07 March, 2017

Secret Demon 2 by C.L.Ryan Blog Tour!

Secret Demon 2
Once again the Murphy household is in chaos, and on top of that a rogue Demon is on the loose and has taken up residence on the estate, with dire consequences. Tom is still working away, leaving Patsy alone and struggling with day to day living and her own Demon. Megan has a very important cooking exam to pass, but money is short for the ingredients. Bonfire night, which is the biggest night of the year is approaching fast, and Patsy cooks for the whole street, and on top of that the family have the worry of being evicted from their house, as they are being relentlessly bullied by the local police Sargent who now knows the families secret. Will they survive?
Published by Mirador 14th March 2017

About the author: After over thirty years working in the hospitality sector Bristol-born C.L Ryan is now living in Somerset with her partner. Also a psychic medium C.L Ryan’s life experiences have influenced and inspired her paranormal series Secret Demons. Her other passions are cooking and diving —and she is a qualified BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor and BSAC Advanced Diver— completing dives around the world from Tobago to Minorca and closer to home in Cornwall. Her first book Secret Demon 1 was published by Mirador December 2015.


C.L.Ryan was born in the year 1959 in Bristol. England.  She spent most of her early childhood in rural Southern Ireland.  She was then back to England to go to primary school, and endured a harrowing and turbulent childhood, being badly bullied at school, along with a horrible home life.

Her early life revealed a passion for writing and poetry, even though she struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia, and her imaginative drawings were always noted by her teachers. But the severe bulling she endured at this school, was massive turning point in her life.

Secondary school was a great escape and relief, she started to do really well, and very quickly became a major player in the athletics team, going on to be county champion in hurdles, long jump and 200metres, and also getting the honour of being chosen to represent the country as well.  She was soon running with the big boys and girls in the athletes’ world, only to have her career ended abruptly, breaking her neck and attaining a head injury in a car accident.

Cooking also became a very important part of school life, using her already home taught gift and adding it to the new skills on offer at school, this new craft would serve her well, something she would use for the rest of her professional life.  The saddest part was she was offered a highly coveted scholarship at Milfield School, but her parents refused to let her go, such was life.


Ryan dropped her school early to help out with the family finances.  Her first job was working in a sales role in Bristol. From there she switched to a nursing career, working as an Operating Department Assistant, it was on the way home from a late shift one night her car was hit from behind, and her neck broke.  The fracture and head injury were initially missed, and she was sent home the same night, only to be re admitted into hospital 2 days later, where she stayed for nearly 6 months, her injuries resulted in hearing loss, left sided weakness and slight brain damage.


The saddest part of her life was getting divorced, she married young, only for it not to work out. But being strong and having 2 sons to support she carried on, running several pubs and restaurants before having her own pub in Nailsea. It was large part of her life, and thanks to all the support of her previous staff and customers who flocked there, it was a massive success, but sadly she left to start another business in Somerset where she is today.


Ryan loves animals, all animals but especially Dogs and Cats and horses, and loves to listen to music, it has been a large and emotional part in her life, and listens to all genres, from classical to pop.  A motor sport fanatic, F1 and Rally cross are her favourites, always supporting British drivers.  She is a reluctant physic medium, and loves to talk and write about new interests.  She is also a BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor, and BSAC Advanced Diver.


Most frightening dive – The Manacles in Cornwall, being held under the water by an underwater current at 20 metres, both Ryan and her buddy nearly ran out of air, but survived to tell the tale.

Best ever dive – Beltingly fast drift dive in Speyside in Tobago called the Japanese Gardens. Brilliant!!

Most beautiful dive – The secret red coral cave in Minorca, exciting to see this special secret cave, and come out to be surrounded by about 300 schooling Barracuda. Amazing, one I will never forget.

Ryan is now a mother to two lovely sons, and a grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.

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