07 June 2016

Dying To Be Beautiful Mystery Series by M.Glenda Rosen Spotlight! @WriterMysteries @TributeBooks

Dying to Be Beautiful Book 1 Summary

Saturday Morning, 6:00am

The head in the sink stared up at her. Darcy Monroe, the owner of a popular, chic hair salon was used to this. Only this time, the head was there without a body.

Chapter One: The Murder

As a Private Investigator, Jenna Preston had been hired to help solve murders, insurance fraud, cheating spouses and more. This was a new one for her.

She received what could only be described as a hysterical call from Darcy Monroe, owner of a popular, upscale hair salon in The Hamptons. A head without its body was rolling around in one of her shampoo basins.

Almost five-feet, five-inches tall, always looking taller in her two- or three-inch heels, Jenna had long red hair, blue eyes and was often seen driving around the East End in a white jeep, and in recent years, with her Irish setter sitting next to her.

Formats/Prices: 99¢ EBOOK SALE (June 1-30, 2016), $14.99 paperback
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 140
Release: February 1, 2016
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN: 9781483445304

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Dying to Be Beautiful Book 2 Summary

Monday, 6:45am

Kevin Larson swam in his pool nearly every morning. Going on sixty-five, he

prided himself on being in good shape.

Walking toward the small pool house, off to the left of the pool, he noticed a light was on. He was certain he turned it off the night before. Strange, he thought.

Even stranger, lying in a different sort of pool—blood—was his long time friend and lover, fashion designer Andre Yellen. Yellen was stuffed into one of the gowns he had designed and a wearing a blond wig.

The gown had been auctioned off the night before at a huge Hamptons fundraiser.

People in the Hamptons were certainly dying to be beautiful.

Formats/Prices: 99¢ EBOOK SALE (June 1-30, 2016), $14.99 paperback
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 132
Release: June 1, 2016
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN: 9781483449159

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M. Glenda Rosen's Bio:
M. Glenda Rosen is the author of The Woman’s Business Therapist: Eliminate the MindBlocks and RoadBlocks to Success, and award-winning My Memoir Workbook. For over fifteen years, she helped numerous authors develop and market their books, and presented writing programs in New York, The Hamptons, New Mexico and Carmel, California, on “Encouraging and Supporting the Writer Within You!” She's the founder and owner of a successful marketing and public relations agency for twenty-five years.

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  1. Thanks Kathleen for helping to get the word out about Marcia's 99¢ sale.

  2. Delighted to be on your blog. Anyone has any questions about book marketing mysteries I'll be happy to respond later today.
    Marcia (M. Glenda Rosen)

  3. Me too. Always love the old noir films like the "Thin Man" etc,

  4. I would like to read these books, because I love a good mystery. Plus, a have a special fondness for a female detective.

  5. I love almost all mysteries so these definitely appeal to me.

  6. Oh good, enjoy, fun writing them.

  7. Thanks everyone. Marcia

  8. This book sounds awesome! Very suspenseful. I am a huge fan of mystery novels.



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