28 September 2023

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Since abandoning her family, Charlie Evanston has faithfully served in the mansion but when Avery Beckett is ousted from the family and stripped of his status, she resigns in solidarity. Confronting his true reality for the first time in years, Avery sees Charlie in a different light as he struggles to assimilate the terrifying gift he's been cursed with. When the past and present collide, will the clan’s future be left hanging in the balance? Readers who enjoy opposites attract romances will devour Fallen Dragon by Bree Westland, a steamy fated mates romance.


Avery Beckett couldn’t have fallen any further, even if he’d dug his own grave. Well, maybe technically he could have. Ousted from the family mansion, stripped of his status. Cast out in utter disgrace. That about covers it. His ruin almost complete.

Years of trauma surge to the forefront, leaving Avery no choice but to deal with the terrifying gift he’s been cursed with but had buried deep. The clan needs his unique brand of talents. Trouble is he’s no good for anyone else, least of all himself in his current state.

Charlie Evanston has faithfully served in the mansion since abandoning her home in the ranks of the fae ten years ago, but resigns in solidarity with Avery. And when it’s as if he’s seeing her for the very first time, she won’t miss out on this chance.

Meanwhile, the past and present collide, the clan’s future at a crossroads dependent on Avery’s next move. But his dragon, held at bay for so long, has other ideas involving the pretty fae, who’s dealing with her own heartache.

And he’s playing for keeps.

*Readers can expect healthy doses of hot shifters, naughty language, and sexy times with a fated mate, all wrapped up in a happily ever after. Can be read as a standalone romance but best enjoyed in the order written. 

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Copyright 2023 @Bree Westland


Copyright 2023 @Bree Westland 

A low whine reached into her thoughts. “There you are,” Charlie announced through a sigh, training her eyes on the dog. “What is it, buddy?” Typically he’d leap on her legs, eager to play and receive any belly scratches she had to offer. Thor caught her eye, barked, then darted toward the back of the house and the large window that he loved to look out of during the day. “Okay, you want me to see something?”

Trailing Thor, Charlie glanced ahead. Wait... Was that Avery? By the time she reached the window, she had no doubt. Neither did Thor. Paws on the window, he stared from Charlie to Avery and back again, like she should do something.

She’d been privy to similar scenes many times before. Most likely Thor hadn’t, and his animal instincts were on high alert. Reason enough for Avery to keep him locked inside. The backyard was spacious, a little over two acres. The property must have been chosen for this area right here. For sure it wasn’t the lush accommodations inside. The abundant land, surrounded by tall pine trees, allowed for some privacy and plenty of room to shift and take to the sky. From his position close to the tree line, Avery had his back turned, waiting on something. What?

Sometimes the change took him quickly, sometimes over the course of many minutes, usually not much longer. An idea sparked, and she maneuvered forward for a better look. If she was right about this, Avery and his dragon would scent her immediately. After that, what would happen next, she wasn’t quite sure, but she couldn’t wait to find out.

Keeping an eye on Avery, Charlie slid out the back door, careful to keep an agitated Thor inside. “Sorry. For your own good, little guy.” As she leaned against the door, Avery made a slow, purposeful turn, sniffing the air. He faced her, legs splayed, arms crossed against his chest, his pecs bulging against the seams of the fabric constraining him. His gaze homed in on her, and he let out a low growl. Mate... Mine...

Taking a step forward, then another, the change overtook him. Gods, he was beautiful. In two long, powerful strides, his legs and arms thickened, with claws forming where his hands and legs had been. His spine extended; his face elongated into a long graceful neck. Then finally dark black scales snapped into place all along his majestic newly formed body.

She shuddered. Avery...

With that one scorching glance he’d made her feel…his. Now a beast, he continued his trek toward Charlie in a slow, lumbering, ground-shaking gait. It hadn’t occurred to her to be frightened. She’d witnessed Avery’s dragon form before, often in fact, just not in such a personal setting and not with the official status bestowed as his mate. Although, quickly thinking this through, hadn’t that always been the case? Her heart raced in anticipation as she quivered within the power of his transformation.

