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09 November, 2016

Knight Secrets by C.C.Wiley Cover Reveal!

Inside the Book:

Title: Knight Secrets
Author: C.C. Wiley
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Ecopy 

Sworn to protect the crown, a Knight of the Swan must never surrender—not even to love . . .

England, 1415. Ordered never to leave the lonely tower on her family estate, Lady Clarice Margrave is suddenly set free when her home is plundered. Now she is determined to discover the truth behind her father’s alleged treason. But an act of daring only propels her into a new prison, with the very knight who destroyed her home as her keeper. Sir Ranulf, Lord of Sedgewic, is ruthless in his inquisition, though there is a searing tenderness in his touch. Is it possible her bold jailor is the Red Wolf of whom her father spoke—and the one man she might be able to trust?

As a knight, Ranulf never questions his troth, but his beautiful prisoner stirs his heart and mind like no other. Clarice is achingly vulnerable—and extremely closed-mouth about her possible ties to the plot against the king. Duty demands he keep his distance, though he yearns to take her to his bed and adore her until he discovers what lies within her heart. And he would—if he weren’t in danger of losing his own . . .



I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and soon learned to escape the never-ending chores by storytelling. I’d slip off to the barn or the fields and settle into a book that would take me away. Before long, I started creating my own stories to keep myself entertained. Eventually, adult responsibilities took over and I put away my storytelling, but never my love for reading. One year, after a fabulous trip to England and an exceptionally long Wisconsin winter, my fascination with historical romance blossomed from reading them to needing to write them. I just couldn’t get the dream out of my head. I had to write. I began the arduous task of learning all I could about writing a story. Those lessons continue every day. I believe there are wonderful courageous characters waiting for someone to tell their story. When I write, my goal is to capture a moment in time, where the threads of history, adventure, hope, passion and love, sweep the reader away. I’ve completed three 15th century historical romances involving a secret brotherhood of knights and the women who capture their hearts, even while fighting against deceit, treason and death. My first novel, Knight Dreams, is available as an e-book and in print . I’m presently working on my fourth historical romance novel. Each time I begin a new novel I’m excited to discover their tale. I now reside in Utah where my dreams are supported by my very own hunky Knight in Shining Armor and our four dogs. This journey would be so much harder and lonelier without their love. Welcome to my dreams! C.C. Wiley

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