09 October, 2016

The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility by Bela Abel Book Spotlight!

Foreman barks "Guilty!" Handcuffs click. Iron doors slam. Prison.

"There is no cruelest torture committed against a human soul than a torture by time and confinement." says Bela Abel. He knows, he wrote these fictional short stories from his prison bunk.
In this none like any other collection of fictional stories you will have it all. You will follow Abel's characters through the tedium and violence of American prison in The Burden of Gratitude. You will meet with an angel in Full Moon. She offers to make one wish to come true for a man with lung cancer in a cell of a prison hospital. What is the wish it could be? In The Burden of Gratitude Monty Bobo was in impossible debt because of drugs addiction. The terms of the collection were simple: monies in three days or life. Will he get out of this predicament alive? You will follow a retired bank robber / ex-con in The Price of Freedom who feels empathy toward an orangutan locked in the Bayboro Zoo. Will he succeed?If you were looking for great stories and unique style - you need not look any further, Bela has them both. Stories of The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility II is a unique journey into life laced with strife and magic, told by the witness.

Bela Abel is an imaginative writer with a unique perspective about life earned from time spent behind bars in an American prison. His collection of fictional stories take place in the imaginary Bayboro Correctional Facility. His characters go through the tedium and violence of American prison life intermixed with magical reality and supernatural elements. These magical elements appear in many ways from subtle signs to overwhelming demonic powers, but no matter how many of those supernatural forces are present in the plot, Abel insists that his short stories reflect the actual life events that had happened to him directly or to people he has been locked up with.

Link on a Website page with full description of the stories: http://www.belaabel.com/the-burden-of-gratitude.html
Link on GiveAway Story form this book: http://read4freestory.com/

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