15 January, 2014

The Sandpiper by Susan Lovell Review!

About THE SANDPIPER: Nestled in the safe haven of The Sandpiper, a white-shingled cottage perched above the endless blue of Lake Michigan, Nina Judd has always been the guardian angel of the three Cameron women. Ellie Cameron, widowed mother. Kate, her perfect older daughter. Jamie, the screw-up. Kate and Jamie are sisters bound in loyalty by a secret oath—two bright young women full of life and promise until the fateful summer Jamie turns eighteen, a summer that ruined everything. But in the end, maybe Kate isn't’t so perfect after all, and Jamie not so hopeless. Embraced by The Sandpiper, and Nina’s love, two sisters finally share their secret and struggle toward forgiveness and healing.

About Susan Lovell: Susan Lovell earned undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors in English from the University of Michigan and taught high school and college English. She co-founded Cadence, a weekly newspaper in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the author of four non-fiction histories. Lovell currently sits on the Grand Rapids Salvation Army’s Advisory Board. She and her husband live in Grand Rapids.

My Thoughts
The Sandpiper is the name of a home on Lake Michigan, where the lives of four women, Nina who owns the property befriends Ellie when Ellie's husband goes off to a war. She is pregnant with Jamie when her and Kate move in with Nina. Nina is a down to earth woman who becomes the women's adopted 'aunt'. Nina finds out she has cancer and the women all come back to the Sandpiper to help Nina through this devastating time. 
Kate has always looked out for Jamie, who never got to meet  her father at all, but Jamie's addictions to drugs and alcohol tear them apart. Kate does not trust Jamie and Jamie is dealing with daddy issues, if you will. Kate remembers their father but Jamie of course was not even born yet when he died in the war.  
Kate and her husband battle infertility issues, Jamie battles her addiction, Ellie battles her inability to talk about her husband and of course at the center of the story is Nina who faces the biggest battle of all. Together these women make up a dysfunctional family, but in the end things do work out as they do in most families.
I loved how I got totally immersed into the lives of these awesome women and the author wrote with such a depth of feeling as to each of these women were going through. This is not a chic lit novel and it is not all touchy feely, but it shows the emotions and inner turmoil of modern everyday women. This could be your family or mine. I highly recommend this entertaining bittersweet read.
I received a copy of the book for review and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

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