29 February 2024

The Seas Edge by Garth Pettersen Book Spotlight!


The Sea’s Edge

In 1030 C.E., Cnute, king of England, Denmark, and Norway, sends Harald, his middle son, to the Kingdom of Dublin to meet with his Norse-Irish allies. Harald’s mission is to coordinate an invasion of the northern Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd, to replace King Rhydderch who is growing too powerful on England’s borders. Harald is reluctant to be involved in affairs of state, but agrees to go, even though his beloved wife, Selia, is unwell. Harald tells Selia he will not have to take part in the fighting.

While she waits for Harald to return, Selia and her friend Gudrun befriend a young and attractive gleeman (poet-minstrel). When the gleeman is accused of a crime, Selia seeks witnesses in his defense.

Harald becomes involved in a conflict with Dublin’s neighbor, and to appease the king of Dublin, he commits to leading their combined forces in the attack on Wales. The plan is to replace King Rhydderch with Iago, the weaker King of Anglesey. The more Harald learns of these monarchs, the more his allegiance leans toward the man he has been sent to kill. 

Will Harald unseat a strong and just ruler to carry out his father/king’s commands, or will he tread a more righteous road, which will destroy the life he and Selia have built in England?

Garth Pettersen is a Canadian writer living in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, BC. When he's not writing, he is riding horses or working on his acreage. Garth's short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies and in journals such as Blank Spaces, The Spadina Literary Review, and The Opening Line Literary 'Zine.

His story, River's Rising, was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Short Story America 2017 Prize, and his fantasy novella River Born, was one of two runners-up for the Windsor Editions (UK) Short Fiction Prize. Garth Pettersen's historical fiction series, The Atheling Chronicles is published by Tirgearr Publishing and is available at most online outlets (The Swan's Road, The Dane Law, and The Cold Hearth). The fourth book, The Sea’s Edge, was released in November, 2023.



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Stone of Love Stones of Iona Book 1 by Margaret Izard Book Tour! @SilverDaggerBookTours #StoneOfLove #StonesOfIona @mizardauthor


Against all odds, is true love strong enough to save a human soul? 

Stone of Love

Stones of Iona Book 1

by Margaret Izard

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

After leaving her abusive ex, American scholar Brielle DeVolt embarks on a career-changing opportunity, the renovation of Laird Colin MacDougall’s Chapel ruin. The attractive, broad-shouldered Laird leaves her weak-kneed, but can she trust herself to love again?

Dusted in construction dirt, the curvy beauty in his study captivates Colin. As Brielle steps to the window, her brunette tresses halo in the sunlight, and he sees her as his dream soul mate. When he learns his hereditary duty is safeguarding magic Fae stones, all he wants is to protect Brielle from the evil forces of the Fae.

Traveling to the past to assume his forefather’s identity and find a missing magic stone is challenging enough. When Brielle appears, an undeniable attraction to his ancestor ignites, causing her confused passion. Faced with fighting an evil Fae to save the realms, Colin must choose between saving the stone or saving his love.

**Releases March 4th!**

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At the study, the door was ajar. A low fire glowed around the room. Good, someone already lit the fire. Brielle slipped into the dim room, crossed to the fireplace, and set the candle on the mantel. A flash of lightning illuminated the room, drawing her gaze to the shelves beside the fireplace.

She perused the shelving, trying to find the perfect book. She realized the one she wanted was three shelves up, and she couldn’t reach that high. Climbing to her knees on the lower cabinet, she stood and reached to the shelving above. Her fingertips barely touched the book she wanted. She stretched a bit more, and just as she was about to reach the spine marked Love Poems and Sonnets, a crack of thunder startled her, and she fell backward off the bookcase. 

Her cry was cut short when she hit something solid. A warm, muscular chest shifted along her back, and strong arms cradled her. Mortified, she kept her eyes shut. How much worse could it get? Then the chest shook with a chuckle. 

The voice that belonged to it said, “Careful what ye seek, lassie. Ye might find something ye aren’t looking for.” In utter embarrassment, she kept her eyes shut. It was Colin. “Ye can open your eyes, Brielle.” 

She turned her head farther into his chest. That was a mistake. He was shirtless and smelled too damn good.

