25 February, 2017

#HealthLabsNutraWomensProbiotic Review!

Product Details
Powerful All-in-One Women’s Probiotic Fights Yeast Infections, UTIs and Digestive Issues with Ease! Women are more susceptible to increased yeast counts than men, making it especially important to find a reputable probiotic specifically designed for your body’s unique needs.  Because your vaginal yeast count can fluctuate so greatly from month to month, a yeast infection or case of vaginitis can be lurking just around the corner.  With our robust formulation, not only will you stop harmful vaginal yeast dead in its tracks, you’ll also prevent painful UTIs from occurring with the unique addition of cranberry extract and D-Mannose.  Do you suffer from cramps, bloating, gas, constipation or digestive issues of any kind? Our special probiotic blend also promotes a strong digestive system and supports regular bowel functions. 

About the Product

  • HIGH-POTENCY FORMULA FOR OPTIMAL FEMININE HEALTH - Unlike other probiotics that may contain dead cultures or general strains of bacteria, our probiotic for women is packed with over 6 billion live, active cultures and six hand-selected bacteria strains specifically known to fight yeast and improve feminine health.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO UTIs – Take control of and maintain your urinary tract health with the valuable addition of cranberry extract – a proven ingredient in preventing harmful bacteria from attaching to your urinary tract walls and disrupting the balance of sensitive flora – and D-Mannose, a special sugar that helps cure and prevent UTIs.
  • DELAYED RELEASE, ACID-RESISTANT CAPSULES – Our delayed release gel caps prevent live cultures from being destroyed by stomach acid, so higher levels of bacteria reach your gut. This also helps the added cranberry extract and friendly bacteria reach your urinary tract, for improved urinary health and all-day comfort.
  • 100% SAFE, VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS – Our women’s probiotic is made with the highest grade ingredients in our FDA-approved facility in the United States and is always third-party tested. It contains no dairy, gluten, wheat, corn or soy, and is Kosher, vegetarian certified and GMO-free!

As a woman of a certain age, I find that the older I get the more tummy issues I have. Taking a probiotic is very important in my mind to help with some of the issues that I have. Plus again as a woman it is also important to take care of vaginal health and try to help prevent UTI's. I have had a few and they are not fun so I have made it a point to take cranberry supplements of some type. With the All-in-One Women’s Probiotic from Health Labs you get double the protection. 

I have been taking this supplement now for about two weeks. I think that a longer period of time is imperative to tell whether a product works or not. I will know more I think after I finish the bottle. So far I have had no side effect issues and also no upset stomach issues. This supplement is in a capsule form and I do not have any issues swallowing it. If you are looking for an all in one probiotic, I think that you can't go wrong with this product.
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