11 August, 2016

Gimmee Jimmy's Cookie Freshness Review!

History of Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies (from website https://gjcookies.com/)

In 1983, Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies opened its doors, making spectacular home baked cookies available to the public in simple cookie tins. Our founder, Jimmy Libman, was a dedicated businessman, deaf from birth, but never handicapped by the physical obstacles he faced. Jimmy delivered a great product, and word of his great-tasting cookies soon spread through his loyal and satisfied customers.
A few years ago, Jimmy stepped back from the center of the arena and left the responsibility of producing Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies in the hands of a small team of successors. Today, it is the mission of our talented team to make sure that Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies no longer remain a secret. We share our love of cookies, cakes and all things delicious with tens of thousands of sweet-toothed customers, and enjoy bringing the experience of freshly-baked, carefully sourced, expertly crafted baked goods to cookie lovers worldwide.
We are very excited to offer our cookies and fresh baked gourmet Kosher desserts to you.

Baked Fresh All Day, Every Day.
  • Spotless Kitchen
  • Freshest All Natural Selected Ingredients
  • No Artificial Anything
  • Kosher Certified
  • Delivered Daily To Fine Restaurants
  • Shipped Fresh Daily Around The World
Our fresh baked cookies are great for birthday gifts, corporate gifts, student care packs, fundraising and corporate premium gifts programs.  How may we help you?  Please contact us today for more information.
Come and enjoy our just-baked cookies, cakes and desserts. Order online or by phone for scrumptious baked goods shipped daily with our guarantee of safe, fresh delivery.  We've been pleasing kids and adults, customers and friends since 1983. 

My Thoughts
This is the second time I have reviewed Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies. This time, I was asked to do a review on the 'freshness of the cookies'. Hubby and I opened up the tin right away when we received it on 7/11/16. Now a month later, the few we have left are as fresh as when we opened it. That is pretty impressive. The cookies have not turned into hockey pucks but are moist and chewy just as they should be. We are very happy with the cookies! So if you have an occasion where you need to bring a 'treat', you can't go wrong with Gimmee Jimmy's cookies.
  1. I received these cookies as part of a promotion for my honest and unbiased thoughts. 

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