19 August 2022

Saving Sophie by Debbie Schrack Book Blitz and Giveaway! #SavingSophie #DebbieSchrack #XpressoTours @XpressoTours

Saving Sophie
Debbie Schrack

Publication date: April 26th 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Gabe Hunter knows he has a purpose in life. He has always strived to be the “best of the best,” but lately nothing has gone his way. Gabe was devastated six months earlier when his half-brother Josh had a drunk driving accident that killed four members of a family and left a sixteen-year-old girl named Sophie an orphan. Josh went to prison and Gabe struggles to forgive him because how can he forgive the unforgivable? When Gabe reluctantly agrees to do math tutoring for his senior service project, he discovers that the girl he will be tutoring is also named Sophie. But in a town of eighty thousand people, what are the odds it will be the same person? Astronomical, Gabe figures.

Gabe soon discovers, though, that it is the same Sophie. A former National Merit Scholar finalist, Sophie had a severe brain injury in the accident. She has seizures, amnesia, and can barely read or write. When he meets her, Gabe realizes what his purpose in life must be—to help Sophie and make amends for his brother. His plan is to spend the rest of the school year tutoring Sophie, then say goodbye and go quietly off to college without ever telling her that his brother was the one who killed her family. What Gabe doesn’t count on is falling in love.

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The door to the bakery opens and Sophie and Joe come in on a blast of cold air. I shiver. Cold has penetrated every cell in my body; not from the air, but from what Sophie’s uncle just told me.

“Sophie set up a spot in the back where you guys can work,” Jim says, getting up from the table. “I’m going to make the dough for tomorrow. If you need anything just give a holler.”

I stand up and take a deep breath. Now’s the time, I think. Now’s the time to tell Sophie and her uncle the truth about me. My brother killed her family. He’s the reason she has seizures and amnesia and has to learn how to read and write again. But they’re looking at me like I’m one of the superheroes from The Avengers. My mouth opens and this is what I say: “I’ll do my best, sir.”

You chickenshit.

Jim claps me on the back. “I know you will. And call me Jim.”

Sophie waves to me. “Come on, Gabe.”

I follow her to a table in the corner. She takes off her hoodie and drops it over a chair. She’s wearing a green long-sleeved shirt with Edgewater emblazoned across the front in white. It’s like a slap in the face.

“I’m impressed you went to Edgewater,” I say. “I heard it’s harder to get in there than Harvard.” I have the sense that this is all an illusion, that I’m watching us play ourselves in a movie or a Netflix series.

“Edison’s a good—school, too,” she says. “Uncle Jim talks about it—all the time.”

She speaks with a slight hesitation—not a stutter, exactly, but more like her words can’t keep up with what her brain is trying to say.

We sit down at the table. Joe parks himself on the floor next to Sophie. There’s nothing on the table except a folder and some pencils. I don’t see any books anywhere, although a backpack is sitting on one of the chairs.

There’s an awkward silence as we stare at the folder. Then Sophie looks at me.

There were so many times I wondered if her eyes were blue or gray. But I never imagined they were this shade of blue—like the sky on a June day. And I never would have guessed there were pinpoints of violet inside the blue.

“I’m so sorry about what happened to you,” I blurt. As soon as the words are out, I want to take them back.

She looks down at her hands in her lap. Her hair falls like a curtain around her face. When she looks up at me, her eyes have tears in them.

My heart cracks open. I didn’t know anything could hurt this much. My face burns like I have a fever, while the rest of my body is frozen, like it’s encased in ice. I’d give anything right now to go back in time and talk to Josh about his drinking. Insist he get help. Maybe if Mom and I had paid more attention, I wouldn’t be sitting here with the innocent victim of this nightmare. Of everyone affected by the accident, Sophie’s the one who bears the heaviest burden. Her family is dead. Josh will be out of prison at some point. But Sophie—she’ll have to deal with this for the rest of her life.

Debbie Schrack has spent her professional life working with children and young adults. She has a B.S in Special Education from the University of Virginia, and an M.Ed. from George Mason University. Although the character Sophie in her debut novel SAVING SOPHIE is fictional, she is a composite of many of the struggling learners Debbie has taught over the years.

