killer has struck again. And this time, I’m going to take my revenge…

On the anniversary of her sister’s death, FBI agent Nikki Cassidy takes a call that has her heart pounding in her chest, the image of her beautiful sister Caitlin etched in her mind.

Another girl has been taken.

Days later, the lifeless body of twelve-year-old Natalie Jarvis is found in a remote patch of woodland, a crown of roses delicately placed on her head. Just like Caitlin.

The killer is back.

Nikki rushes to her small hometown of Groveton, Ohio. She will do anything to stop another young girl dying, but she soon realises that nothing is what it seems—everyone in her hometown is keeping a secret. And when a note is discovered near Natalie’s body addressed to Nikki, it’s clear what the murderer really wants: her…

She’s caught killers before, but this time it’s personal. And Nikki will risk everything—even her own life—to get justice for every victim. It’s time to stop this twisted killer, once and for all…

If you love reading Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot, you won’t be able to put down this gripping new series. Full of heart-racing twists and turns, you’ll be hooked!


Book 2 in the Detective Nikki Cassidy series

Ten days ago, straight-A student Jessica Staley ran away from home. Now her lifeless body lies pale and still in an empty parking lot, her unblinking brown eyes staring up to the night sky…

FBI agent Nikki Cassidy’s heart pounds as she takes in the short, dark hair and delicate features of fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Jessica Stanley. It’s another unsolved murder in Groveton, Ohio, just like her sister, Caitlin, fifteen years before. Her family beg her to keep her distance, but Nikki knows she can’t walk away.

What if her sister’s killer is back?

Talking to Jessica’s heartbroken family, Nikki learns that she wasn’t happy at home. Just days ago, she packed a few belongings into her school backpack and left, never to be seen alive again.

Determined to give Jessica’s family the answers she never found for herself, Nikki works around the clock, trawling hours of CCTV footage from the scene. And just when she thinks she’s close to uncovering the truth, a chilling email arrives that confirms her deepest fear. There are more victims, Nikki. Can you ever stop me?

This killer is playing a dangerous game, and he has Nikki in his sights now—one wrong move and she could be his next victim. She’s determined to unmask the monster who has tortured her hometown for decades. But what if the killer is someone close to her? What if it’s someone she loves?

Fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Kendra Elliot will absolutely love this gripping new series from Dana Perry. Prepare to stay up all night!


Book 3 in the Detective Nikki Cassidy series

As dawn breaks over a small gas station on the outskirts of Groveton, Ohio, the body of a teenage girl lies totally still. Long blonde hair covers her face, and a length of frayed rope hangs loosely around her neck. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds her, just like her killer intended…

When FBI agent Nikki Cassidy receives a call from Groveton’s Chief of Police, her heart pounds. A young girl just knocked on the door of Nikki’s old family home, claiming to be Nikki’s kid sister, Caitlin. But Caitlin was murdered fifteen years ago. Who is the girl and what does she want?

Nikki thinks the impersonator could finally lead her to her sister’s twisted killer. But her hope is shattered when the girl’s lifeless body is found strangled at a local service stop. If the girl knew about Caitlin, could she have known the identity of the killer? Was she murdered before she could unmask them?

Going against her boss’s orders to stay away, Nikki traces the girl’s last known steps to her best friend, Shirley. Nikki learns that the girl was last seen meeting with a stranger at the mall. Could it have been her killer?

Closer than ever to uncovering the truth, Nikki can’t give up now. But when Shirley’s body is found at another service station, a length of rope wound around her neck, her heart shatters. Another young life has been lost. Nikki vows that this will be the last.

When an intruder breaks into her old home, Nikki knows it’s the killer sending her a sign. As she walks into the familiar old house in the dead of night, will she finally get justice and catch her sister’s killer, or did she just walk into a deadly trap?


