13 February, 2017

Oak & Mistletoe by J.Z.N McCauley Book Spotlight and Sale!

Get your copy at Amazon here, $.99 for the month of February and March!
Oak & Mistletoe
A druid curse. A prophesied love. A consuming vengeance.
When Catherine Green sets off to Ireland on a college graduation trip, her vacation takes a permanent turn when she lands her dream job at an Irish history museum. Soon after, a mysterious stranger named Bowen appears in her life, and Catherine finds herself drawn in. His handsome facade isn’t enough to keep her from feeling threatened, however, when Bowen starts hinting that she must leave Ireland or risk putting herself, her family, and even her beloved Emerald Isle in danger. Catherine ignores him.
But when her twin sister, Kathleen, disappears, Catherine realizes that Bowen’s predictions may be coming true. Sure enough, what starts out as a search for a missing person leads to Catherine getting kidnapped by Connall, a malevolent druid leader, and his brainwashed followers. She manages to escape with Bowen’s help and learns that she’s the key to breaking an ancient curse that’s imprisoned all of Ireland’s evil druidsand that her arrival has set them free.
Tragedy and loss ensue, and soon Catherine and her loved ones are thrust on an unexpected journey full of Celtic myth and long-forgotten knowledge. In order to stop Conall and his druid army’s plan of vengeance, Catherine and Bowen must entwine their fates and face a perilous quest with an uncertain outcome. But as long as Conall dies, Catherine feels her own survival is trivialshe’ll do whatever it takes.
About J.Z.N. McCauley
J.Z.N. McCauley is a newly published author who has aspired to write since childhood. She is currently writing The Oathing Stone (Fall 2017), a sequel to Oak & Mistletoe, as well as A Bell Sound Everlasting, a standalone novel coming Summer 2017. J.Z.N. resides in New England with her husband and children, where she often nerds out in mystical daydreams.
Praise for J.Z.N. McCauley

Oak and Mistletoe has all the elements of a fairy tale...perfect for a younger audience, but anyone who loves a good fairy tale will enjoy it...charming, fun, and magical.”Reader’s Choice, Starred Review
“Atmospheric and intriguing. What a great story!”Josephine O’Brien, award-winning author of Shared Skies
“J.Z.N did a beautiful job tying the story off.”Katelyn Anderson, Author of The Tainted Souls Trilogy.
“Let me tell you, McCauley is not afraid to kill her darlings and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.”–Cassidy Taylor, author of The Mondragon Chronicles

Oak & Mistletoe
9781619845312/ 244 Pages
Available in Paperback, NOOK, Kobo and Kindle UK formats

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