Debbie lives with her family in Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Debbie finds personal fulfillment in creating new things, whether it be a novel, a painting, or a batch of croissants. She loves animals, and horses are her special passion. When she’s not writing or horseback riding, Debbie is a sucker for musicals, enjoys visiting art galleries, and desperately wants to travel more. She also loves hanging out with her three children, who she will always consider her most amazing creations.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Remy and Colt by @authorlanehart and @authordbwest Reveal! #lanehart #dbwest #colt #remy #XpressoTours @XpressoTours⁣


Lane Hart & D.B. West

Photos by Wander Aguiar Photography

Model James Clippinger (Remy’s cover) 

Model Vinicious (Colt’s cover)

Covers by Marianne Nowicki 

(Savage Kings MC – Virginia, #1)
Publication date: September 6th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

After two confidential informants are murdered by a drug lord the DEA has spent months trying to bust, agent Avery Carmichael is ordered to go undercover.

She’s going to need some help infiltrating the outlaw world, which is where the hottest, most infuriating man she’s ever met comes in.

Remy Fulton is the president of the newest Savage Kings MC chapter in Rockland, Virginia. When his younger brother RJ gets into legal trouble, he reluctantly agrees to help the prissy snob with her undercover operation to keep RJ out of prison.

Pretending to be the biker’s latest conquest may prove much more difficult than Avery anticipated. From the moment they meet, Remy argues with her over every little thing. He’s especially furious with her when he finds out she’ll be staying with him for weeks, sharing his home and his entire life.

Their friends and family can’t find out their relationship is fake because blowing their cover could inevitably put Avery’s life in danger.

It’s no secret that the two don’t initially trust or respect each other. But once they’re forced to improvise a few times under pressure, they become more comfortable playing the part of an infatuated couple.

The agent and biker ultimately get so good at being together that even they forget that they’re only supposed to be pretending as they attempt to set up the deal to take down a homicidal drug dealer.

Avery can’t seem to recall why she despised Remy in the first place since he’s proven to be a kind, caring man who would literally do anything to protect his family.

And while Remy didn’t want to spend a second with Avery at the beginning of the undercover operation, he suddenly doesn’t know how he’s ever going to let her go.

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Lane Hart & D.B. West

(Savage Kings MC – Virginia, #2)
Publication date: TBA
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Colt Fulton is a selfish womanizer who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

He’s also starting his membership with the Savage Kings MC on shaky ground after he carelessly loses his leather cut while hooking up with one of the many women who come and go through his life.

The Savage Kings are rightly furious when one of their cuts turns up in South Carolina being worn by a teenager pretending to be a member of the club to get girls.

Colt, however, doesn’t think the kid should be punished for his efforts. In fact, after he realizes that Jordan’s been through some of the same torments of Colt’s past, he feels compelled to help him get his life straight. That’s why Colt offers to let Jordan be his prospect despite his mother’s objections.

Josie Billing’s eighteen-year-old son Jordan is struggling to deal with his recent trauma caused by her abusive ex-husband. The last thing Jordan needs is to be exposed to the bad influence of some random smooth-talking biker from a motorcycle gang. A biker who is determined to take her son to Virginia and is relentless about trying to get her in his bed.

Colt never gets turned down by women. So, when Josie doesn’t fall for any of his usual tricks, he becomes obsessed with trying to win her over. The eight-year age difference doesn’t bother him like it apparently bothers her, however. In fact, he’s starting to think the older woman may be the one to finally curb his wandering eye if she would just give him a chance.

Unfortunately, Colt likes to gamble big without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

When Josie finally gives in to him, Colt will have to deal with the fallout and risk losing both her and his prospect.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lane Hart has more than forty steamy stories currently available on Amazon. Sign up for her newsletter to receive updates on new releases and free promotions by copying and pasting this link into your web browser: http://bit.ly/LHDBWNewsletter

Lane lives in North Carolina with her husband, author D.B. West, their two daughters, a few lazy cats and a pair of rambunctious Pomeranians. She has a Masters in Criminal Justice and spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney before walking away to become a full-time writer.

In October 2015, the paranormal romance anthology Wicked After Dark, including her standalone, Let Him Reign, hit #13 on the New York Times bestseller list. Since then she's been climbing the Amazon charts with hot new releases. So whether you're looking for MMA superstars, hot cops, arrogant football players, sweet millionaires, or romantic weddings, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Lane loves to hear from her readers on Facebook, Twitter, on her website, or by email!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub


USA Today bestselling author D.B. West was born and raised in the southern United States. While studying at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he met his wife and fellow author, Lane Hart. They now reside together with their two young daughters and their pets, a pair of Pomeranians.