What’s Next?

We are so excited to share that the second book in the series, Stone of Fear, Marie, and John’s love story, will be released on June 12, 2024.

A Christmas companion book,
Thistle in the Mistletoe, will be released during the holidays of 2024, and Stone of Lust, book 3 in the series, will be released in 2024.

Check out the Book Trailer for Stone of Fear:

Margaret Izard is an award-winning author of historical fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She spent her early years through college to adulthood dedicated to dance, theater, and performing. Over the years, she developed a love for great storytelling in different mediums. 

She does not waste a good story, be it movement, the spoken, or the written word. She discovered historical romance novels in middle school, which combined her passion for romance, drama, and fantasy. She writes exciting plot lines, steamy love scenes and always falls for a strong male with a soft heart.

 She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and adult triplets and loves to hear from readers.

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The Last True Templar by Boyd and Ben Morrison Book Tour! #TheLastTrueTemplar


The Last True Templar

The thrilling new historical adventure from New York Times bestselling author Boyd Morrison and expert medievalist Beth Morrison. Fox and Willa find themselves on a dangerous quest for the treasure of the Templar Knights.

 A Perilous Quest. A Deadly Legacy. Italy, 1351. English companions, knight Gerard Fox and the resourceful Willa, have come through a death-defying journey across war-torn Europe. 

Now looking towards a future together, they must first find a way to reconcile with their difficult pasts. In a small village between Florence and Siena, Fox and Willa are caught up in a deadly ambush. 

After rescuing Luciana, the target of the attack, they take refuge in her opulent villa and learn her heartbreaking story – a tale of loss, deception, and a burning desire for freedom. Soon, Fox and Willa are involved in a perilous quest to save Luciana’s family legacy. 

To do so, they will have to solve a mystery that points the way to the fabled lost treasure of the Knights Templar. 'Complete with mysteries, secrets, and adventure, rich in detail, delivering exactly what a reader craves.

This writing duo knows all the right chords to touch.' Steve Berry, #1 New York Times bestselling author 'A mesmerizing sequel to the hugely entertaining The Lawless Land.... There is action galore. What a ride!'

Elizabeth George, #1 New York Times bestselling author 'Any lover of historical mysteries or great tales of adventure will find much delight in this novel!'

James Rollins#1 New York Times bestselling author 'A triumphant follow-up to The Lawless Land, with a puzzle that will dazzle fans of The Da Vinci Code.

There's so much breathtaking excitement that the book should come with an oxygen tank.' Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author 

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Boyd Morrison is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twelve thrillers, including six with Clive Cussler. His first novel, The Ark, was an Indie Next Notable pick and was translated into over a dozen languages. He has a PhD in industrial engineering from Virginia Tech. 







Boyd Morrison Writer



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Beth Morrison is Senior Curator of Manuscripts at the J. Paul Getty Museum. She has curated major exhibitions including 'Imagining the Past in France, 1250-1500', and 'Book of Beasts: The Bestiary in the Medieval World'. She has a PhD in the History of Art from Cornell University. 







 Beth Morrison

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You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace: Embrace Your Journey by Elizabeth Upton Book Tour! @SilverDaggerBookTours #YouAreASovereignWoman @ElizabethUpton

 "It’s important to be kind to yourself and trust who you are without harsh criticism." 


You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace:

Embrace Your Journey

by Elizabeth Upton

Genre: Nonfiction, Motivational Self-Help, Inspirational, Self-Esteem

You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace provides deep insights into achieving mental strength, physical healing, hope, and peacefulness. It offers reassurance and common-sense answers to living without doubting your inner wisdom and strength.

It’s important to be kind to yourself and trust who you are without harsh criticism. This book helps you find the essence of your sovereignty and encourages you to live a life devoid of doubt, fear, and despair. It introduces you to the core issues that rob you of joy and self-confidence.

Regaining the essence of who you are is not an instant process, but this book has been written for pause and reflection, rewarding you with an abundance of life answers and hope wherein your sovereignty eagerly welcomes you.

