05 May 2015

Nashville Mercy by M.Maitland DeLand.M.D. Review!

Mystery, 274 pages

The Book

When a promising country music singer on the verge of stardom mysteriously dies after undergoing a routine medical procedure, Kate Katelinson, an investigative reporter for the Nashville Herald, becomes personally tied to the case. After sources connected to the reporter's investigation start dying, Kate finds herself thrust into a twisted labyrinth of betrayal, corruption, and murder. Armed with only her investigative instincts and an unlikely alliance of friends, the reporter enters a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse with a mastermind more powerful than she could have ever anticipated.

The Author

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D., is a radiation oncologist and founder of OncoLogics, a group of cancer treatment centers in the southern United States. A leader in her field, Dr. DeLand is chairman of the Health Education Authority of Louisiana Board and also serves as a member of the BreastCancer.org Professional Advisory Board. She’s an active philanthropist, who is passionate about supporting diabetes and cancer prevention programs, as well as the special needs of children. Dr. DeLand has a deep love of southern culture and colorful southern personalities from which her writing finds ample inspiration. She spends her free time growing her fine antiques and art collection. A classic movie buff as well, Dr. DeLand is a regular at the Turner Classic Film Festival. She also never misses Amy Grant and Vince Gill’s Christmas Concert held in Nashville every year. Dr. DeLand is also the author of several children’s books collections, including The Great Katie Kate books focused on educating children about medical conditions. Dr. DeLand divides her time between Lafayette, Nashville and New Orleans.

The Excerpt

"Where is the doctor?" Her voice is deeper than you would expect. There is a muffled strain on the word "doctor."
"He's still scrubbing in," comes a voice from behind the image intensifier, a large semicircle that loom over the room like a half-moon.
The nurse moves toward the swinging door on the opposite side of the suite. She normally wouldn't go out of her way to speak with any of the doctors in the cath lab, but something isn't right.
Her long fingers fidget against the almost invisible golden chain around her neck, from which swings a small pendant with a bright cherub angel.
..."Thank you for your concern, but I know what I'm doing."
..."But...I mean, you're going to be working on Gwendolyn Cartwright."
"Correct. Is that it?"
"Well, no. I saw her angiogram results and--"
"I wasn't aware that it was your job to read my patient's angiograms."
"Well, no--"
"But apparently you do it anyway." He puts his hands on his hips and cocks his head.
"She's technically not your patient," the nurse says a little too loudly. "It's not like you ordered this procedure on your own. Listen, I'm not trying to blame anyone here. I just think there's been a mistake."
"I see. Thank you for your concern." The doctor's curt tone tells her the conversation is over. "I'll see you in the OR."
Something makes the nurse jump in front of him. His mouth opens. This is unexpected.
"I know what a blockage looks like," she announces. "And she barely has one. Not one worth operating on anyway."

His eyes squint as he looks down at her. "Are you telling me that I don't know when a patient needs an angioplasty?"

The Review

I usually read historical fiction, but once in awhile I like to read a medical thriller. Saw this on my bookshelf and decided to give it a go. The book starts out with a nurse noticing that a patient is being prepped for a surgery that she feels is a mistake. Besides that the doctor doing the surgery is not the patient's doctor. The doctor of course is not happy with a nurse telling him what he should and should not be doing. The surgery goes forward.

Gwendolyn Cartwright is the patient being operated on, she is a young rising country star who only has a 20% blockage and that does not warrant an angioplasty especially at her young age. There are many risks related to any surgery of course but she was told by her doctor that this was a needed procedure.

Kate Katelinson is an investigative reporter looking for a piece to write that is not a fluff piece. She is at the hospital and runs into an old college roommate who she has not seen in 10 years. They had a falling out and had not been in touch. Kate is concerned for her friends demeanor and she starts questioning her friend. What her friend tells her has Kate's wheels rolling and she starts an investigation into why there are so many angioplasties being done at this particular hospital.

While investigating she becomes embroiled in an infatuation with a hospital exec. She really is not ready for another relationship, as she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Can she trust this man though, he works at the hospital and should know what is going on. As she continues into her investigation, one of the people at the hospital that she coerces into helping her with information, dies. To make matters worse, Gwendolyn also dies and this creates a scary situation for Kate. She does not know who to trust and she doesn't believe that these people died of natural causes, she thinks they were killed.

What ensues is a fast paced thriller that will thrill any fan of medical thrillers. Characters are believable and well written. The medical aspect of the story is also well written, but of course it would be, the author is an M.D. and she uses her expertise brilliantly. I like a story that moves along and this one did for me. I look forward to the next in the series.

I received a copy for review from JKS Communications and was not monetarily compensated for said review.

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