13 January, 2017

The Maiden Seer by Tracy Ann Miller Book Spotlight!

The Maiden Seer by Tracy Ann Miller

Publication Date: October 1, 2016eBook; 375 Pages

Genre: Historical Romance/Viking
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 Amber, known in her homeland of Wessex, England, as the Maiden Seer, seeks refuge from her dark foretelling dreams of war. The rune readings she gives to her followers have also become too much to bear. She hopes to find peace of mind in her new life at the convent. But this can only happen after she first fulfills her blackest dream … one in which she sees herself killing a man.
Konnar hopes the violent memories of his life as a Viking raider and tragic losses will be quieted when he leaves England forever. This upcoming task will pay for his future and provide for the village who depends on him. But, abducting the Maiden Seer and delivering her to the wealthy client goes wildly awry.
Amber seems to know Konnar’s painful secret and claims to foresee a solution. While it enrages him that she negotiates her freedom with this knowledge, Konnar dares believe the prophetess can help him.
He is her captor, but hiding behind his might and violent history, is man in need of forgiveness. It is that vulnerable side of him that she learns to love, as she enlists him on her mission to help the king of England.
The Viking and the Maiden Seer journey throughout England to carry out her prophetic vision. Yet, they struggle with their mutual passion for each other, each unsure of the others true intentions.
But what could it mean, Amber’s dark dream that began it all?

About the Author
Although Tracy Ann Miller is primarily a graphic designer, (see her work at tracymillerdesigns.com) she has been writing novels for over 20 years.
She was an active member of the National Romance Writers of America with her local chapter, The Virginia Romance Writers. It was there she honed her craft by attending workshops, conferences, and by coordinating The VRW’s Fool for Love Contest.
Before being published, she entered and won numerous writing contests, including The Fool for Love Contest for Loveweaver, and the Between the Sheets best love scene contest for The Maiden Seer.
She writes to keep the hero and heroine interacting in story as much as possible (no long separations) and, of course, they get a spectacular happily ever after.

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