11 April, 2017

Chillax Window Bird Feeder Review!

"Looking for a quality clear window bird feeder that gives you the chance to interact? Done with cheap ones that feed more squirrels than birds? You have to try our Chillax Large Bird Feeder. Enjoy wildlife no matter where you are, at a price that makes sense. Our bird feeder squirrel proof mounts on your window and lets you call the birds with our bird caller so that you can watch your favorite neighborhood birds up close!

This large see-through bird feeder mounts on your window so that you can watch your favorite neighborhood birds up close!"


Upon receiving this 100% see through acrylic window bird feeder bird feeder, we had to wait a few days to put it up as the weather was not being very kind. We did get it up this past Friday, all you have to do is clean your window, attach the suction cups, add the feeder, fill the removable tray with bird seed and put it in the feeder. That's it, then wait for the birds. 

We had a dandy thunderstorm the other night and the feeder is still attached to the window, even through the hail. It took awhile before the birds found it but find it they did! What I like most about the feeder is that it will be too small for the bigger annoying birds we get but attracted the smaller wren and finch birds. 

I am on my computer most of the day and I love to watch the birds that come. We put the feeder in the window right by my computer! I absolutely love it. I hope to get a lot of birds coming to the feeder come summer! I also hope that is deters squirrels too!

Oh yes, it comes with a bird caller, hubby grabbed onto that right away!

This review was done voluntarily.

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