5-Star Review by Diana Lopez for Readers' Favorite:

You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace is an inspiring book that will help you discover who you really are. Elizabeth Upton addresses the importance of balancing body, mind, and soul, emphasizing the need to appreciate our inner and outer beauty. She teaches us to strengthen ourselves internally and act with courage in our decisions through affirmations. At the same time, she reminds us of the importance of assuming our responsibilities and being conscious of our actions. Elizabeth Upton also encourages us to pursue our dreams with confidence and joy. She highlights the mind's ability to overcome negative emotions and achieve freedom, happiness, and security. This book will motivate you to take control of your life and live fully.

I loved Elizabeth Upton's statements because of the diversity of topics she addresses. Although her perspective is profound, her writing style is clear, direct, and positive. She talks about real problems like organizing time between family and work responsibilities. She also offers practical advice for living in the present and letting go of the past. She even explains how to devise action plans to achieve your goals. I appreciated her words for their comforting, loving, and inspiring nature. Elizabeth gives us the strength to develop our creativity and encourages us to try new things, accepting success and failure equally because we learn from both results. You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace is ideal for taking a moment of tranquility and getting away from daily stress with uplifting phrases to relax and recharge your personal energies...

**On Sale for Only $1.99 until March 2nd!!**

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 Elizabeth Upton is a best-selling author and influential writer of gripping romantic thrillers and inspiring self-help motivational nonfiction books.

Her best-selling books, 'Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story,' 'The Silver Woman of Fire' and 'The Healing Swords of Love and Innocence' helped set her firmly within the world's literary map. With many novels to her credit, like her newest fiction book, released in June 2022, titled 'Lovers' Secrets and Revenge,' a gripping romantic thriller, and her new nonfiction release in Feb. 2024, titled 'You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace: Embrace Your Journey.'

The Author's favorite book she enjoyed writing was 'The Shaman and The Mafia,' as she shares, "The creation of this story has been an exciting journey. I would love to meet all of the characters in this book in real life." Elizabeth's nonfiction books and novels are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle and are featured on fine literary book sites and magazines.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., until the age of sixteen, when she entered a New York State Convent and became a nun for twenty years, but she yearned for a more authentic spiritual life. Elizabeth left the convent and chose to attend and receive her B.A. from Syracuse University.

Returning to her native state of California, she attended and received her M.A. in psychology from Chapman University. The Author began working for over thirty years in family counseling as a social worker and probation officer working with troubled teens and abused children. She is a speaker, spiritual mentor, and advisor.

Elizabeth is happily married and enjoys writing books for her reader fans around the world. When the Author is not writing, she works out with a personal trainer to stay fit and healthy; she loves long walks on the beach with her husband and dog. She enjoys reading good books by some of her favorite authors like Geraldine Brooks, Hanh, Jerry Archer, Joseph Murphy, and Michael Connelly.

Elizabeth and her husband reside outside the area of Santa Barbara, California.

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Clare at Eighteen, book 3 in the Clare Bleecker series by @donroff Reveal! ⁣⁣#donroff #ClareatEighteen #XpressoTours @XpressoTours⁣


Clare at Eighteen
Don Roff

(Clare Bleecker, #3)
Published by
: Parliament House Press
Publication date: June 16th 2024
Genres: Adult, Thriller

Just when you thought Clare Bleecker had faced the darkest corners of Pickman Flats, her story takes a murderous detour under the glitzy lights of Hollywood.

In a town where the stars shine bright and secrets lurk in every shadow, Clare finds herself with an opportunity that could be her big break—or her final downfall. When movie producer Lester Bryce is found murdered, Clare is cast not in the role of a lifetime but as the prime suspect in a deadly drama. Talk about creative differences.

Now, caught in the spotlight of suspicion, Clare must navigate a labyrinth of lies and deceit in a city known for making and breaking dreams. Hollywood harbors a strange cult with a thirst for celebrity blood, and Clare’s own could be next on the altar. As the lines between performance and peril blur, can Clare unveil the truth before the final cut silences her scream? Can you say development hell?

The stakes of Clare’s “passion project” are higher, the Tinseltown killers more cunning, and the twists more treacherous than ever before. Clare must use all her cunning to survive this lethal script.

Can she “do lunch” and deliver a performance that will clear her name, or will this role prove to be her most deadly?

Will Clare win or die?

