05 February, 2017

Baby Samuel by Robert R. Domloge Book Spotlight!

Title: Baby Samuel
Author: Robert R. Domloge
Format: Paperback
RRP: £7.99
ISBN: 9781786296870

An English author, born in Syria, is set to release his debut novel this month. Robert R. Domloge has written Baby Samuel; this book is a fantastic story of the rise of the United States as it becomes a leading power and offers a very unique perspective to any interested in the subject.

With the dramatic changes currently happening in America, Robert R. Domloge has published an insightful and genius way of looking at the power struggles of the USA. With a new President and already some extremely controversial aspects of his new career, this novel is an ideal companion for anyone interested in current affairs.

“The book is about the rise of the USA into a global hegemon which has the power to shape the world” says Robert. The book delves deeper into the subject, analysing “about how this hegemon, after inspiring so much awe and posing as mankind’s dreamland, fails to develop the maturity to go with its rising power, becomes flawed and enters into decline”.

Baby Samuel is an allegorical story of power struggles which have shaped world history. Although told in a light and entertaining style, the message is serious and thought provoking.
Welcome to VillageAll, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood where life is (mostly) harmonious, and where time stands still and nothing is what it seems. 
When Mr & Mrs Smith announce to their friends in VillageAll that they are expecting a baby everyone is very pleased for them. However, when Baby Samuel, arrives he is very big and he grows bigger and bigger until he towers over everyone else in VillageAll. Then some of the residents are maybe not so keen on the new arrival after all!
Baby Samuel is an allegorical story of the power struggles which have shaped world history. Told in a light and entertaining style, it nevertheless sends a serious and thought provoking message.

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Robert Domloge lives in Japan with his wife. He grew up in Syria, but then spent time at Edinburgh Napier College, Cranfield University, from which he got an MSc in Aircraft Design, and he also read Architecture at Aleppo University. Robert now a member of both the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers as well as being a chartered engineer.

Read an excerpt here

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