The beast got within about two meters and lurched to a stop, canting his head, as if questioning her presence there. “Avery…” she whispered

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Hi, I’m Bree! Paranormal romance writer and lover of all things fantasy. I write steamy shifter romances with growly alpha men and the strong women who love them. Most days you can find me tucked away in my office, lost in the worlds and characters I create, listening while they tell me their stories. When not writing, you can catch me curled up with a hot cup of tea and my ever-growing TBR pile. I call home the sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, but I love traveling as long as I can take my laptop with me! Follow: Facebook | Website | TikTok | Pinterest | Goodreads | BookBub | Newsletter | Amazon

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Magik, once unleashed, can have very unpredictable results...

The Magik Scarf

World of Daegries Series Book 1

by M.K. Browning

Genre: YA Fantasy 

The journey into the World of Daegries starts with M. K. Browning's exciting prelude, The Magik Scarf.

"Powerful quest fantasy filled with magik and adventure." - early reader

"This book is great with characterizations!" - Andrea G.

"This book is perfect for young readers seeking a traditional fantasy novel that emphasizes family relationships, self-worth, and loyalty." - Liz R.

Magik, once unleashed, can have very unpredictable results...

Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Chance Oh had been called many things. Magician, sorcerer’s apprentice, even witch. But nothing had prepared her for being called a failure.

After botching her first solo spell, where she only partially reanimates her grandfather into a voice in a toy jack-in-the-box, Alyssa has to set out to find and return a gryphon king’s magik scarf or else he will do something unspeakable to her grandmother.

But that sneaky scarf is not where the king said it was, and now the only way to get to it is through a dragon’s lair.

**Only .99cents!**

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Losing a loved one to death is terrible. Bringing them back has other assorted issues. And when it’s your own flesh and blood… well, necromancy has limits.

Alyssa Chance Oh tensed against the problems before her. She stood in her family’s log house in her bedroom, turning about once or twice, trying to assess things.

The house stood like a pinprick on the river’s edge. A mere smudge in the grand scheme of the whole of Daegries. But it was her entire world, the only home that ever mattered. And her family, grown even smaller recently, needed her to take charge. 

Alyssa sighed, staring at items strewn on her bedroom floor. She’d been up early, studying spells, trying to figure out what wasn’t working. “Why do I have to jump up and down on the bed? This incantation sounds like something a fool would say.”

Alyssa had tried the spell twice, spouting different words and performing various actions as she saw fit, but nothing had happened. No flash of light, no smell of sulfur… no risen grandfather. Nothing. And she desperately wanted her grandfather back on this side of the dirt.

She sat absently flicking at the petals of a sundew plant sitting on the scuffed wooden desk. Magik usually kicked in at sixteen, and her birthday had been a few months ago. But apparently, that wasn’t a sure-fire win at spell casting.

Bitterly eyeing the thick book she’d been using for the spell, Alyssa grabbed it, and her deep blue eyes darted back and forth over the text written in tiny script. “I have to get this done.”

M.K. Browning is an emerging author of young adult epic fantasy. Author, grandmother, wife, and proud dog mom, M.K. is known for her character-driven fiction which stems from her fourteen-plus years of experience as an indie author under another pen name (see books by Kim Smith). M.K. lives in central Florida with her hubby and her Chihuahua, Darby, who runs their lives.

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Beautiful Dangerous Philly Heat Series #4 by Becky Flade Book Tour! @SilverDaggerBookTours #SilverDaggerBookTours #SDBookTours


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It’s exquisite torture watching you. 

For your sake, I hope you meet my expectations...

Beautiful Dangerous

Philly Heat Series #4

by Becky Flade

Genre: Romantic Thriller, Suspense 

It’s exquisite torture watching you. For your sake, I hope you meet my expectations...

In the year following her brother’s tragic murder, Public Defender Hannah Patel withdrew into the comfort of family and career. As time passed, the man obsessed with her became a terrifying threat.

A fatal error caused Detective Doyle Murphy to doubt his future in law enforcement, but protecting Hannah presents an opportunity for redemption. Neither expect their forced closeness to create genuine feelings.

As their burgeoning romance grows, it pushes her stalker over the edge.

Will love win? Or will madness?

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The Philly Heat Series 

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The January air was sharp as shattered glass in Hannah’s lungs. The scull sliced through the water soundlessly; the oars cut through with precision as she pumped and pushed her legs and arms in a familiar rhythm. Embraced the burn in her muscles. It was early; the sun hadn’t fully breached the horizon, but hers was not the only boat on the river. A college crew sped past, their coxswain nodding to her as they passed. She was on the last leg, approaching the clubhouse at the far end of Boathouse Row, when she pulled in her oars and let the momentum take her home as the sun glowed orange over the skyline of Center City.

