05 December, 2016

Escaping Trouble by Eva Winters Book Blitz!

Angel or Devil in Disguise?
When the troubles of home become too much for 18-year-old Isabel Reyes, she takes comfort in the arms of a presumably, gentle man—her Knight in Shining Armor. Soon, she realizes her family drama doesn’t compare to the danger lying ahead when she finds herself on the run for a murder she may or may not have committed. Her only chance of making it out alive will come in the form of a stranger who may or may not have her best interest at heart
Will she survive? Or, will one mistake claim her life?
Escaping Trouble by Eva Winters (Sample Chapter)
The banging on the door was extremely loud.
“Police! Open the door!”
There was a brief pause before the door was rammed and knocked off the hinges but not before a woman was thrown out the window, possibly to create a distraction. Two of the squad members rushed to her.
“We need a medical unit out here. We have one injured with severe cuts and bruises and possibly more!” One of the agents spoke into the radio located on the shoulder of his vest as he knelt over the woman. Her face was bruised badly, and there were pieces of glass chips lodged in her skin.
They’d received a tip from an informant, and now narcotics Special Agent Navarro and his team prepared to make their entrance. The home was stationed in a prestigious neighborhood, where mostly upper-class citizens resided. It had been under watch before, but political ties had made it almost impossible to get a search warrant. The guy they were after was actively involved in the sponsorship of many local and regional politicians. Additionally, Garcia contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to support nonprofit organizations who sheltered abused women and children.
They rushed into the home of Tidas Serrano, the son of notorious drug lord Javier Garcia. Garcia was careful, making few public appearances. But according to Navarro’s informant, his son was a reckless risk taker, who’d recently been released from rehab and now headed up his own illegal businesses.
They could never be prepared for what they encountered. Going from room to room, securing the downstairs area of the home before moving on to the second level.
Word was his son, Tidas was laid up there.
“I need help down here!”

One of the swat team members had found four unconscious girls in the basement. One was foaming at the mouth and had been badly beaten up. He went around checking for pulses.
“They’re alive but barely.” He called for more help. “We need more emergency units at 2150 Barrington Lane. We have four female victims in really bad condition.”
The operator responded, indicating help was on the way.
Meanwhile, other squad members had split into groups, continuing to search the premises.
“Shhh.” Agent Navarro stilled and pointed, listening in the direction where soft whimpers were coming from. Approaching a closed door with his gun in hand, he was caught off guard when it suddenly opened. A man rushed out with a lit cigarette in his mouth and a cigarette lighter in his hand. He held a young female hostage who was wet and smelled of gasoline.
“Let her go.” Navarro stood still, following the assailant’s movements as he used the woman as a shield.
“Stay back, man. I swear, I’ll set her ass on fire,” the guy warned Navarro as he moved toward the door. “I mean it. Stay the f*ck back!”
“No one is following you. Just let the girl go.”
“She goes wherever I go.”
“You do know this place is surrounded?”
“Do you know who I am?” the guy said as he continued to approach the front exit. “Your face being covered won’t help you. Touch me, you die.”
Another agent had closed in on the home from the side. The assailant’s head shifted back and forth as he struggled to keep track of both agents’ movements.
Tears, streaming down her cheeks, the young woman closed her eyes tightly, holding on to his arm to lessen the choking grip around her neck.
“Let’s talk deals, man. You let her go, and we let you live.”
The guy laughed.
et3Navarro’s gun went off, and the hostage taker fell to the ground with the woman in tow. He quickly secured the victim, stomping viciously on the cigarette that had fallen from the assailant’s mouth and kicked the lighter away. Another fellow agent cuffed him none too gently.
The guy hollered out when he was placed in handcuffs—the gunshot to the shoulder must have hurt like a bitch.
“We need help in the basement. I think they’ve overdosed.”
Navarro and another agent charged downstairs.
Navarro rushed over and grabbed the girl foaming at the mouth.
“You know her?”
“Man, she’s my sister,” he yelled.
Author Bio:Eva lives in a small town outside of Houston Texas but is a Native of New Orleans Louisiana. Being from a city filled with culture, she brings to the table a certain undeniable realness to her works of fiction. She enjoys spending time with her very supportive husband, two kids and her Yorkie Babies who she refers to as her minis.
Being a computer geek, she does almost everything by way of the internet. She more than enjoys writing and staying in touch with each of her characters as their lives progress (even behind the scenes). She loves creating complex characters who whose lives are filled with drama.
Although her works are fiction, many of the stories she creates are based on actual events, each containing suspense, romance, a bit of humor (sometimes), and action.
She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and worked as an independent business owner for years before giving it up to pursue her passion for writing, fulltime. She’s never looked back.
Contact information
Website: EvaWinters.com

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