03 August 2017

COVER REVEAL Gin’s Longing by Joy Blood!

Gin’s Longing
by Joy Blood

Gin has been through hell and back and even though he still is breathing doesn't mean he is ALIVE. Until he meets Grace.
Being the daughter of his long departed brother in the Hell's Riders MC he knows having feelings for her isn't right. He does what he promised his brother so long ago, watch over her.
When Grace is assaulted by her high school boyfriend, the last thing she expects to happen is for a larger than life biker to come to her aid. Even with him being something that has walked right out of a nightmare she can't help it when all she wants to do is be around him, but when he crosses a line, he backs away. Years away. She knows that she can go to Gin for anything and he will help but will he be able to help this time around? Help her out of the mess she now finds herself in?
Gin's Longing is book two in the Hell's Riders series.
The Hell's Riders series is a spin-off of the serial series Reckoning where Ellie's and Vin's story is told.

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Release Day is August 31st

“What was his name?”
“Fuzz.” I chuckle out remembering why he was given the nickname.
“Fuzz, seriously?” she has a smile but still has that sad look on her face.
“Yeah. Couldn't grow a beard to save his life. Could only grow in that peach fuzz. So, he was given the name Fuzz. Real name was Tucker Williams.” She laughs at that.
“For a big bad biker, he sure didn't get a bad ass name. Yours is pretty good, but something like Snake or Viper would be scarier.” She laughs making me join in.
“How is Gin not bad ass? And I don’t like snakes. They freak me out.” I admit making her laugh more.
“Bad ass biker for sure. Scared of snakes. How did you get your nickname?”
“That is a story for another time babe. I should probably get you back to your car. You shouldn't be cuttin’ class either.” I lightly scold her, but she only grins.
“I like the name Gin and yeah I know I shouldn't be cutting school, I just have been having a hard time staying focused. Tarrance has most of his classes with me and... wait how did you know I cut school?”
“Told your old man I would look out for you. Got eyes out. I meant what I said to that prick too, he comes near you again he’s dead.” She shrinks back to the door at my serious tone then opens her mouth to speak. “Not a debate,” I say instantly feeling like shit when she bows her head in defeat.
“Have you done that before? Killed someone?” she questions.
“I think you know the answer to that babe.”


“How could anyone be a better man than you Gin?” He lets out a forced laugh.
“You are only saying that because you don’t know me, babe. I'm not a good man, nor a reliable one.”
“You have been reliable to me,” I say making him look my way again.
“Yeah maybe, but me sitting in this car right now... That just confirms I'm not a good man.” He goes to open the door, but I grab hold of his arm, trying to pull him back from leaving.
“If you aren't good for being in here, then neither am I cause I want you here. I need you here with me Gin.” I look up into his face with pleading eyes noticing for the first time the scarring around the side of his face. Hesitantly I reach up, my hand acting on its own and touch the side of his face. At first, I think he is going to jerk away from me, but instead, he pushes his face into my touch, his breath hitching at the contact.
The skin on the side of his face is smooth and bumpy at the same time, then I realize it’s healed burns. Running my fingers along the damaged skin, I make my way up under his bandanna where the path of raised skin leads me. Slowly I push the bandanna up until it falls from his head showing off a full head of chin-length hair that falls down on his face. I run my fingers through the strands, pushing it from his face to see that the burns continue past his hairline.
“Burnt the hell out of it. Looked a lot worse before.” He grunts out still surprisingly not moving.
“You’re still handsome,” I say with a smile bringing my hand down to brush across his covered jaw. This is what makes him pull away.
“Should get going. Stay out of trouble.” He says then before I can respond he is up and out of my car, walking behind me and into the dark.

I'm a new Author dabbling in both contemporary and dark romance. After reading a certain series (I'm sure you can guess which one) I was hooked and have been reading since. Then one day I decided I wanted to write my own stories. It took a while and a gain of confidence to get the first one out there but now, just like reading, I'm hooked. I have found my passion in life.

Social media:
Website: http://joyblood2016.wixsite.com/authorjoyblood

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