After losing his father to a lingering illness, West began writing 'Awakening' as a way to channel his emotions, and honor the memory of a true friend. In addition to writing, he enjoys video games, motorcycles, and traveling.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub

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Superwoman: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood by Mona Andrei Book Tour and Giveaway! #iReadBookTours @MoxieDude @iReadBookTours@mona_andrei @iReadBookTours


Join Us For This Tour From Aug 8 to Aug 26 
Book Details:

Book Title:  Superwoman: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood by Mona Andrei
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 174 pages
GenreHUMOR / Topic / Marriage & Family
Publisher: Cynren​ Press
Publication Date: March 2021.
Tour dates: Aug 8 to Aug 26
Content Rating: PG-13: No violence, but a splattering of profanity (including the F-word) and discussion of bad marriages.

Book Description:

They put the tiny, red-faced bundle into her arms, and time stopped. She gazed at that puckered little face and whispered, Welcome to the world, baby girl. Little did she know that within weeks, she would become a single mother—not exactly what she had imagined for her daughters and herself, but exactly what needed to happen. This is the story of a single mother, but it’s more than that. Sometimes funny, sometimes reflective, it’s also your story—a story of that peculiar, trying, and wonderful state of motherhood.

In Superwoman: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood, popular humor blogger Mona Andrei brings you her sage and snickery insights on being a single mom, with all its gore and glory. Through a series of interviews, you’ll also get a voyeuristic peek into the lives of other single mothers—and don’t we all love that feeling of Thank goodness, I’m not the only one! We’re all superwomen here.


Mona Andrei’s adulting journey took an unexpected turn when she realized that the father of her children was not committed to the family they had started together. At the time, she was twenty-four years old. With a baby in her arms and a toddler in tow, she soon realized that everything had fallen on her shoulders, including any chance for a secure future for her and her girls. With humor and candor as her strongest tools for survival, she went from struggling single mother to accomplished wordsmith to member of an award-winning advertising team to top 100 humor blogger. Today, she continues her journey, writing and speaking about her experiences as a single mother with a focus on changing the way that single mothers are respected and appreciated in the workplace: a win–win for both.

connect with the author: website ~ blog ~ twitter ~ facebook instagram ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:

​Aug 8 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 8 - Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 9 – fundinmental – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 10 – The Momma Spot – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 11 – Paws.Read.Repeat – book spotlight / author interview
Aug 12
Rockin' Book Reviews - book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 12 – Hall Ways Blog – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Aug 15 – Splashes of Joy – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 15 - Lamon Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 16 – Amy’s Booket list – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 16
Westveil Publishing - book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 16
- A Mama's Corner of the World - book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 17 – She Just Loves Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 18 – The Phantom Paragrapher – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 19 – Celticlady's Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 22 – Reading Authors Network – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 22 - 
Stephanie Jane - book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 23 – Literary Flits – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Aug 24 – GeauxGetLit – book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 24
Books are a Blessing - book spotlight / giveaway
Aug 25 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Aug 26 – Books for Books – book spotlight
Aug 26
Novels Alive - book spotlight / giveaway
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Superwoman: by Mona Andrei Book Tour Giveaway


18 August 2022

Alias Emma by Ava Glass Book Review! #AliasEmma #NetGalley


Emma Makepeace is about to spend the longest night in her life.

In this breakneck, race-against-the-clock thriller, a British spy has twelve hours to deliver her asset across London after Russia hacks the city’s security cameras. Can she make it without being spotted . . . or killed?

Nothing about Emma Makepeace is real. Not even her name.
A newly-minted secret agent, Emma’s barely graduated from basic training when she gets the call for her first major assignment. Eager to serve her country and prove her worth, she dives in head-first.
Emma must covertly travel across one of the world’s most watched cities to bring the reluctant—and handsome—son of Russian dissidents into protective custody, so long as the assassins from the Motherland don’t find him first. With London’s famous Ring of Steel hacked by the Russian government, the two must cross the city without being seen by the hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras that document every inch of the city’s streets, alleys, and gutters.
Buses, subways, cars, and trains are out of the question. Traveling on foot, and operating without phones or bank cards that could reveal their location or identity, they have twelve hours to make it to safety. This will take all of Emma’s skills of disguise and subterfuge. But when Emma’s handler goes dark, there’s no one left to trust. And just one wrong move will get them both killed.

