28 November, 2016

Past Lives Series By AC Chenier Book Tour and Giveaway!

​The Past Lives series of books introduces two strong women who undergo dramatic changes in their lives when they learn about their soul's past. Through past life regression they learn of their own history and investigate the concept of soul mates reuniting through time. Read Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight to learn about Katie Benjamin and Kelly Taylor.

Loves of Our Lives 
Past Lives Book 1
By AC Chenier 

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Past Lives

Katie Benjamin is leading a good life; happily married, a great new career, and wonderful friends and family. The only thing marring her quiet life is the terminal cancer diagnosis of her best friend Maria Halford. Maria introduces Katie to the theory of past lives; the notion that our bodies are only a temporary housing for our souls. The soul continues on after the expiration of the current body, and has lived in other bodies many times in the past. Both women embark on past life regression therapy and discover new meaning and connections while exploring their past lives.
Read about Katie’s experiences as she meets Elinor Davenport and Catherine Buchanan; two women from long ago who share the same soul. Life in 1700’s England and 1800’s America is very different from her current life, yet she recognizes the same feeling of being incomplete. She discovers important truths about soul mates, both friends and lovers, and how we reunite with them over and over again.

Love By Knight 
Past lives series Book 2

A thrilling tale of romance across time, Love by Knight is the story of Kelly Taylor. Recently widowed, she is finally able to follow her dream and explore the mysteries of the Knights Templar. She never knew what she might find at a newly uncovered Templar village. 
Neil Adams was the kind of man that attracted women wherever he went. Tall and attractive, with curly grey-flecked hair and a slightly off-center nose, Kelly was drawn to him even before she realized that he was wealthy. If only she hadn’t so recently sworn off men! And if she’d only met him at home, instead of halfway around the world, sure she’d never see him again.
When repeated nightmares drive Kelly to look into past-life regression therapy she discovers much more than she expected about her connections to the Knights Templar, she finds that she is not the only one who has lived more than one life. Is it possible that she was destined to find Neil in this life? Or is this yet another glancing blow between the two souls?
Love by Knight is the second novel in the Past Lives series by author AC Chenier, which bring together fantasy, romance, and a spirituality that binds it all together across time and space.

I am a CPA, CGA and live in Southern Ontario. After working for many years in the high pressure worlds of banking and IT, I decided that it was time to have a change in pace. Leaving Toronto behind I embarked on a new career in retail sales. The change was wonderful, but I felt something was missing.
Then, the unthinkable happened, and I was widowed at 46. That was a truly life altering experience. In time, I was introduced to the books and work of Dr. Brian Weiss. I discovered in his research a new purpose in life, and was driven to start writing, something I had always enjoyed, but never thought of as a career choice.

And now here we are in 2016, and my first novel is now published. My second, also in the Past Lives series, will follow shortly. I continue to write and dream of a future that I had never even considered in my wildest dreams..


“He did what?”
“Yeah, he had convinced his boss to hire me as their office manager. I was livid, to say the least.”
“What did Ward say when you confronted him?”
“Well, I haven’t had it out with him yet about it. When I complained about him not helping with the party he told me to stop whining, and that I needed to get my priorities straight.
He thinks I’m spending too much time downtown and commuting leading to me to be stressed. He then stormed out of the condo to the sauna, leaving the cleanup of the party to me.”
“Well, it seems to me you had better have a long chat with him about your love of working in the city. Does he understand you will be traveling with this new project?”
“No, I haven’t told him that yet. It will be a big fight when he finds out.”
“You better have that talk with him soon. Sounds to me like he’s entrenched in the old ways and not willing or able to let you grow. I really think you need to give some serious thought to your relationship. If he can’t support you in how you want to change and grow, then he isn’t the right man for you to be with. Don’t let him stop you or make you doubt the positive direction your life is taking.”
“But I made commitments to him when I got married. That means something to me, through thick and thin. We don’t get divorced in my family. Marriage is a life commitment.”
“Really? Do you think your parents would want you to settle for something less than perfect? Or at least to stay in a relationship that wasn’t supportive of all you want to do and be? You know what I think? I think you’re hiding behind the ‘marriage is for life’ notion because you’re scared of the changes happening in your life. This latest job is going to be a huge stepping-stone for you. It’s natural to be a bit apprehensive. Don’t let a tie to an old life dictate what you want to do. Do you want this job? Do you want the challenge it will bring?”
“Yes, more than anything in my life. This is what I want to do.” Katie contemplated her parents, and particularly her mom. They would want her to do what she needed to do to be happy.
“Then don’t let the chains of the past hold you to a life that doesn’t fit anymore. And really think about this. Would your parents really want that for you? Tied to a life that doesn’t fit, but that you’re making work because it is what is expected of you? Or would they rather you be flying high and free, testing the limits of what you can do and be?”
“Hey, Carol? I need your help in here. The pastries are ready to go,” yelled Ken from the kitchen.
“On my way, darling,” Carol responded. She turned to Katie. “Think about what I’ve said. Really think about what you want and who you want to be. Don’t let the expectations of others hold you to a life that isn’t meant for you, at least not anymore.”
She then rose to go help Ken. “I’ll send John back in here to talk to you. I think you both need that. I can see the bond developing between you.”


Becky Richardson said...

I believe I may have been a scientist in a past life.

Kathleen Kelly said...

Really? That is interesting..thanks for stopping by!

AC Chenier said...

Thanks for hosting my tour stop. I enjoy hearing of others who believe they have past life experiences.

Kathleen Kelly said...

Definitely my pleasure!

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