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23 June 2012

Love Quality Handmade Irish Jewelry???

Bridget Fainne's Shop Announcement

"Irish and Celtic Jewelry, Irish Necklaces, coin necklaces and Irish rings inspired by my heritage and love of Celtic mythology and history. Crafted with loving care by herself, the wee ones and fairies."

Since discovering that my great grandmother shares the exact same birth date as myself, separated by exactly 100 years, I have been inspired to explore my Irish/ Celtic roots. 

In the process I fell in love with the coins of Ireland . In 2002 Ireland went over to the Euros, changing the design of the coins making the pre-Euro coins collectible keepsakes. 

I will literally mount a Irish coin on anything, cuff links,necklaces,charm bracelets,rings and especially love making OOAK/custom jewelry for that special Irish Lad or Lassie.

I love all the Irish lore,mythology of the ancients Celts and often included in my designs homages to New Grange,Tara with celtic knots and spirals.

Come along with me on a wonderful journey of druids, Celts and mythological Ireland......................céad mile fáilte

Learn more about the wee ones at

Kate Firns, owner of Bridget Fainne, wants to be able to sell something from the her collection in every state. She still has a wee bit to go to accomplish her goal but she is offering a 25% discount to anyone purchasing or shipping to the following states: Idaho, Nevada,Wyoming,New Mexico,Mississippi,Arkansas,West Virginia, and New Hampshire.
Go to Bridget Fainne Etsy Page and take a look at what is offered...and when purchasing use this code  50USSTATES when paying for your order. 

Here are some examples of what you can find at Bridget Fainne: Any of these bracelets or necklaces would make great gifts for a loved one or yourself...!!!

Antique Gold Lucky SHAMROCK Celtic Circle Necklace

Silver Celtic Love Knot Hematite Bracelet

     Colors of the Irish Flag Beaded Celtic Knot Anklet

Irish Birth Year Necklace/1941 Penny

  So go and take a look at all Kate has to offer at Bridget   Fainne...

  you just may find something there you like!!!

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