KILLING EVE meets JAMES BOND in the first novel of the ALIAS EMMA series: a thrilling, cinematic page-turner starring the most likeable and resourceful of heroines.

AVA GLASS is a former crime reporter and civil servant. Her time working for the government introduced her to the world of spies, and she's been fascinated by them ever since. She lives in the south of England. 



My Thoughts

Meet Emma Makepeace, who just graduated from training from the "Agency" and gets her first real assignment. Her task, protect a young doctor, Michael Primalov. The Russians are after him and his family, in particular his mother, a former Russian scientist, who defected years ago. He fights this protection, claiming he does not need it, but after certain events, he reluctantly agrees to work with Emma.

Emma is an eager spy, who is determined to protect her charge with all that she has. The Russians are ruthless, not afraid to kill them both. She needs to get the young doctor to the offices of MI6 before daybreak. It will end up being the longest night of her life. They dodge the Russians at every turn and seem to be one step ahead of them, but the Russians always seem to find them. How can that be? Someone hacked the CCTV cameras all over London.

Along with following the steps that Emma and Michael need to follow to other to where they need to be, the reader learns more about Emma and her past and why she wanted to be a spy. Not only that, she is not sure who she can trust at MI6.

It is always helpful when an author knows about what they write. Ava knows her way around the spy culture and it shows in her writing. I really enjoyed this novel, fast-paced. lots of action, spies, bullets flying. Can they make it to MI? Well, you will just have to go get a copy of the book and read it for yourself!

I rate it 4 stars

I received a copy of the book for review purposes only!

Walks by Big Alex's Pond by Henry Van Berkel Book Tour and Giveaway!

 blog header Goddess Fish w url copy.jpg

Walks by Big Alex's Pond

by Henry Van Berkel

: Autobiography (Nature)


Ten years after Big Alex MacDonald leaves his home in Ashdale, Nova Scotia, in the 1880's to find his fortune, he amasses fabulous wealth almost overnight in the Yukon and becomes known as "the King of the Klondike". At his death a decade later, there is not enough money in his estate to cover expenses. What happened to his immense riches? A century after Alex's departure from Nova Scotia, the author purchases "Big Alex's" family land and finds his own El Dorado amongst the riches of friends, neighbours and family, and the endless fascinations of nature. On hikes along the roads of the historic property he muses about the drama of his own past, and the life journeys of his family members and those of his neighbours.


I helped my son, David, build his cabin in the late eighties when he was still a teenager. David picked the location, and we constructed it: twelve feet by sixteen feet, out of rough spruce lumber purchased from Teasdale’s mill in North Grant, with two-by-six floor joists, two-by-four studding and rafters, and one- inch boards of assorted widths to cover it in. Inside, we built a half ceiling seven feet from the floor to make a loft. We found some used windows and an old door, put in two windows facing the pond, one window on the opposite wall, a window with hinges to allow it to swing open at the end of the loft, and a doorway facing the road. On the inside, we insulated all the walls and roof and then boarded the entire interior with rough boards.

My niece, Janine (Thomson) Wilson, in Skye Glen, Cape Breton, had an old-fashioned kitchen range for sale. David and I went down with my truck to pick it up. On the way, I got a speeding ticket in Whycocomagh. Back by the pond we cut a sixteen-inch square hole in the wall three feet from a corner, built a box around it, fashioned an eight-inch chimney pipe to hang in the middle of the hole, and then filled the hole with concrete. We set the stove on a steel sheet and secured steel sheets on the walls behind the stove. There was plenty of old furniture around our house to provide the simple needs of the cabin.

Everything for rustic living was now in place. Well, not everything. We needed a toilet. Back to the mill for more rough lumber. We cleared a spot in the woods about 50 feet away, dug a hole and constructed an old-fashioned outhouse. Just a one-seater.

I never stayed in the cabin overnight, but David did, frequently alone. He loved the solitude. To tell the truth, I was a bit afraid of staying in such an isolated place in the woods by myself at night. We were still living on Ponderosa Drive, in a subdivision on the outskirts of town, and the cabin on Big Alex’s pond was fourteen kilometres away, a half kilometre into the woods and a half kilometre from the nearest house, the old farmhouse.

One storming winter night, Elaine was still tossing and turning in bed at twelve o’clock, an hour after we had retired. David had gone out to the cabin a couple of days before. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Worried about David?”

“Yes,” she said. “It’s such a miserable, stormy night, and he’s out there all by himself.”

