11 February 2024

Hammers and Homicide (A Hometown Hardware Mystery) by Paula Charles Virtual Book Tour!


About Hammers and Homicides


Hammers and Homicide (A Hometown Hardware Mystery)

Cozy Mystery 

1st in Series 

Setting - Oregon 

Crooked Lane Books (January 16, 2024) 

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 280 pages 

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1639105999

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1639105991 

Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C9PJXCFG

Perfect for fans of Kate Carlisle and Victoria Gilbert, when a body is found in a hardware store, will Dawna Carpenter’s sleuthing measure up to find the killer?

Recent sexagenarian widow Dawna Carpenter thought running her own hardware store after the death of her husband was hard enough. With her adult daughter, April, moving back into town, and Darlene, the annoying boutique owner next door to her shop poking around, Dawna has her hands full. But when she finds a dead man in the bathroom of her store, with a framing hammer by his side, she’s in way over her head.

The victim, Warren Highcastle, was a land developer who was looking to purchase the old theater in town to build a new hotel. Dawna and April, worried about the implications of the crime scene at the hardware store, put themselves on the case. They soon learn that Warren had made quite a few enemies in his short amount of time in town. As the suspect list starts growing, so too do the threats against Dawna and April. Can Dawna and April nail the killer before they strike again?

About Paula Charles


When Paula Charles isn't writing under the towering trees of the Pacific Northwest, she can be found in the garden with her hands in the dirt or sitting on her front porch with a good book and a glass of iced tea. She has a love for small towns, ghost stories, and pie. Paula lives on a small farm in Southwestern Washington with her patient husband and a handful of furry and feathered critters. Paula also writes cozy mysteries under the pen name of Janna Rollins. 

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A hardcopy of the book Hammers and Homicide (A Hometown Hardware Mystery) by Paula Charles - US Only

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10 February 2024

A Deadly Portrayal by LM Milford Blog Tour!


When local crime reporter Emma Fletcher is asked to help identify her friend's blackmailer, she discovers a link to the recent death of a teacher at Allensbury Dance and Drama School.

Meanwhile, a police investigation is uncovering some dark secrets, and it is clear that someone is seeking revenge for past wrongs.

As Emma's list of suspects continues to grow, the discovery of a second body puts her in the killer's sights.

Warned off the investigation by the police for her own safety, Emma decides the best way to save herself is to find the culprit first.

With the help of fellow news reporter Dan Sullivan, Emma must work out who is targeting Allensbury Dance and Drama School before the killer strikes again.

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A Deadly Portrayal

This extract comes from chapter six of the book. Up to this point, the body of drama teacher Travers McGovern has been found in his office at Allensbury Dance and Drama School. We’ve also seen Natasha messing up a rehearsal, distracted by personal issues – discovered in the opening of the book – with Travers taking an interest in her.

Chapter 6

Students were streaming out of the doors of the school as Emma arrived. As she headed towards the entrance, she felt like a salmon desperately trying to swim upstream. She was almost knocked off her feet by a burly male student carrying a sports bag. He gripped her arm to prevent her falling, apologising, leaving Emma just enough time to detain him and ask if he knew what was happening.

‘One of the drama teachers is dead,’ he told her, shifting his bag to his other shoulder and bashing into a woman passing on his other side. ‘Someone found him on the floor in his office.’

‘Who is it?’ Emma asked.

‘Travers McGovern,’ came the answer. ‘The cleaner found him. She’s in a right state apparently and—’ But before he could say anymore, there was a surge in the crowd and he was buffeted away.

Emma scribbled the details in her notebook and looked around. Then she spotted a familiar tear-stained face, sitting on a bench to the side of the building entrance.

A woman in tracksuit bottoms and a denim jacket sat alone, apparently unaware of the people standing in groups around her, heads together in full-on gossip mode. A large canvas tote bag lay at her feet and her head drooped.

Emma approached. ‘Natasha?’ she asked. ‘What’s wrong?’ This was not the usual smiley, graceful woman who taught the adult ballet classes she was secretly taking.

The woman looked up, wiping the back of her hand across her face and smearing her eye make-up. She stared for a moment and then said, ‘Emma? What are you doing here?’

When Emma explained about the call to the office and mentioned the dead teacher, Natasha’s face crumpled and tears started sliding down her face. Standing there awkwardly, not really knowing what to do, Emma dug a hand into her shoulder bag for a small packet of tissues. But before she could hand them over, Natasha wiped a sleeve across her face.

‘Oh,’ she said, looking down at the sleeve as if surprised to find it covered in warm caramel-shaded make-up.