I needed this. The solitude and quiet. The solace I always find on the water. I need the calm to carry me through the day.

She lifted the bow side oar and glided alongside the stage before climbing out with practiced grace. She stood and stretched, pulled off her cap and wiped the light sheen of sweat from her brow. Hannah rowed all year, conditions allowing, and though sometimes the river froze, winter was her favorite. In the dog days of summer, the algae and pollen created a pungent film on the water’s surface, which hindered the oars. Cold meant clean. “This is perfect.”

Pulling her single scull from the river was the hardest part, and she did it effortlessly. She’d rowed since college and had deceptively muscular legs and arms. With the oars in one hand and the boat over her shoulder, she carried her gear to the clubhouse and secured it in the garage. It had been converted into a storage area for boats and gear decades prior, but was still called the garage.

Twenty minutes later, dressed in her favorite charcoal pencil skirt and a silky blouse the color of ripe peaches, her long black hair–still damp from the shower–plaited down her back, Hannah pulled a thick wool cap over her ears and slipped into the cashmere coat her parents gave her for Christmas. She hurried across Kelly Drive and onto Lemon Hill Drive, where she’d parked her car ninety minutes earlier.

Her mother hated the Mazda. Thought she should drive something small, sporty, and feminine. Hannah considered it, and, despite her secret infatuation with the Porsche Carrera, chose the sport utility vehicle. Sculling, skiing, and her volunteer work at the Women’s Humane Society Animal Shelter in Olde City made the compact SUV the better choice. Frosty morning sunlight glinted off the chrome detailing. Hannah smiled. And she’s pretty.

With the fob in her hand, she remotely started the car, used her foot to open the liftgate and tossed her duffel bag in the back. She’d had it customized for transporting animals and no matter how funky her gear got, or muddy, or sandy, she wouldn’t damage her interior. She shivered, closed the hatch, and unlocked the doors. With one foot in the car, and her body half in the seat, she froze.

A standard piece of paper, folded in half and tucked under the windshield wiper, fluttered in the icy breeze. Dread curled in her stomach. The coppery taste of fear coated her tongue. She reached for it, slowly, cautiously, as though it would bite her if she moved too quickly, and picked it off her windshield. She checked the back seat. Empty. Checked it again. Hopped into the driver’s seat, and locked the door. She waited a second, two, before unfolding the sheet.

It’s exquisite torture watching you. Wondering how those powerful legs will feel wrapped 

around me. How the muscles in your arms will quiver under restraints. I’ll know soon. 

For your sake, I hope you meet my expectations.

When I was little, I thought everyone had stories in their head. When I found out only special people had stories to tell, I wanted to be one of the magical ones who shared their stories with the world. I wrote my first book in kindergarten with the help of my teacher, Mrs. Daniels. My mom – my biggest fan and most ardent supporter – has that little crayon-drawn book tucked into the pages of her family bible. It took almost thirty years to get from there to published but here I am, making my own dreams come true, one happily ever after at a time.

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The Lost Child by Thomas Grant Bruso New Release Blitz! @ninestarpress


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Title: The Lost Child

Author: Thomas Grant Bruso

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 09/26/2023

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Female, Male/Male

Length: 76700

Genre: Contemporary Thriller, Lit/genre, crime/thriller, paranormal, horror, bisexual, child abduction, reporter, deceased child, hallucinations, Halloween

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Newspaper reporter Luke Sorenson has recently moved to a new town in upstate New York. Despite the change in scenery, Luke cannot run away from a brutal, harrowing past driven by the death of his only child, Emily. Soon, Luke is propelled into a dangerous case of child abduction, an eerie reminder of losing his daughter. An eight-year-old boy named Daniel Hadley is kidnapped from his own bedroom and it is Luke, battling his own demons, who is assigned the story of the year. As pieces of Luke’s mysterious, violent past are revealed, so are the sinister secrets to his daughter’s demise, sending Luke into a tailspin of heavy drinking and self-torment. The search for Daniel is on, but it may be too late for everyone involved.

 The Lost Child

Thomas Grant Bruso © 2023

All Rights Reserved


He watches her. She is alone.

She is six, maybe seven years old. She is having a picnic in the front yard with her dolls.