Praise for Dana Perry:

THE NOWHERE GIRLS: "A twisty-breath-taking page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until it’s stunning conclusion. Fast-paced and riveting, it keeps you guessing till the very end."
Lisa Regan, author

"A thrilling new series."
Killer Nashville

"A fantastic book… Dana Perry has created one heck of female lead!"
NetGalley reviewer

"Wow!!!!! What did I just read!!! Mind blown!!!! Absolutely shattered after being up all night reading but boy was it worth it! Absolutely unputdownable!!"

"This was an edge-of-your-seat page-turner!"


Book Details:

Genre: Crime Thriller
Published by: Bookouture
Publication Date: April 2, 2024
Number of Pages: 341
ISBN: 9781803147932 (ISBN10: 1803147938)
Series: Detective Nikki Cassidy

Read an excerpt:


Dana Perry

I am a New York City author who writes mystery thrillers under the pen name of Dana Perry - and also as R.G. Belsky.

Catch Up With Dana Perry:
Twitter/X - @DanaPerryAuthor
Facebook - @DanaPerryAuthor
Instagram - @dickbelsky



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18 April 2024

Love Is Ale You Need by Gia Stevens Release Tour! #authorgiastevens Indie Pen PR


After becoming a single mom, I vowed never to date a guy in a suit again until the charismatic and charming, Trey Wilson entered my life. I put him in the friend zone instantly, however, the more time we spend together, the more the lines between friends and benefits blur.

 I know I should end things before we get too deep, but when the white stick shows two pink lines, my world is once again turned upside down. Fans of Meghan Quinn and Tessa Bailey will devour Love Is Ale You Need by Gia Stevens, a steamy friends-to-lovers, surprise pregnancy, romance.

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A steamy friends with benefits, surprise pregnancy standalone novel by romantic comedy author Gia Stevens… We went from fling to friend-zone. Now I have to tell him he’s going to be a dad. After my ex-husband left, I became a single mom and vowed never to date a guy in a suit again. Then Trey Wilson entered my life. The guy who lives in suits. He’s charismatic, good-looking, and charming AF. Everything that can make any woman swoon, including me. What started as a one-night fling turned into a mid-morning office quickie, followed by an afternoon rendezvous in my kitchen.

Which ultimately led to the purchase of a new table. After I told him we can only be friends, he’s determined to be my best friend. The more time we spend together, the boundary between friends and benefits blur. Deep down, I know he’s exactly like the others. Once they get what they want, they’re out the door, leaving me to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. Been there. Done that. And I have a daughter to prove it. So the moment emotions get involved, I quickly suppress them and do what I know is right. I end whatever this is. 

  Except now I can’t do that when the white stick shows two pink lines.

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Copyright 2024 Gia Stevens

I peer up at him. “Are benefits still on the table?”

He turns toward me. The pad of his thumb caresses the apple of my cheek. His hand continues to glide across my skin until his fingers thread through my hair. His large palm warms my cheek. “No.”

My stomach falls. It was inevitable this would have to end, but I was hoping it wasn’t tonight. 

With his other hand he grips my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze. “I don’t want benefits. You’re worth more than just benefits. But I’ll take whatever you give me.”

A slow smile spreads over my lips. “Can we go to your house?”


He opens the passenger door and I slide in. While he rounds the hood, I click my seatbelt into place. We’ve had sex before, but the butterflies are fluttering faster this time. Maybe because it’s not a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing. Instead, I have the entire drive to his house to think about it. Trey climbs in and starts his SUV. He glances over at me while reaching his hand over the center console and intertwining his fingers with mine. It’s the simplest gesture, but one that calms my erratic heartbeat.

The short ride to his house is silent, but the way his thumb brushes over the back of my hand says everything I need to know right now. I want Trey.

His neighborhood is a far cry from my tiny apartment complex. Enormous houses with even bigger lawns line the streets. A pang of guilt hits me as this is something I’ll never be able to give Abby. A neighborhood filled with other kids to run around and play with. Or a backyard to build a fort or play kickball in.