‘How about using these?’ Emma offered the packet.

Natasha gave a weak smile and took the tissues, pulling one out of the pack and offering it back. Emma shook her head to show that she could keep them.

‘My mum will kill me,’ Natasha said, holding up the sleeve. ‘She only just got the face paint out of it from the dance class I taught last weekend. The Tumble Tots can be a bit boisterous.’

Emma smiled. ‘You enjoy teaching?’ she asked.

Natasha nodded. ‘It’s such fun watching people develop. You’re one of my best,’ she said with a watery smile.

Emma blushed. ‘I don’t think so. I was there, remember? It’s the wine we drank at the summer party that’s fuddling your brain.’

Natasha smiled and then stared sadly down at the ground.

‘Was Travers McGovern a friend of yours?’ Emma asked, sitting down beside her on the bench.

The dancer opened her mouth to reply, but before she could, a voice called, ‘Natasha? Are you OK?’

Emma turned to see a short man with glasses and a round, balding head. He reminded her of a mole.

‘Oh, hi, Mr Dickens,’ Natasha said, wiping her eyes and face with another tissue.

‘Who are you?’ he demanded, looking Emma up and down suspiciously.

‘This is Emma; she’s a student in my adult improvers’ ballet class,’ Natasha said, gesturing to her unnecessarily.

Emma smiled, but the mole man continued to look at her as if she were in the way.

‘Natasha, I thought Sally-Ann told everyone to go home? Why are you still on campus? Do you need to speak to the police?’

Emma stayed silent, wondering if that was true.

Natasha shook her head and got to her feet. ‘No, I wasn’t on campus after five thirty, so they said they didn’t need me.’ She glanced at her watch. ‘I think I’ll just head home. I’m getting a bit of a headache,’ she said.

‘I think that’s for the best,’ the mole said, moving behind Natasha as if to shepherd her away.

Turning to Emma, Natasha said, ‘Call me and we’ll get a coffee or something. You’ve got my number from class, yeah?’

Emma nodded. ‘I’ll definitely call,’ she said.

Natasha turned and began walking away, but then she turned back and stared at Emma, as if trying to send a message without speaking. She disappeared through a side gate and up the street outside. Emma turned and found the mole staring at her. She stared back.

‘Who are you?’ he asked, hands on hips.

Emma introduced herself and then frowned. ‘Have we met before?’ she asked, feeling a bell ringing in the back of her brain.

But the man was backing away, muttering something about assignments to mark.

‘I’m here to find out more about what happened to Travers McGovern. Did you know him? Any chance of a comment?’

‘Very sad,’ Mr Dickens said, taking off his glasses and polishing the lenses on his jumper.

‘Did you know him well?’ she asked, pen poised against her notebook.

Mr Dickens opened his mouth to speak, seemed to think better of it and closed it again. Then he glanced at his watch.

‘Sorry, I’d better go and … There’ll be stuff I need to…’ Without finishing either sentence, he thanked Emma and went back into the school.

She frowned as he retreated. Mr Dickens looked really familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on where she’d seen him before. Then she took a deep breath. Time for a word from the principal.

LM Milford is a crime fiction author who writes the Allensbury mysteries, covering the exploits of local newspaper reporter Dan Sullivan.

A former newspaper journalist, Lynne’s experience has influenced her work, although her stories were never as exciting as Dan’s.

Lynne was born and brought up in the north-east of England, but now lives in Kent with her husband and far too many books. She loves cooking, baking and holidays in Spain. She’s partial to a good red wine and plates of cheese.




Bluesky - @lmmilford.bsky.social

Last Seen in Havana by Teresa Dovalpage. Blog Tour!

Last Seen in Havana

A Cuban American woman searches for her long-lost mother and fights to restore a beautiful but crumbling Art Deco home in the heart of Havana in this moving, immersive new mystery, perfect for fans of Of Women and Salt.In 2019, newly widowed baker Mercedes Spivey flies from Miami to her native Cuba to care for her ailing paternal grandmother. 

Mercedes’s life has been shaped by loss, beginning with the mysterious unsolved disappearance of her mother when Mercedes was a little girl. Returning to Cuba revives Mercedes’s hopes of finding her mother as she attempts to piece together the few scraps of information she has. Could her mother still be alive?33 years earlier, an American college student with endless political optimism falls deliriously in love with a handsome Cuban soldier while on a spontaneous visit to the island. 

She decides to stay permanently, but soon discovers that nothing is as it seems in Havana. The two women’s stories proceed in parallel as Mercedes gets closer to discovering the truth about her mother, uncovering shocking family secrets in the process . . .


