18 February, 2017

Bailey's Law by Med Lelvis Book Spotlight!

Book Details

  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • Publisher: Black Rose Writing; First Printing edition (October 27, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1612967728
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612967721

Who would murder a nice young guy like Todd Kaplan? Or maybe he wasn’t so nice.
Jack Bailey, small town hard-boiled detective, must solve the crime, but his own unrelenting demons rising from his struggle with PTSD and buried family secrets complicate his task. Daily work at the station affords Jack distraction from the inner turmoil that penetrates his nights. Darkness brings unwanted memories, nightmares, and the realization he needs to face what happened ten years ago.
Through the searing Texas summer heat, Jack’s team of detectives works hard interrogating witnesses in an effort to discover Todd Kaplan’s true character. But it’s patrol cop, Denise Williams, who rises above her calling to assist in questioning a crucial witness. Smart and sassy, she holds her own with Jack’s moody temperament. All the while, a new romantic interest with a woman who is off limits proves problematic for Jack as he tries to make the right decision.
Was this small town murder an act of justice or revenge? Only a parent who has tragically lost a child can hold the answer in their hearts. Jack understands. Only too well.

Meg Lelvis grew up in northern Minnesota and taught English and psychology in Houston and Dallas. Her fiction and poetry have won awards from Houston Writers Guild and Houston Writers House. Her short story featuring Bailey's Law character, Jack Bailey, was published in Houston Writers Guild mystery anthology, Waves of Suspense. She published articles in an NCTE periodical as well as in several newspapers. She resides in Houston with her husband and two dogs.

Purchase Links: Her books are available in print and all eBook platforms. You can find links on the book page of her website.

Amazon ASIN: B01M35YABX
ISBN: 978-1612967721
Price: eBook $2.99; Print: $16.95

Chicago, 1990

First week in homicide. The supervisor, beefy, seasoned detective from the old school, takes him aside. Don’t ever forget, Bailey, the person you work for ain’t me, it ain’t the chief, ain’t even the citizens of this town. You work for the victim. He’s your boss. You break your ass getting justice for him, you gotta be his voice, cuz he ain’t talkin. ’ You got that? He got it all right. Know your victim, what makes him tick, and you got motivation. Only problem, what if your victim is your enemy? Sometimes whoever killed so-and-so did society a favor. Know your victim, but you might not like what you learn. Truth is, most victims are victims, and deserve to be treated with respect. The best cops don’t always follow the letter of the law, they enforce the law. They navigate in gray areas of human morals, ethics, scruples. A good cop interprets the law according to his own conscience and understanding of decency and fairness, with public safety the ultimate goal. From time to time the rules must be bent. The crucial part is knowing the time when you see it. Jack Bailey’s most life-defining time is yet to come.

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Meg Lelvis said...

Kathleen, thanks so much for highlighting Bailey's Law. Detective Jack Bailey is proud of his Irish heritage, and enjoys having a pint of Guinness in the local pub. Have a great day! Meg L

Kathleen Kelly said...

My pleasure Meg! You have a great day also!

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