29 August, 2016

@SheridanWinn The Sprite Sisters Series by Sheridan Winn Virtual Book Tour!

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Middle Grade
By Sheridan Winn


The Boy With Hawk-like Eyes marks a transition in the Sprite Sister series. The sixth title, it introduces Zak – a boy with dark magic and a new pupil at Drysdale’s School – who brings an invasion of vile, insect-like creatures to Sprite Towers.
‘Have you ever thought about flying?’ said Zak.
Ariel blinked. ‘In an aeroplane?’
‘No. Lifting your arms and soaring into the air.’
Ariel stared at Zak. She could feel his eyes boring into her and the colour rising in her cheeks. She had been flying over Sprite Towers last night!
What should she say? ‘No,’ she said, with a shake of her head. ‘Why, have you?’
Zak grinned. ‘Yes – flying is cool. You should try it.’
It is a year and a half since the Sprite Sisters last used their magic powers. Amidst much bickering, Flame and Marina are busy with their teenage social lives and even Ash seems to have forgotten about magic.
As Ariel harnesses her power of Air to learn to fly, a strange boy comes to Sprite Towers and the family is threatened by the invasion of terrifying, insect-like creatures. With dark magic unleashed in the old house and the air turning poisonous, the Sprite Sisters must quickly find a way to remember their powers.

Author Bio
The idea for a series of books about four sisters with magical powers aligned to the four elements popped out at 1.30am on 22nd January 2007, as Sheridan was writing her diary. She noted down the one-sentence idea, and when she woke next morning had the certain feeling that this was the idea she had been waiting for.

She approached Piccadilly Press, which commissioned the first Sprite Sister novel, The Circle of Power. She has since published eight Sprite Sister titles, with another five to come (two main and three prequel stories). In Germany, Fischer Verlag’s sales of Sprite titles have surpassed 500,000.

Sheridan was born in Norfolk, England, and grew up in a big, rambling house in the country that became the inspiration for Sprite Towers.
The eldest of four sisters, she drew on many childhood experiences as inspiration for the stories.

After boarding school she gained a degree in graphic design, followed by a postgraduate teaching certificate. For 25 years she worked with her illustrator husband as his business and creative manager. Together they produced a number of children’s picture books, along with the ‘Mad Gadget’ cartoon, which was the most popular strip in Daily Telegraph’s ‘Young Telegraph’ newspaper for over seven years.

In 2001, Sheridan changed career and became a freelance journalist specialising in lifestyle features and profiles of international business leaders. Today she spends the greater part of her time writing fiction.

In 2014, Sheridan wrote Boudica’s Daughters, a YA novel about two pairs of sisters living two thousand years apart. Essentially, a modern-day tale about coming to terms with a terrible violation, the story of the daughters of Queen Boudica of the Iceni tribe echoes that of today.

A lively and engaging speaker, Sheridan enjoys the chance to interact with her readers and other writers. She lives in Norwich and has two grown-up children and a granddaughter. She has a keen interest in the Arts and finds walking a good way to think up ideas. She always carries a notebook.

On Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2aJBqNH

The Sprite Sisters: The Boy with Hawk-Like Eyes (Vol 6) on Amazon:

The Sprite Sisters: Magic at Drysdale's School (Vol 7) on Amazon:

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