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I am a wife of 36 years and mother and grandmother. I have 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. I live in northern Wisconsin. I had been employed for 24 years at a local nursing home . I no longer work due to a disability..I started blogging in September of 2009 as to have something to do. Since I love to read, I started doing reviews and I love it!! It is fun to discover new authors out there. I also maintain other blogs, I love to travel and it is a good thing in a way that the children, all except one, live further away so I can visit. I have been to California three times, New Bern NC. a few times, Florida a few times, Ireland twice and to the Dominican Republic this past February for our son's wedding.

Time for another update:
In the year since I had heart surgery, I have had lots of other things happen. I was hospitalized last January for an infection. Then I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and put on a high dosage of Prednisone. I have been weaned off that and will be off completely by the end of February. 
Last month I ended up with a partial bicep tear just from pushing an oriental rug that was in front of the couch. Getting therapy for that.
So last week we ended up with an ice storm and got  6 inches of snow on top of that. I walk with a cane due to balance issues and I was on my way to therapy for the bicep tear and my cane went out and down I went. Ended up in urgent care and came home with an air cast on my ankle. Weird that that happened because I landed flat on my back. Now I have a severely sprained ankle and foot.
Wishing for the winter to end.

As far as my reading, I am trying to keep up, bear with me authors, I am working on my stack slowly. I will get to your book, but it will take time. 

Hubby is going strong he just turned 76 this year and doing well, busy with work at the supper club, on the City Council and County Board. 

I can also be found on Twitter as @CelticLady1953 and on Facebook as Kathleen Kelly(Celticlady1953). 

I can also be found on Twitter as @CelticLady1953 and on Facebook as Kathleen Kelly(Celticlady1953). Email momkelly2003(at)gmail.com

Thanks for being interested in me and what I enjoy, reading, blogging, computers, spending time with my family is, of course, the most important part of my life.

  Hubby, Tom and I in Puerto Plata for our son's wedding, February 2015
    My grandsons Cobi, 16 and Dylan 12
My eldest daughter Jen and her husband Clarence, who is now a Captain in the USMC
My son Erik and his beautiful bride, Emilce..married February 21st, 2015 in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic   
My daughter Kara (on right) with her wife Emily

Kara and Emily's little fosterlings D & Q...so adorable.
Update: These boys have gone back to live with mom and doing very well!

They are missed, though!
Kara and Emily are also fostering a 17-year-old girl!! 
Sky is now almost 19 and out on her own.
 Last but not least is my youngest daughter Katie
 Kate and her main squeeze, Brian!
They are now engaged and will be married in 2019

          The latest addition to Kara Kelly and Emily Davis family, a little foster baby Charlie!!
Charlie, 6 months and a Packer fan!

1 year old!
A lot has happened in the last year with Charlie, Kara and Em were able to finally adopt him. Charlie Kelly is now a permanent part of the family. Plus after 10 years in Florida, they are moving back to Wisconsin!
They are now back in Wisconsin! Yay!

Charlie loving the colder weather! Lived in Florida the first 2 years of his life, he lives back in Wisconsin with his moms! 
Pumpkin time 2018!


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