I knew what I would have to do, though I didn’t feel much like it. 

“Okay,” I said, doing my best to hide my reluctance. “I’ll go out to get him.”


AUTHOR Bio and

Ten years after Big Alex MacDonald leaves his home in Ashdale, Nova Scotia, in the 1880's to find his fortune, he amasses fabulous wealth almost overnight in the Yukon and becomes known as "the King of the Klondike". At his death a decade later, there is not enough money in his estate to cover expenses. What happened to his immense riches? A century after Alex's departure from Nova Scotia, the author purchases "Big Alex's" family land and finds his own El Dorado amongst the riches of friends, neighbours and family, and the endless fascinations of nature. On hikes along the roads of the historic property he muses about the drama of his own past, and the life journeys of his family members and those of his neighbours.


Connect with Henry Van Berkel

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/walksbybigalexspond/ 

GOODREADS https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50277404-walks-by-big-alex-s-pond 

Get a copy of Walk by Big Alex's Pond










Henry Van Berkel will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour

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Charleston Conundrum: A Liz Adams Mystery by Stacy Wilder Book Tour and Giveaway!

Charleston Conundrum: A Liz Adams Mystery
by Stacy Wilder

About Charleston Conundrum

Charleston Conundrum: A Liz Adams Mystery
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Setting – South Carolina
Wild Hawk Press (January 15, 2022)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 235 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8985426618
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09QK1CWJY

A Cozy Mystery With a Twist…

Liz Adams never imagined when she moved to Charleston with her truth sniffing Labrador retriever, Duke, that she would use her skills as a private investigator to avoid winding up on Death Row. 

Liz’s life is upended when her best friend, Peg, is murdered and she becomes a suspect.Liz’s gun was the murder weapon. Tensions flare between Liz and the cops as she rises to the top of their suspect list. 

At the request of Peg’s father, Liz agrees to take on the investigation. Riding a roller coaster of emotions, Liz uncovers many secrets Peg kept from her despite their being best friends. The suspects include a cast of characters: the ex-husband, the boyfriend, a coworker, several neighbors, and family members.

Charleston Conundrum takes the reader from Charleston, South Carolina, to Paris and back in the emotional unraveling of Peg’s life and death to a killer ending.

About Stacy Wilder

Stacy writes mysteries, children’s stories, short stories, and poetry. Her debut novel, Charleston Conundrum, is the first in the Conundrum mystery series.

Stacy’s mission is to deliver a delightful story to readers of all ages while benefiting a larger community. She donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her books to causes that support wildlife conservation, and the homeless, both people and pets. A portion of the proceeds from Charleston Conundrum are donated to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

As well as writing, Stacy is passionate about her faith, family, Labradors, the causes that she supports, the beach, art, and reading books.

She and her husband live in Houston, Texas with a totally spoiled Labrador retriever, Eve.

Author Links

Purchase Links – Amazon – B&N – Google – Blue Willow Bookshop – Murder by the Book ‘


August 15 – Maureen’s Musings – SPOTLIGHT

August 15 – Christa Reads and Writes – REVIEW

August 16 – Cozy Up With Kathy – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

August 16 – The Mystery Section – SPOTLIGHT WITH RECIPE

August 16 – Books a Plenty Book Reviews – REVIEW, CHARACTER INTERVIEW

August 17 – I Read What You Write – GUEST POST

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August 18 – Celticlady’s Reviews – SPOTLIGHT WITH RECIPE

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August 18 – Nellie’s Book Nook – REVIEW  

August 19 – Baroness Book Trove – SPOTLIGHT

August 19 – Literary Gold – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

August 20 – #BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee Blog – SPOTLIGHT

August 20 – Carla Loves To Read – REVIEW, GUEST POST

August 20 – Sneaky the Library Cat’s blog – CHARACTER INTERVIEW

August 21 – Lady Hawkeye – SPOTLIGHT

August 21 – I’m All About Books – SPOTLIGHT

August 22 – Books Blog – SPOTLIGHT

August 22 – Brooke Blogs – SPOTLIGHT

August 22 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

August 23 – Mysteries with Character – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

August 23 – Ascroft, eh? – CHARACTER INTERVIEW

August 23 – Sapphyria’s Book Reviews – SPOTLIGHT

August 24 – BookishKelly2020 – SPOTLIGHT

August 24 – Reading Is My SuperPower – REVIEW

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