24 July, 2016

Visceral by Adam Thielen Book Spotlight!

Matthias is a listless vampire enforcer missing a decade of his life from before the turning. Tamra is a warden protecting the world from mages, and mages from the world. Kate is a neuro; a hacker who gave up part of her humanity for powerful synaptic processing. Taq is a mage of astounding talent yearning for love and freedom. 

Vampires have few absolute laws. Firstly, never murder a brother nightstalker. Secondly, never turn a mage. When an ancient evil is unleashed upon the world, the vampire council turns to their trusted enforcement handler Frank Kerwin, and his agent Matthias Trent, to discreetly clean house. Frank quickly assembles a team, sending them on a suicide mission against a monster that feels no pain, fear, or remorse. 

Enter a world transformed by a great economic collapse into a corporatocracy governed by executives, their boards, and appointed councils. A world where man has rekindled his ability to draw from the ethereal plane and subjugate the laws of nature. Where vampires, long in hiding, have emerged to carve a place within civilization. A world ripe for the taking by those with the right resources. 

Visceral is a violent and often bloody delve into a cyberpunk world that does not give you a chance to catch your breath. Filled with dark satire and occasional humor, Visceral is a novel of action and drama taking place in the gritty future, present day, and even the old west. With a climax both satisfying and appalling, this cyberpunk jaunt will kindle your love of serious adult fiction.


The Author
I am in my mid-thirties, and was in my early thirties when I started this work. It is the third or fourth novel I started, and the only one I've finished. If at first you don't succeed...
I went to school for Philosophy and earn my pay as computer tech support. My inspiration for writing started at an early age. I was exposed to Orson Scott Card and Isaac Asimov while in middle school and have been an aspiring storyteller since the age of twelve. One of my first projects was a book adaptation of Final Fantasy 6, yes back when it was a current game.

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