10 August, 2016

Caesar and Cato: The Road to Empire by Brian Igoe Book Spotlight! @BrianIgoeBooks

 On the 11th August it will be available at £0.99 in sterling or about $1.30 in US dollars
This is a story, a true story which I always think are the best of stories. A Story of Ancient Rome. An Adventure Story, perhaps? 
It is a story of two protagonists, Julius Caesar and Marcus Cato. They represented two opposing philosophies, both dedicated to the same end, the recovery of the health of the Roman Republic which was in their day unwell. Both men were fighters, Caesar on the battlefield where he was arguably the greatest tactician ever and certainly of his times, and plucked many a victory from the jaws of defeat. Cato fought in the Senate. There he opposed Caesar and everything he stood for. This is their story. 
The book takes the form of alternating chapters written by each of the two protagonists, the Chapter Headings indicing who is writing and the main subject matter of the chapter.



Brian Igoe holds an MA in law from Cambridge University in the UK, so he thinks he can write intelligibly. He is very much a family man who has four sons and three granddaughters. Last year he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary. He never even thought about writing anything more than a diary or a business document until he retired. That momentous event left him with time to write for fun, almost exclusively history, sometimes presented in novel form. He now writes Ancient Roman history covering the late Republic to the early Empire, and has in the past written Irish history (he is Irish) and Southern African, since he lived in Zimbabwe for thirty years - he still thinks of that beautiful country as home even though he now lives in the UK. Apart from history, a passion since his schooldays, his other great passion has been flying light aircraft, which is how he survived the years of the Liberation Struggle, or so he says. That, and computers. He was running an automated dairy herd on a Kaypro “portable” computer in 1983 and has never looked back. That was why he took to eBooks as soon as he came across them, and now everything he writes is written chiefly for eBook publication, although there appears to be a shift in reader emphasis back to printed books, so he also offers Print On Demand versions (more expensive!). 

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