As we approach a navy blue split-level house, he turns left and pulls into the sunken attached garage. I yank myself out of my thoughts. No pity parties tonight. There’s only room for one party, and that’s between my legs.

The garage door closes, and we both step out, but before we reach the door to the house, my heels that I never put back on slip from my fingers, dropping to the floor with a clatter. Trey twists around and I throw myself into his arms, slamming my lips to his. Without breaking our connection, he twists us around and cages me against the front fender. A shiver runs down my spine as he threads his fingers through my hair, cupping my head as he deepens the kiss. I wrap my arms around his waist and tug him to me, wanting to feel all of him. A low moan escapes his throat.

He pulls away, but his lips linger on mine. “Did I tell you this is the best friendship I’ve ever had?”

#OneClick   #LoveIsAleYouNeed


About Gia Stevens

Gia Stevens resides in Northern Minnesota with her husband and cat. She lives for the warm, sunny days of summer and dreads the bitter cold of winter. 

A romantic comedy junkie at heart, she knew she wanted her own stories to encompass those same warm and fuzzy feelings. 

When she’s not busy writing your next book boyfriend, Gia can be found binge watching TV shows that aired five years ago, taking pictures of her cat, or curled up with a steamy romance novel.

Follow: Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | Reader Group | Goodreads | BookBub | BingeBooks | Website | Newsletter | Amazon

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Raven (Devil Handmaiden's MC: Timber Ghost, Montana Chapter, #6) by D.M. Earl Release Blitz!


Raven (Devil Handmaiden's MC: Timber Ghost, Montana Chapter, #6)


D.M. Earl 


Romantic Suspense MC Romance 

Release Date:

April 18, 2024 

Hosted by

 Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

A second chance may hurt worse the next time around...

Funny and vibrant Brenna "Raven" O'Brien has experienced her fair share of pain and loneliness. She's always used humor to hide her true feelings of rejection and loss. Always the jokester, Brenna brings joy to those around her. Being needed in IT for the Devil's Handmaidens gives her purpose and a sense of belonging. After being betrayed by the only man she's ever loved, Raven guards her heart from pain at all cost.

But when she comes face to face with the man who destroyed her, everything changes...

Ash Sterling has loved Raven his entire life. He'd do anything to repair the broken shards of her heart. But Raven's pain runs deep, and her pride won't be crushed again. However, when her sister comes back into her life, and the Handmaiden's realize more danger and darkness loom, Raven knows that Ash is the one man who can help her seek the justice her family needs. When boundaries blur and passion ignites, will the pain of the past subside for both of them to find a future together?

Kindle Unlimited


“Brenna, my life’s been shit since we broke up. The only thing I have is the ranch and even that is a pain in my ass most days. I did build a house, one I thought you’d like. Besides that, I live, breathe, and almost die for that ranch. I’ve not been a saint since we broke up, I’ll be honest, but I’ve never had another girlfriend or fiancĂ©e. Best I could call it was hookups when I needed, you know, some relief.”

I can feel my face getting hot and she’s looking at me, trying not to laugh at my discomfort. “Go ahead and laugh. Not only was it far and few between, I’d drive into the city so it wasn’t someone from around here. Mom has been on me to try and find a bride to help me, but there’s only one woman I want as my bride. No, I won’t put any pressure on you, Brenna. 

I’m just trying to be honest and upfront. Now, I know you’ve had a really long day, I’ll get outta your hair. Maybe we can grab a bite to eat sometime. Your call. I’ll leave the ball in your court.”

D.M. Earl is a U.S.A. Today Bestselling Author who spins stories about real life situations with characters that are authentic, genuine, and sincere. Each of her stories allow the characters to come to life with each turn of the page while they try to find their HEA through much drama and angst. D.M. finds ideas for her next story from within those around her and what she experiences in daily life. 