Amazon UK

Writer, translator and college professor, Teresa Dovalpage is a Cuban transplant firmly rooted in New Mexico. She is the author of twelve novels, among them the Havana Mystery series, three short story collections and four theater plays. She lives with her husband, one dog and too many barn cats.

Blog in English


Blog in Spanish


Read an Excerpt

Short intro: Mercedes has been raised by her grandmother Mamina after her mother disappeared when Mercedes was three years old. After her husband’s untimely death, Mercedes, now thirty years old and living in Miami, returns to Cuba to take care of her grandma and find out as much as she can about her mother.

Two days later, at three o’clock, I boarded a Miami-Havana flight. Candela went with me. Born to Cuban parents in Hialeah, my friend had never been to the island. Her family, former land barons, had fled in 1960 after their bank accounts were seized and their properties confiscated. Candela had kept mum about the trip so as not to offend them.

When the plane took off, Candela dug a Tarot deck out of her backpack and spread the cards across the tray table.

“Are you going to read the cards now?” I asked, mortified.

Her eyes sparkled as bright as the five silver chains with charms she wore around her neck.

¡Claro! I need to know what expects me in Havana. Do you want a reading too? This is the Andrew McGregor deck. It’s inspired by the orishas and very good. I got it at a botánica on Calle Ocho.”

“Nah. I don’t believe in that stuff.”

It wasn’t exactly the truth. Some of my friend’s predictions had turned out to be accurate, but in the most twisted way conceivable.

“To unlock the past, present and future,” she whispered. “So mote it be.”

“Mote un carajo.

It was embarrassing. Or maybe not. Like, who cared? A blond guy sitting across the aisle was dressed in white from head to toe. The Miami Herald had recently run an article about Americans who traveled to Cuba to “make santo” or being initiated in Santería, often by bogus priests who charged them several thousand dollars.

The plane flew over the Florida Keys. We’d arrive in less than an hour. I longed to hug Mamina, reassuring her, and myself, that she was going to be fine. Then we would have a conversation. A long overdue one.

“Fate’s waiting for me in Havana!” Candela stated grandly, pointing to the Tarot spread. “See, I got Oshún, the orisha of love. She’ll send a handsome Cuban guy my way.”

I thought of my poor husband. Maybe I should have stayed with “a handsome Cuban guy.” I would still be in Cuba, but Nolan would be alive . . .

Candela retrieved the cards, shuffled again and asked, “Are you sure your grandma doesn’t mind me staying in the house?”

“Ah, not at all.”

She had minded it at first, but I convinced her that my friend would be a quiet and amenable guest. It wasn’t like she had anything against Candela personally. Mamina didn’t like to have people over, much less for an extended time.

“I need to ask her some difficult questions before she forgets everything,” I whispered.

“About what?”

“My—my mom.”

“What is it?” Candela leaned toward me. “Why are you mumbling, girl?”

It wasn’t the first time I had unintentionally lowered my voice when the topic came up.

“My mother,” I said louder.

Candela’s eyes lit up. She squeezed my arm.

“At last, Merceditas! I don’t understand why you’ve waited this long.”

“We had an unspoken agreement not to mention her.”

I had learned early on to keep my mouth shut. Once, when I was in kindergarten, an older girl informed me with a gleeful smile that my mom was a Yankee. Some kids laughed; others looked shocked. That evening I had asked Mamina if that was true, though I didn’t have the faintest idea of what “Yankee” meant. My grandma scowled.

“Who the heck told you that?”

“A third-grade girl,” I said, holding Saralí, the ragdoll I kept until my teens, when it became more rag than doll.

“She’s a gossiper and a crap-stirrer.”

“But what’s a Yankee?” I insisted. “And where’s my mom?”

In the two and a half years we had been living together, Mamina had always answered all my questions patiently. Not then.

“I don’t have time to talk!” she snapped. “Go to your room and don’t bother me with nonsense!”

She had never lacked time before. I hugged Saralí and scurried away to cry. Perhaps my mother was a Yankee, whatever that meant. There was nobody else to ask in the family, seeing that the family, at least in Havana, was only the two of us.

Later on, I struggled to remember what had happened after she left. If one day I woke up and she wasn’t around, I must have asked some questions. But I couldn’t recall what I was told, if anything at all. The school incident was the first memory I had of any inquiries, and its aftermath discouraged me from bringing up the issue again.

“That’s ridiculous,” Candela said. “Your mom may still be alive. You have the right to find out.”

