01 August, 2016

Shimmer By Angie Smuin and David Smuin Book Blitz!

By Angie Smuin and David Smuin
Genre: YA historical fiction, Christian historical fiction

Brief description

I am Lady Mariah of the 8th province. 

I've been told my entire life that I’m the one the prophecy spoke of. That I would be the one to lead our people back to peace. But how can that be, I’m still so young? I have no idea how or what I’m supposed to do to save my people. 

The reality of what has been spoken about me took on new meaning when my mother and brother were violently attacked. Shortly afterwards, Lord Carnoff attacked our castle and tried to take over the 8th province where my family has been the rightful rulers for generations. My father was forced to send me into hiding where I remained for the last five years waiting for him to send for me. 

Then the evil Lord Carnoff’s marriage edict caused so many young ladies, like Bridgett and myself, to be ripped away from their homes and families. He makes them appear before him so he can search for the one with the mark. After Lord Carnoff’s inspection they are placed into the auction where they are sold to the highest bidder. 

So many hearts have been broken and dreams crushed by the marriage edict. Love has no place in a land ruled by an evil man or at least that is what I thought. How can love find a way when there is so much at stake and so much that is hidden? 

How long can I keep my mark concealed? What will I do when it's discovered? 

I trained diligently for this day but I’m not sure the preparation was enough.

Author Bio

Angie Smuin and David Smuin are a wife and husband writing team. They have authored books and other materials individually and together. David and Angie are also active ministers, conference speakers and the proud parents of five children. 

They homeschool their three children that are still at home and enjoy living in the country, growing a garden and raising chickens. They can often be found taking walks in the cool of the evening around the pond or hashing out the next grand adventure to be written.

On Facebook: http://bit.ly/2a1xFbL


During the first week of August, Shimmer will be available for the special price of $.99!

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