17 April 2015

The Eternal Dream by Daniel K.Gilbert Spotlight!

Book Description

The Eternal Dream is story of a love that endured through the labyrinth of history. Throughout the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi Germany, Walter Baum, a slight young man with a stout heart and lofty ideals, never loses sight of what he values most: the love of his wife and children. As a Jewish sociologist in post–World War I Germany, Walter watches with dread as friends and family either become members of the Brownshirts or fall victim to them. His marriage to Caroline, a like-minded Protestant, causes family estrangements and forces Walter, Caroline, and their two children to try to flee from the catastrophic events that engulf Europe during the Second World War. When prospects for survival become bleak, Caroline's prophetic dream provides a ray of hope for the family. Kirkus Reviews calls The Eternal Dream: "A captivating story of fortitude, family bonds and hope against all odds."


Daniel K. Gilbert was born and lives in Michigan. He grew up listening to stories about his Grandparents’ experiences in Germany during the 20’s and 30’s and as refugees during World War II. It was his dream to someday write their story.  

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     During the nightmare years, Walter Baum would often think back to the day he first saw his future love, who he mistook for a swan…

Yes,” she heard herself say. “I will marry you.” It was as if a force outside of herself had taken over.
They embraced, and Walter stood on his toes to kiss her. Their height difference made it a little awkward, so they sat on the park bench and kissed again. She felt somewhat embarrassed at such a public display of affection. They smiled at each other, and returned to kissing. His lips felt so soft. She embraced him, feeling his heart beating. They then looked around and giggled at each other.
Caroline reflected for a moment.
“Yes, Caroline... darling?” He held and kissed her hand.
“What are we going to tell our parents?”
They froze, and she felt the shiver return as she thought about what awaited them. 

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