The girl’s hair is the color of spun honey. Her eyes, dark brown, innocent, come alive when he hears her talking to one of her plastic dolls.

Her voice is lively, soft, and gentle.

She laughs as the man shifts his footing in the shadowy woods across from her house. A small branch snaps underfoot, the sound of his weight on the thick twig imploding like fireworks.

She looks up from grooming her doll’s hair and stares in his direction. The man creeps behind a leafy spruce tree to hide.

Two vehicles pass along the quiet suburban street. The man stares around the massive tree, watching the young girl.

The sound of her humming to her dolls makes him smile. A splinter of electricity vibrates through his rangy limbs. Something mechanical surges through his veins and up and down his body to his scraggly face.

Trembling, he reaches a gnarled hand out against the thick bark of the tree to balance himself. His head is dizzy. His legs are unsteady.

He knows this feeling. It is familiar, like the blade of a knife skimming the surface of young flesh. Then he hears the sound of scared children panting and crying in the back of his head. He sees their frightened eyes, pleading for their parents, and he smiles.

He slips back into the brush behind the birch tree.

Watching. Waiting.

A dog walker passes two feet away. He skulks back into the coiling shadows so they won’t see him.

He wipes sweat from his neck with the back of his hand.

The man’s identity is almost discovered when the sizeable black lab points its nose toward the dense foliage. The owner tugs on the dog’s leash lightly and starts down the street, around the corner; now, they are out of sight.

The man waits for a second or two until he’s sure they’re gone. He hugs the tree limb and cocks an ear to the sound of the young girl’s mother yelling at her from the brightly lit porch.

“It’s getting dark, Susie. Come inside.”


Sweet little Susie, the cigar-smoking man muses.

Curly-haired Susie. Doll-grooming Susie.

When the time is right, he will be back.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Thomas Grant Bruso knew at an early age he wanted to be a writer. He has been a voracious reader of genre fiction since he was a kid. His literary inspirations are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Ellen Hart, Jim Grimsley, Karin Fossum, Sam J. Miller, Joyce Carol Oates, and John Connolly. Bruso loves animals, book-reading, writing fiction, prefers Sudoku to crossword puzzles. In another life, he was a freelance writer and wrote for magazines and newspapers. In college, he was a winner for the Hermon H. Doh Sonnet Competition. Now, he writes book reviews for his hometown newspaper, The Press Republican.

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Hanging by a Thread (A Sewing Studio Mystery) by Dorothy Howell Book Tour!



About Hanging by a Thread


Hanging by a Thread (A Sewing Studio Mystery) 

Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series 

Setting – Fictional Town of Hideaway Grove 

Kensington Cozies (September 26, 2023)

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 304 pages 

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1496740424

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1496740427 

Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BRF14464

The latest novel in a new crafting cozy series in the genre-leading Kensington Cozy Mystery program focusing on the members of a Sewing Studio.

Some of the independent shops in this sleepy town are barely hanging on financially—and that includes Sarah’s Sweets, Abbey’s aunt’s bakery. The shop’s advantage—aside from the deliciousness of its products—is the fact that it’s the only bakery in the area. But it looks like that’s about to change. The second wife of a wealthy businessman wants her own bakery—and money is no object.

When murder unravels the plans for the competing shop, Aunt Sarah is an immediate suspect—and Hideaway Grove’s merchants are on pins and needles about a big upcoming women’s conference, fearing the organization will cancel their booking because of the crime. Abbey’s doing her best to stay optimistic and stitch some custom tote bags for the attendees, but she’s also concerned with patching up Aunt Sarah’s good reputation. And when it comes to sorting through the possible motives of the victim’s family members and associates, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve . . .

USA Today Bestselling author Dorothy Howell is the author of 49 novels. Her books have been translated into a dozen languages and sold worldwide. She writes the Sewing Studio mystery series, the Haley Randolph mystery series, and the Hollis Brannigan and Dana Mackenzie mystery series. Dorothy also writes historical romance novels under the pen name Judith Stacy. Dorothy lives in Los Angeles.

Web site: DorothyHowellNovels.com
 Facebook: Dorothy Howell Novels 
 X: -             Dorothy Howell 
 Instagram: Dorothy Howell Books 
 GoodReads: Dorothy Howell 

Purchase Links 


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Mass Market Copy first book, SEAMS LIKE MURDER, and hardcover of the second, HANGING BY A THREAD!

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