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09 February 2024

The Sip of Pleasure Anthology Book Blitz! #XpressoTours ⁣⁣#SipofPleasure


Sip of Pleasure Anthology
Publication date: February 9th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Nothing brings more satisfaction than a Sip of Pleasure.

Satisfy your desire for pleasure with a dozen BRAND NEW smoking hot power exchange stories from the romance authors you love.

Featuring stories from:
Sara Fields
Laylah Roberts
Kate Oliver
Ines Johnson
Livia Grant
Tara Crescent
Sue Lyndon
Stella Moore
Allie Belle 

Publisher’s Note: The Sip of Pleasure Anthology contains brand new material never published before. It is the perfect chance to revisit series you already love and also find new authors you will enjoy reading.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

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3 ebook copies of the Sip of Pleasure Anthology

Never Fall in Love by Bella Michaels Cover Reveal!


Join us for the cover reveal of Never Fall in Love by Bella Michaels. Fans who love Small-Town Romances will sink their teeth into this sexy, slow-burn romance. Keep scrolling for more details about this sexy cover.

Title: Never Fall in Love

Author: Bella Michaels

Release Date: 03/06/2024

Genres: Steamy, Small-Town Romance

Page Count: TBD

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Military Hero, Cop Hero, Slow Burn, Found Family


Four lifelong friends. Four unbreakable rules. 

A bachelor pact made in college - no commitments, no attachments. And I intend to honor it. Until Pia Russo walks into my life. When my father dies unexpectedly, I leave the NYPD and big city lights behind, at least temporarily, to move back to Cedar Falls and run the family inn. My first order of business? 

Firing the beautiful manager Dad had hired but never met. I don’t need any complications in my simple small town life. But fate has other plans. My friends convince me to give Pia a chance, finding humor in my struggle between our growing attraction and my military-honed discipline urging me not to date an employee.

As we renovate the aging inn together, I try in vain to shield my heart. But Pia's laughter fills the dusty halls, melting my defenses. Now, with my future and an age-old promise on the line, I'm left wondering if I should finally crack open the door to love I sealed so long ago.

Add to Goodreads Here!

Bella Michaels is the pen name of a recovering educator turned contemporary romance author. Armed with a Ph.D. she no longer uses copious amounts of chai, when not writing steamy small-town romance, historical romance as Cecelia Mecca, or paranormal (vampire) romance as C.L. Mecca, Bella loves dreaming up new sassy heroines and sexy heroes for readers to enjoy.

Firmly House Stark, this Disney fanatic lives with her husband and two teens in Pennsylvania where she enjoys drinking red wine and planning girl's trips.

A Killer Romance (A Beach Reads Mystery) by Maggie Blackburn Blog Tour!

A book cover for a novel

Description automatically generated

About A Killer Romance

A Killer Romance (A Beach Reads Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Setting - North Carolina
Crooked Lane Books (February 6, 2024)
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 304 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1639106359
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1639106356
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C4J77BVN

Love and murder are in the air this Valentine’s day in Maggie Blackburn’s third Beach Reads mystery, perfect for fans of Eva Gates and Miranda James.

When Beach Reads bookshop hosts a Valentine’s Day event, “Romance by the Sea,” bookseller Summer Merriweather has no idea that the guest author is under investigation for her own husband’s murder. When that same author is found dead at the local bed and breakfast, nobody assumes it’s natural causes–there were plenty of people who wanted her dead.

As Summer searches for the truth about the author’s stranger-than-fiction life, Summer finds suspicious indications of shady behavior in the author’s belongings. But the casual sleuthing is quickly derailed when Summer’s friend Glads gets hauled in for the murder, and they launch a full-blown investigation to clear her name.

As Summer and company pick through the scant clues to solve the case, they may find more treachery and heartbreak than they bargained for.

About Maggie Blackburn

Maggie Blackburn is the pen name for bestselling mystery author Mollie Cox Bryan, who writes cozy mysteries with edge.

She's the author of several bestselling mystery series Her books have been selected as finalists for an Agatha Award and a Daphne du Maurier Award and as a Top 10 Beach Reads by Woman's World.

She has also been short-listed for the Virginia Library People's Choice Award.  She's also penned a historical mystery under the name of Mollie Ann Cox.

She lives in Crozet, Va. and is the mother of two grown, nearly perfect daughters.





Twitter/ X






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February 14 – Ascroft, eh? – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

February 15 – Melina's Book Blog – REVIEW

February 15 – Ruff Drafts – SPOTLIGHT WITH RECIPE

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