12 October, 2014

The Sixteen by Ali B. Review for The Cadence Group!

About The Sixteen:
There are people out there who don¹t die with their bodies. Their souls live on in the bodies of others. Some good, some bad‹they are soul jumpers.
Nothing in Iris Brave¹s world makes sense anymore. Her father, Micah, is still alive‹his soul survives in the body of a teenage boy.
It is up to Iris and a rogue group of soul jumpers called the Sixteen to save Micah. To do so Iris must take on the unscrupulous leaders of the Council. Can she save her father? Will she survive? Who can she trust when one mistake could cost her everything?
Scared and running out of hope, Iris doesn¹t know what her next move should be but she knows she must act to save the people she loves. A long way from home and surrounded by people who she knows are not what they seem, Iris jeopardizes her own freedom. Her brave rescue forces her on the run and changes her into someone she could¹ve never imagined.
In the Soul Jumpers Series, Ali B. shares the message that we are more than the body we live in, everyone can be brave and while there is evil in the world, there is also infinite good.

  About the Author

Born and raised in farm country, Ali B now lives in San Diego with her husband, two kids, and a small herd of wily dachshunds. Books give her peace. Writing gives her life. Teaching gives her joy. The Sixteen is her second novel and the second book in the Soul Jumpers series.
My Thoughts
The Sixteen by Ali B. is the second book in The Soul Jumper Series. It is for ages 8-12 but I think that it can be read by older children and adults. I don't usually read middle grade books so I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though as the story moved right along at a good pace and kept me interested. At times though I felt that Iris Brave seemed older than what she really was or rather she was very mature for her age.
Iris is trying to find her father Micah, who is a soul jumper. While she is taken prisoner by The Sixteen, a group of soul jumpers, she does find her father where she is held. Now she needs to figure out how to rescue him and get them both out of their prison. Can she succeed? 

The story was told in the first person, Iris Brave, and and is a very imaginative speculation of people jumping into other people's body's to prolong their life. I don't know as I would care to do that though, especially for instance if you were to jump into the body of a very young person or I suppose the very old. Still all in all an interesting concept. Iris is a very brave girl and she undertakes a journey that could be the end of all she holds dear. 

I received a copy of this book for review and was not monetarily compensated for the review.

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