28 October, 2017

Hide in Holly Springs Book One by Sandy Appleyard Book Spotlight!

Layla Dixon never dreamed of being a small town girl. Living in New York City is the only life she ever wanted. Until something happened one September afternoon that only Tasha Dixon’s teddy bear knows about. 

But while Layla sets her plan in motion, hiding what scant evidence she can to protect her family, a possible move to small town North Carolina is a welcome change despite all the raised eyebrows. Leaving her enemy behind is suddenly all the teen cares about. 

What’s left is convincing the Dixons that moving is a matter of life or death…without actually telling them anything at all. 

Sex and Nudity: no 
Offensive Language: no 
Violence: no 


This book was originally intended to be a standalone novel, but after some advice from a few readers and friends, I decided to make it a trilogy.  To Hide in Holly Springs is the first story I ever wrote for both young adults and adults.
Layla Dixon is probably the bravest girl I've ever read or written about.  She witnesses something so horrible, yet does everything she can to protect her family, and Layla does it basically in secret.  
The first book helps us get to know Layla and the Dixon family, and illustrates that the teen is definitely troubled, but nobody except her friend Carla knows why.  The dedicated New Yorker is suddenly and surprisingly getting into fights at school, and is the first to support the family's move to small town North Carolina.  
I must point out that although one of the book's categories is sexual abuse, there are no scenes involving this.  I only lightly allude to it, and I was sure to keep things discreet and respectful for all readers.  The book is warm-hearted and carries an important lesson.
Sandy writes in several genres, however romance and suspense are her favourites.

When Sandy isn't writing, she's reviewing books, blogging, or she can be found exercising, playing with her children and/or her cat, or obsessively cleaning her house. Sandy has been married for ten years and currently lives with her husband and two daughters.

For more information, book links, trailers, contact information and blog posts, see her website www.sandyappleyard.com or visit her on Twitter @sandyappleyard

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