Kill Discriminately,

XOXO Clare

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Roff grew up in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. As a teen, he worked at the local drive-in theater and made Super 8 mm movies with his neighborhood friends, writing many of the scripts. He graduated from McLoughlin Union High School in 1985.

Roff joined the United States Army in 1989. He was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. He was a part of "Operation Just Cause" in Rio Hato, Panama, December 20, 1989.

Roff graduated from Walla Walla Community College in 1995, and The Evergreen State College in 1997.

In 2000, he was The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Semifinalist for his coming-of-age screenplay, LORD OF THE YARDS. In June 2006, Roff received the prestigious Zola Award for screenwriting from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for his science fiction adventure script, OUTBOUND.

Roff's bestselling book, ZOMBIES: A RECORD OF THE YEAR OF INFECTION is available from Chronicle Books/Simon & Schuster UK. The audiobook is available from AudioGO. The calendars are available from Universal Publishing (a division of Rizzoli International Publications).

His supernatural thriller, SNOWBLIND, will soon be a major film, as will his dark comedy thriller, CLARE AT SIXTEEN.

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28 February 2024

Hazard Night by Laura Vaughan Blog Tour!


Hazard Night by Laura Vaughan

Cleeve College is not for everyone...When Eve's husband is appointed housemaster at his old boarding school, Cleeve College, she gives up her life in London to join him. But the isolation and loss of autonomy threaten both her happiness and her marriage.The arrival of Fen, an enigmatic artist and wife of the new Classics teacher, is a welcome distraction. 

Fen doesn't play by the rules, and she and Eve enter into a game of escalating dares, disrupting the delicate balance of school life. Then, the morning after Hazard Night, a tradition that allows the students to run wild and play pranks for one day, a body is found. Someone has been murdered. And it seems everyone has something to hide...

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Context: Eve describes Peter’s past and connections to Cleeve college

Long before Eve came to Cleeve, she knew it intimately.

The Lake. The Lawn. The Hall. Simple words, as from a child’s storybook. The Avenue. The Chapel. The Clock Tower. Words that assumed the unshakeable authority of an archetype.

These words and the landscape they possessed (all three hundred acres of it!) had been the backdrop to the best years of Peter’s life. He’d said this to Eve not in a burst of nostalgia, but as an admission of pain. As the only child of a depressive alcoholic and his explosively volatile wife, school had been Peter’s only escape. 

A lost boy, he had found sanctuary at Cleeve. There had been a kindly housemaster, to whom he still wrote regularly; a cricket coach who helped him channel his rage into sportsmanship. He had been uplifted by the friendships and anchored by the old-fashioned value system. ‘Cleeve saved me,’ he said simply. ‘It protected me. Sheltered me. It believed in my best self.’

Peter knew his privilege. He knew that in a different setting the bewildered child he’d been would have grown up to be an irredeemably broken, perhaps dangerous, adult. That’s why he spent the early years of his teaching career in schools where many of his students came from homes blighted by poverty and chaos, or worse. He sincerely believed that the ideals of the public school system – the honour code, the respect for authority, the veneration of fair play – could raise both the standards and spirits of schools without any of the resources of a place like Cleeve.

But Peter, with his earnest face and guileless smile, his soft RP tones, was easy prey. In the classroom, he was faced with indifference or rebellion – and indifference was the more relentless of the two. In the staff-room, he was met with weary tolerance. A naive idealist of a conservative bent was, at best, a curiosity. At worst, he was a Tory stooge. Either way, Peter’s colleagues were not prepared to waste their near-exhausted energy on coaching him in survival tactics. Night after night, he’d come home to the cramped Kentish Town flat he shared with Eve and his face would be grey with exhaustion, his shoulders slumped with defeat.

The irony is, she was the one who pushed him to go private.

‘The world’s full of unhappy kids from broken homes – in all sections of society. You know that better than anyone. If you want to make a difference it shouldn’t matter where you do it.

And then an old school pal passed on the news that Wyatt’s was looking for a housemaster and sealed both their fates.

Laura Vaughan grew up in rural Wales. She got her first book deal aged twenty-two and spent several years working in publishing, followed by a behind-the-scenes role at English National Ballet. She lives in South London with her husband and two children. Hazard Night is her third novel for adults.

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