Each book has a part of her left behind in it. She lives in Northwest Indiana married to her best friend who was instrumental in the start of her writing career in 2014. When not writing D.M. loves to read, play with her seven fur-babies (yeah crazy) and ride her Harley Dyna Lowrider.

“Enjoy this Ride we call Life.” Remember we only get one chance.


Calabritto byTony Nesca About a Girl by Tony Nesca Book Tour! @SilverDaggerBookTours #Calabritto #AboutAGirl #TonyNesca

 Tony Nesca's free-flow writing draws the reader into a tragi-comedy of

 epic proportions.  


by Tony Nesca

Genre: Literary Fiction

 Calabritto is a novel about a mountain village in central Italy taking place in the early seventies and the eccentric characters that weave their stories in and around each other.

Written in Tony Nesca’s classic free-flow, stream of consciousness, the prose itself mesmerizes and captivates, drawing the reader into a tragi-comedy that unfolds an intricate tapestry of human experience.

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

About a Girl

by Tony Nesca

Genre: Literary Fiction

 About a girl is a short novel that begins with two strangers, a man and a woman, who meet at a bus-stop and go on an impromptu bar-crawl on a cool, winter day. Taking place in twelve hours it recounts the oddball, hardcore, characters they meet and their increasing emotional connection as they fall for each other almost immediately. Infused with sexual energy, pop-culture references, intellectual debate and literary allusions this is an unapologetic, uncensored look at our society through the eyes of the outsider.

It is written in a free-flow, spontaneous style with long unhindered sentences that enable the reader’s eye to glide down the page as the story flows and moves to an urban beat of strippers, punk rockers and nightlife happenings.

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

 Tony Nesca was born in Torino, Italy in 1965 and moved to Canada at the age of three. He was raised in Winnipeg but relocated back to Italy several times until finally settling in Winnipeg in 1980. He taught himself how to play guitar and formed an original rock band playing the local bars for several years. At the age of twenty-seven he traded his guitar for a Commodore 64 and started writing seriously. He has published six chapbooks of stories and poems (which he used to sell straight out of his knapsack at local dives and bookstores), seven novels, six books of poetry and stories, a spoken word album, a graphic novel co-written with Nicole Nesca, and has been an active contributor to the underground lit scene for 28 years, being published in innumerable magazines both online and in print.

Tony Nesca and his wife Nicole I. Nesca have one question – where have all the fearless artists gone? Unable to find a mainstream publishing outfit that suited their taste for grittier writing, the Nescas formed their own – Screamin’ Skull Press where they have published 19 distinct works through their Indie Press, and their journey toward a more rebellious future for literature continues.

Screamin’ Skull Press exclusively publishes the worrk of the Nescas - raw, electric and with a free flowing mix of prose and poetry, their books are explorations of freedom, art, death, love, literary experimentation and living how one chooses.

Website * Facebook * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Goodreads


He drives into town at the mouth of the village just where the mountain curves its way around the seven hills and faces Naples and all that ancient wonder and everywhere is that lush green forest with colours bloodshot auburn emerald mixing into the early evening sunlight drooping Westward timeless and gone already, the occasional house dots the road or hides in the trees as it pears out at you through the thick purple foliage mixing with the mountain sounds of things alive and far away and Ruggiero’s sport car bright red with hard earned money and all else lost turns round and round hugging curves that just a few feet away drop down in straight line for thousands of feet, after that comes the gravel road easing its way into the Piazza with shops and cafes and bars and people and outcrops of rock where young people sit and smoke cigarettes scowling at the world everything roving moving cascading drumming up and around spinning and raising the volume loud and up-tempo with that vigor and aggressive love only found in Italy scorched and conquered and reclaimed…it was summer holiday school out as kids of all ages ran around the horseshoe-shaped Piazza and Ruggiero eased the red nose of sport car forward weaving slowly around the throng of people grooving with the hot summer evening and lazy-slow-beauty of Calabritto, he moves slowly past Mascanzone and Troisi sitting on curb drinking chocolate milk and talking all kinds of shit then parks his car in usual spot, sees someone and waves as he gets out in short-sleeves and pressed beige slacks with black dress shoes and cigarette dangling from mouth…

