20 November, 2012

Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

Close My Eyes
by Sophie McKenzie

About the Book
GONE GIRL meets BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP in this riveting psychological thriller about a grieving mother who finds out years after her daughter’s death that her child may still be alive.
It's been eight grief-filled years since Geniver Loxley lost her daughter, Beth. Once a writer, Gen has settled into a life of half-hearted teaching while her husband, Art, makes his name and their fortune --- and pressures her into trying IVF once again. For Gen, it would feel like a cruel act of replacement; life without Beth is inconceivable, unbearable --- but still it goes on.
And then a woman arrives on Gen's doorstep, saying the very thing she longs to hear: that her daughter was not stillborn, but was spirited away as a healthy child, and is out there, waiting to be found. So why is Art reluctant to get involved? To save his wife from further hurt? Or is it something else...something more sinister? What is the truth about Beth Loxley?
About the Author
Sophie McKenzie is also the bestselling author of more than 15 novels for children and teens in the UK, including the award winning GIRL, MISSING and SISTER, MISSING. She has won numerous awards, was one of the first Richard and Judy children’s book club winners, and has twice been longlisted for the prestigious Carnegie Medal. When she’s not writing herself, McKenzie works as a creative writing teacher. She lives in London with her son.
My Thoughts:
Close Your Eyes for me was very reminiscent of a Laura Lippman novel, not only in the writing style but in the story itself. Just the right amount of suspense in this character driven story about a woman who believes after a visit from another woman that her daughter, who she believed was stillborn, is alive. At first she finds it hard to believe but with more and more proof that this is so, she enlists a friend of her husbands,to continue investigating the source and other leads. What she learns horrifies her.. does her husband know and what is he hiding. With a surprise ending this is the kind of book that holds the readers interest until the final page is turned..I highly recommend it.
I received a copy of this book for review from Bookreporter.com and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

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