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02 November 2013

True Hollywood Noir by Dina Di Mambro Review!

About the book:

While viewers were captivated by the drama playing out on the silver screen, the lives of the stars of these film noir classics were often far more exciting. Uncover true stories of mystery and murder in a dozen different chapters featuring William Desmond Taylor, Thomas Ince, Jean Harlow, Thelma Todd, Joan Bennett, Lana Turner, George Reeves, Gig Young, Bob Crane, Natalie Wood, Robert Blake, and mobster Mickey Cohen. Included in the cast of characters of this book are Johnny Stompanato, William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies, and Charlie Chaplin. Find never before told mob stories about Ben "Bugsy" Siegel, Virginia Hill, and a host of notorious underworld figures.

From 1922 until 2001, explore some of Filmland’s most fascinating mysteries, scandals and murders …true Hollywood noir lived by the players behind the scenes. From the West Coast mob and city corruption intertwining with Hollywood mysteries on and off the screen, to the plots of noir films pulled from actual happenings in the underworld, get the stories behind the stories. Get the theories behind each case in this page-turner—then draw your own conclusions as to the truth behind some of the most prominent Hollywood mysteries.

From the author:

While some of this book is retelling of old tales there is new information that has come out in the last twenty years. Deathbed confessions and interviews with those finally willing to talk after the passage of time have provided updated information. Interviews I did with Johnny Stompanato’s son, Mickey Cohen’s right hand man and Gig Young’s ex-girlfriend have offered a new take on stories that films fans and true crime aficionados think they know. Each theory is explored and the reader can make up his or her own mind. I tried to give well-rounded portrayals. No subjects of my chapters are shown as all good or all bad or are portrayed as being one-dimensional.

My Thoughts:

True Hollywood Noir by Dina Di Mambro is one of those kind of non fiction Hollywood type of books that you can sink your teeth into. I know most of the stories in the book and  I have heard about George Reeves, of Superman fame, Natalie Wood, whom I have always admired as an actress, Robert Blake, his recent murder trial has been widely publicized. I remember reading about Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato and his murder and Bob Crane most notably known for Hogan's Heroes. I found all of these stories fascinating and a fun read. I am not one of those type of people who is fond of looking at or reading the 'tabloids', I prefer to read biographies about famous people. I enjoyed this book and there was a lot of research that went into the writing, there are interviews with friends and families, pictures and a lot of references listed in the back of the book. A great read if you love reading about Hollywood.

I received a review copy of this book and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

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