She downed her Cognac and her ass wiggled out of the room a few whistles and smiles and “madonna mia!” “jesu christo!” “whoohooo”, she smiled, she dug it, she moved like a snake her body gliding through the streets with electricity and certainty and the older town ladies eyeing her with disdain and suspicious jealousy as she began her trek up and up and up moving away from the village piazza and into the trees and the cobblestone steps of Calabritto jagged and wide at parts narrow and shaded in others, splitting, forking, twisting, winding its way around Calabritto, sun setting behind the mountains you could hear the wind moving around its peaks Graziella took a deep breath, held it, then expelled and felt it all, stumbling up the steps past the shacks and huts and two story buildings all attached like in Brooklyn New York row houses and there were roving dogs and the occasional house light and the darkness that concealed all the life-dance and beauty and futility and lost grins on the horizon, her high heels banging and sliding and groovin’ and she took off the heels and continued barefoot toes painted deep red shining in the mountain moonlight and lantern sadness past the butcher’s, the bread shop, a tavern, a few stone huts that lined the winding stairs, then stopped in front of a broken down hovel all grey and silent-tragedy silent-blindness, it was one room, hanging carpet for a door, plywood for a roof – she paused – then came the sadness – she crumbled knees hitting rock floor – she sat there for a while hugging her legs  then reached inside her top and slid some money under the curtain – then she continued and there goes Anna-Maria balancing  the usual wood-piles on her head, and Guglielmo running with the dogs, and old guys drinking at small tables in the open mountain air waiting for the sun to go down, Graziella’s plump long thighs full of all things wild and alive, one easy step after the other – there were stone huts on the side with wooden doors arched and ornate designs carved by artists long dead, outhouses in the woods among the trees and the wild dogs howling through the cool nights, lanterns hanging from awnings casting shadows long and wide so strange to see when alone and faded, suicide corners in the gloom at the edge of cliffs overlooking Italy worn and ancient and still in the game…

Warning: Language 

About A Girl by Tony Nesca

Winter day at bus-stop hands in pockets puffing smoke thinking ‘bout a bike I had as a kid in this very neighborhood, retarded boy named Ken used to challenge me to race wobbling from side to side as he rode making car sounds on that old fucking thing basket in front, “rooom roooom” “come on retard boy, that all you got?” racing down Garwood Avenue that crazy loon flying right by me up to corner then back and forth laughing like the world is all right and it’s there just for us my mother on front porch shaking her fist at me “beep beep” goes Ken, I’m thinking about this at bus-stop mid-day streets alive with furious wanton music, young woman shows up out of the darkness “hello” lights cigarette, winter day gray and shady,
“So who are you?” she says as the lights go wiry,
“Uh-huh, oh yeah”
“I turned 23 yesterday”
Old lady walks by well-scrubbed pink tragic like the sun she smiles at us young woman beside me we’re talking high-speed ‘bout local bands booze on her breath I should be going home on call for work security guard at downtown high-rise she’s smiling big black hair we’re on the bus going through little Italy restaurants bars cafes go by in a blur I’m telling her I used to play guitar in a band her green eyes light up “should have known” she says,
“Why, cuz I got long hair?”

