19 October 2017

Wifi Kicked the Bucket by Kishmi Davis Review!

Wifi Kicked the Bucket

ebook           978-0-9978048-0-5
paperbook    978-0-9978048-1-2
hardback      978-0-9978048-2-9

Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket is about a Bunny Family who looks forward to getting out of school for the summer so that they can spend their time on their devices. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi goes out and everyone is in a panic state. The mother encourages her children to create their own fun. At first there’s resistance, but eventually, the bunny children get the hang of it and start having lots of fun despite Wi-Fi being down.

The Author

Kishmi Davis writes funny fiction about children and their interaction with technology.  Born and raised in Corsicana, Texas, Kishmi now lives in Ellis County with her three children and guinea pig.

In the process of teaching seventh graders how to write, Kishmi soon discovered that she enjoyed making up her own stories.  She’s been teaching for 14 years and worked on computers before she started her teaching career.

Kishmi graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  Prior to that, she graduated from Navarro College with an Associate of Arts degree in Radio TV/Film.  

She is a member of the North Star of Texas Writing Project, Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and Children’s Book Insider.

To learn more about Kishmi Davis, go to  www.kishmidavis.com or follow her on twitter: @KishmiDavis.

My Thoughts

Wifi Kicked the Bucket is a cute well-illustrated book for children and even adults. The premise of the story is that we are all consumed as a society with electronic devices and Wifi. I sometimes have to think back to when there was no wifi, what did we do, I know as a kid or teenager we certainly did not have the use of a phone, to my parents, a phone which was a rotary was on the wall for emergencies of so my parents can connect with each other as needed. 

Mamma Bunny is starting out the summer enjoying the warmth and sunshine, the kids and hubby are finding that the wifi is not working and they are all upset, think the world is coming to an end. With her quiet manner, she manages to have them all occupying themselves with other past times. She is actually quite successful and they all have a great day. 

This book has a very important message about how we have become attached to our devices and don't often look up and see what is around us. It is illustrated colorfully and easy to understand. I really thought it is the perfect book for children.

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