15 December, 2016

Memory Bank by John E.Stith New Release and Q&A!


“In the realm of novels, John E. Stith's Memory Blank is a good solid mystery, a good adventure, and even a good science-fiction novel--all between one set of covers.”— Starlog

Cal Donley wakes up covered with someone’s blood. He’s on the orbital colony Daedalus. And the last ten years are a total blank.

His wife, Nikki, is a tantalizing stranger. His only ally is Vincent, a wise-cracking, AI Smart Watch. As Cal tries to unscramble his missing memories, people around him begin to have fatal accidents.

What disaster has stripped away so much of his memory - and why? And what about the dried blood on his hands…?

Previous releases:
July 1, 2016
Manhattan Transfer_front_cover_600high.png
August 1, 2016
Reunion on Neverend_front_cover_600high.png
October 1, 2016
Redshift Rendezvous_front_cover_600high.png
November 15, 2016
Memory Blank_front_cover_600high.png
December 15, 2016

John E. Stith debuts new covers for science fiction lovers

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO --  Available in paperback again, some for the first time in over 10 years, ReAnimus Press is re-releasing nine science fiction titles from internationally recognized author John E. Stith in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, Deep Quarry (Jul. 1) follows a private eye on a desert planet who uncovers a buried starship still occupied by nasty aliens. Manhattan Transfer (Aug. 1) features an escape team learning things are even worse than they thought when the entire city of Manhattan is taken aboard by aliens In Reunion on Neverend (Oct. 1), a classmate at a high school reunion on a distant colony finds an old flame in trouble. Redshift Rendezvous (Nov. 15) finds a starship first mate who stands alone between a gang of thieves and their goal. Memory Blank (Dec. 15) finds an amnesiac aboard an orbital colony, and he must clear himself of murder.

Three more titles will hit shelves in 2017. First is Reckoning Infinity (Feb. 1), as a new arrival in the solar system is explored by a team led by a partially cybernetic woman. Death Tolls (Mar. 15) finds a reporter on Mars wondering why one news team is the first to arrive at catastrophic scenes. Scapescope (May 1) introduces a loyal government employee who learns he’s on the list of known political criminals and All For Naught (Jun. 15) introduces Nick Naught, private eye - an analog guy in a digital world.

Sci Fi fans will love Stith’s thoroughly researched, hard science fiction as he sticks close to the rules of science and delivers tales that Science Fiction Chronicle raves are full of “wondrous situations, marvelous discoveries.”

Stith has appeared on a live nationwide PBS broadcast or Science-Fiction Science-Fact (SF2) and his work has also been sold to film and television. His novel Reckoning Infinity was chosen as one of Science Fiction Chronicle’s Best Science Fiction Novels,  Redshift Rendezvous was picked as a Nebula Award nominee and Manhattan Transfer received an honorable mention from the Hugo Awards and a nomination from the Seiun Award in Japan.

Stith is a member of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), Mystery Writers of America (MWA), International Thriller Writers, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW), Colorado Author’s League and is a former Mensa member.  He currently lives in Colorado Springs.                                                              

Science fiction and mystery author John E. Stith writes across many worlds. His books have been translated to French, German, Italian,
Japanese, Portuguese and Russian and are even available in braille for the sight-impaired.  His stories have been categorized as “Hard science fiction,” a label given to those stories thoroughly researched to play fair with the rules of science; something any die-hard SciFi fan can appreciate.

It was during the summer Science-Math Institute for High School Students at Cloud State College, John served as editor for the school paper, but several more years would pass before the urge to write, strengthened by years of loving to read, was too compelling to ignore.  His stories vary, but his books are packed with suspense, mystery, and humor.

Stith holds a B.A. in physics from the University of Minnesota, has served as an Air Force Officer, where he worked at NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The passion for science runs in his family, as his father George worked at the White Sands Missile Range on such projects like the rocket sled.

He has appeared on a live nationwide PBS broadcast or Science-Fiction Science-Fact (SF2) and his work has also been sold to film and television. His novel Reckoning Infinity was chosen as one of Science Fiction Chronicle’s Best Science Fiction Novels,  Redshift Rendezvous was picked as a Nebula Award nominee and Manhattan Transfer received an honorable mention from the Hugo Awards and a nomination from the Seiun Award in Japan.

Q&A with Author John E. Stith

You’re re-releasing nine of your novels in just under a year! Can you share what inspired this decision?

Since originally published by Tor Books and Ace Books, most of these books were available in ebook form, but some haven't been available in paper for more than a decade, so I felt it was time to correct that. ReAnimus Press specializes in bringing back SF that has been unavailable for a while (e.g. Jerry Sohl) and re-releasing works that have been in print all along (e.g. Ben Bova).
You write both sci-fi and mystery - do you have a preference for one over the other?

I love both. Some of my work even blends the two. Deep Quarry features a private eye. The protagonist in Death Tolls is an investigative reporter. Naught for Hire is a futuristic private eye tale, Reckoning Infinity is a space exploration and Manhattan Transfer  deals with a very unusual form of first contact-- kidnapping.
What are your initial thoughts when thinking about your book(s)?

I often start a book with a trio of concerns. First, is an emotional issue that's currently important to me. Next is the kind of story I want to tell and then finally, I pick a setting that interests me and supports the first two elements.

For example, while writing Death Tolls, personal responsibility was an important issue for me. I had been on a Dick Francis kick and thought it would be fun to use a mystery plot that echoed some of his plots. And finally, a lightly terraformed Mars seemed an interesting backdrop. Redshift Rendezvous centers on a hijacking. REUNION ON NEVEREND is set at a high school reunion in a space-equivalent of a small-town environment.

Any special research you had to do for these various titles?

I almost always wind up picking projects that require more knowledge than I already have, partly because I enjoy constantly expanding my horizons. Memory Blank necessitated knowing more about Gerard O'Neil-inspired L5 orbital colonies and Death Tolls required media and reporting research. Redshift Rendezvous also required research into relativity because most of the novel takes place aboard a hyperspace craft where the speed of light is ten meters per second. That means relativistic effects like redshift happen when people run. Flipping a light switch causes a room to slowly fill with light.

I have a psychological thriller that should be out in 2017. A web series based on Naught for Hire  is in development with Ben Browder to star. Another producer hopes to film a pilot of Manhattan Transfer to use to sell the series. In parallel, a number of audiobooks and short stories are in the pipeline, as well. “Simon Sidekick” and “One Giant Step,” both short stories, should be available in ebook and audio form by July 1, 2016.

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