She pulls a mickey out of her knapsack takes a swig hands it to me I decline, think about it, then I take a sip bus racing through The Osborne Village artsy part of town funky shops black clothes mohawk kids begging for money guy with glasses throws up on corner, “Where you goin’?” she says I explain the work thing gotta sit by the phone in case they need me, got an hour to kill she’s looking for CD’s, likes That Petrol Emotion and The Violent Femmes, going to that second-hand music place downtown lady on bus starts singing Old Man River I laugh alive in love, my friend beside me laughs too applies deep red lip-stick snow piled high on the boulevard cruising down The Osborne Bridge sweating in our winter jackets bus cramped and tired nippin’ vodka between the sheets my friend looking brave and thinking, she’s reciting a Black Flag song whistling in the wind, howling at the septic tank says she used to live in Toronto hates it grew up on Indian Reserve called Pukatawagan says Winnipeg really works for her, really like The Peg she says, guy snoring behind us, bus-driver taking crazy turns announcing each corner with lame-ass joke crowd laughing like derelicts my friend looks at me crosses her eyes sticks her tongue out I feel my ass-cheeks rumble, damn…

“Ever been to The Canadian Shield?” she says,
“Oh yeah”
Gust of wind gives Cocker Spaniel on corner a mouth full of snow few guys on bus start laughing shiny hair suburban nightmares my friend comments on them doesn’t like that type big fucking deal I say do you listen to Brave new Waves? Sure thing she says, new band called The White Stripes pretty good love that three chord unorthodox rock and roll…similar to what The Pixies did I say,
“No one’s as good as The Pixies” she says
Approaching downtown the drunks come out middle of the afternoon stumbling through parking lots and construction sites she digs it says life is about this takes another sip of vodka I join her people on the bus take notice driver looking at us in mirror let’s get off I say…heel-toe-express down the downtown streets chinese guy parking car reminds me of something I can’t remember my friend exactly same height as me short parka with hood tight blue jeans beautiful winter I’m thinking breath comes out in clouds we live one step at a time caught in the shit of things stick and move monkey man on high wind tears out brain things as usual he says, business guy walking fast briefcase dangling I point to a mall then past it to a small bar hungover mohawk-kid in front wrapping his jacket around him lighting cigarette,
“Let’s go there” I say,
“Juicy” she says….

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Deadly Gamble: A World War II Mystery (Deadly Series) by Kate Parker Book Tour!



About Deadly Gamble


Deadly Gamble: A World War II Mystery 

Historical Cozy Mystery 

11th in Series 

Setting - Lisbon, Portugal in 1941 

Publisher ‏ : ‎ JDP Press (April 16, 2024)

Print length ‏ : ‎ 255 pages 

Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0CPW8GHT3

In 1940s Portugal, everyone is willing to trade secrets if the price is right.

Britain stands alone against the forces of Nazi Germany. Livvy Redmond is a young newspaperwoman determined to serve Britain’s spymaster in the face of danger. When she arrives in neutral Lisbon, she discovers a city full of spies, refugees, and the secret police.

At an elegant party to meet a double agent, Livvy witnesses him fall to his death from a balcony and must now determine what secrets he wanted to pass her. Further complicating matters, she must guard the man’s young daughter from sinister people trying to kidnap the girl.

Gambling on the assistance of British embassy staff, Livvy commits to uncovering the truth while keeping the orphan safe. With spies and traitors lurking around every corner, Livvy must race against time to learn the secret someone has already killed to keep hidden – and is willing to murder again to protect.

Deadly Gamble is the exciting eleventh book in the World War II mystery Deadly Series. If you like intrepid heroines, research-based history and clean reads, then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Parker’s page-turning mystery.

About Kate Parker

Kate Parker grew up inside the Beltway, when DC was a sleepy southern city and you could walk along the sidewalk directly in front of the White House. 

Now you can’t get within a block of the White House, and it takes Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon to house even part of what the Old State, War and Navy building held.

All this fed Kate’s love of history. With retirement, Kate moved to North Carolina and took up writing historical mysteries. 

Now with a career spanning over a decade, Kate is a USA Today bestselling author and the Deadly Series is her longest-running series. 

She lives with her daughter and a 110-pound puppy.

Author Links Website


  Purchase Links 


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April 21 – Carla Loves To Read – REVIEW, CHARACTER GUEST POST

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