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03 April 2017

Salvage Him by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle Cover Reveal!

Salvage Him
Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
Series:  Highland Park Chronicles Book #1
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Light BDSM
Publication Date: April 24, 2017

Anger and lies can lead to destruction, but passion and control can lead to love.
I met my soul mate, but she's married to someone else.
Every fiber of my being screams she belongs to me.
He saved her, but he doesn't deserve her.
If I'm being honest, neither do I.
I didn't know I was settling until he showed me what I was missing.
He promised to maintain control, but I pushed him and he destroyed us both.
Now I know what I need, but am I what he wants.
Harrison's anger and Brooklyn's lies push them both toward destruction. Can passion and control SALVAGE their love?
Salvage Him is a passionate romance with BDSM elements by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. If you like a strong alpha male, scorching sex scenes and a connection that makes your heart and body quiver, then you'll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle's latest stand alone HEA romance.
Pick up Salvage Him and read how Harrison and Brooklyn find each other today!

Now available for Pre-Order at Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.
Starting 4/24 it will be available exclusively on Amazon and will be on Kindle Unlimited!
Add it to your TBR on Goodreads!

Excerpt #1
Silent tears streamed down my face and onto my lap. I wiped them with the back of my hand. The finality of Paul's words crushed my heart. I couldn't say goodbye to Harison, but I knew I had to. I had to protect him.
I peeked a glance at him, and his stare took my breath away.
"Brooklyn." He said my name in that way that made my insides ache. I held my head up and stared into his eyes. "I know what you're doing, and I adore you even more for trying to protect me, but it's not necessary. He doesn't have power over us. He can't hurt me, and he can only hurt you if you continue to allow him to."
I licked my lips and let Harrison’s words wash over me. They entered my soul.
Paul spoke and gestured next to me.
I couldn't hear him. All I heard was the sound of my Dom's voice.
"While I would love to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out of here, I'm not going to do that. I can't save you, but you can save me by saving yourself."
Harrison's words sounded like the lyrics to a song written for me.
I gulped the huge ball sitting at the top of my throat. My mind spoke, reached out to him.
Please drag me out of here. I can't do it. I can't be wholly responsible for what Paul might do to you.
"Brooke," Paul yelled.
I looked around.
We had an audience. The manager walked up and whispered something to Harrison.
I blinked.
He stood up.
Take me with you.
"Brooklyn, you can do this. Go to the apartment, get everything you need, and then come home. I need to you to take this first step because once you do, I will never leave your side again." Harrison wasn't asked.
"Harrison," I whispered and looked at Paul.
"Baby," Harrison said with a firm tone.
My head snapped back to him.
"He can't break me. My parents, my friends, they all know me. Nothing he can say will change that. It's what I built for me. What I built for us. The only one who has the power to break me is you."
I shook my head slowly side to side.
Paul stood up.
"Get him out of here," Paul yelled at the manager.  
"I'm going." Harrison held his hands up but stared at me. Like he needed some reassurance his message had gotten through.
I had to say something. I had to let him know I was with him.
"You will never see him again." Paul leaned in and growled in my face.  
Excerpt #2
When I pushed off the bar and turned around, there she stood by the main elevators.
She wore a skintight V-neck t-shirt with a black corset underneath. Her short pleated skirt barely covered her ass. She wore tall back heels. Not quiet schoolgirl but sexy as hell.
She stood stark-still but searched the place, wringing her hands in the process. She was upset, fidgety. I knew the look. She needed something. She needed me.
She walked further into the club, and I came up behind her.
She gasped, feeling my presence. All the little hairs on my arms stood at attention being so close to her. She turned toward me, with her eyes cast down. I lifted her chin and searched her eyes. They were sad and frustrated.
She was like an addict afraid to ask for another hit—out of shame or guilt, I wasn't sure—but I did know I wanted to be the one to give it to her. Taking all she had told me and the natural bond we shared, I knew I could do this for her and keep her safe.
"Do you trust me?" I asked.
Her body absorbed my words with a shudder.
"Yes," she whispered.
I ran my hand down her neck, over her shoulder, and down her arm until I clasped her wrist. I headed toward the private rooms and pulled her along with me.
When we reached the door, I opened the door and released my hold on Brooklyn. I wanted her to walk in on her own. Once in the room, I was in control, and she knew it. It needed to be her decision.
I knew what I wanted from her, but what she needed right now wasn't the same thing. I wanted her to be my sub. Completely. One hundred percent devoted to me and only me. It wasn't reality, but I didn't care. I was being selfish. As her Dom, I would be responsible for her needs, her wants, and desires, and as her Dom, I knew that wasn't what she needed right now.
She walked into the room. Her body visibly relaxed at the sight of the spanking bench in the center. She stood a few feet away waiting on my instructions.  
"Take off your shoes." She stepped out of them, and I kicked them to the side.
"I want you to bend over the bench. I'm going to restrain your arms at the wrist but not your legs. I'm going to spank you until you let go of what's causing you so much pain."
Her eyes teared up, and she blinked them away.
"What's your safe word?" I asked as I stood behind her. I couldn't look into her eyes.
"Um." She wavered on her feet. I gripped the back of her neck.
She yelped.
"What's your safe word, Brooklyn?" My tone firm.
I blinked.
"You say pancake, and I stop." I stepped in front of her. "You understand?"
"Brooklyn," I whispered, giving her one opportunity to tell me to stop. I wanted her to tell me this wasn't what she came her for. She bit her lip and gave me a little smile; her eyes pleaded with me to continue.
"Lie on the bench." She hesitated for a moment but complied.
She gripped the front of the bench, felt the leather, and slid her hands down the length as she situated her body over it.
Her legs spread. She stood with her feet flat on the floor just outside the legs of the bench. Her hands came to the other edge. I squatted down and took one of her hands and kissed it. Her head turned, and she glared at me, but her face softened when she saw it wasn't a passionate kiss; it was to reassure her that I had her. I did the same before securing the other wrist. She pulled back on the restraints and then lowered her cheek to the bench.
I walked around her a few times. I stopped behind her. I could spank her over her skirt, but it wouldn't have the same effect. She needed flesh on flesh. Besides, I wasn't sure how long it had been since she had been spanked properly, if ever.
I flipped up her skirt in one swift motion.
I couldn't help it; I took a moment and stared, appreciated the beautiful specimen of a woman bent over and ready for me. My cock strained against my jeans, and I knew this scene was going to push me.
I preached how much satisfaction I garnered from separating the Dom/sub relationship from a purely sexual encounter. Like I was more powerful than all the Dom I knew because they indulged in control of a sexual nature in order to get off themselves. I was more evolved, more in control, more self aware.
I am fucking full of shit.

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader, tattoo lover, and movie fanatic who hails from Texas.

After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.

She identifies the sci-fi action flick "The Matrix" as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves.

She can recite the entire script from the 80's teen comedy/drama "The Breakfast Club" and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark.

When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Alex J. Cavanaugh, J.A Huss, M. Never & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.

To stay up to date with Sydney join her newsletter and connect through social media.  

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