17 April, 2018

Don't Just Travel To Cuba by Talek Nantes Book Spotlight and Interview!

Don't just travel to Cuba, experience Cuba like a local: The Ultimate Cuba Travel Guide
By Talek Nantes
Genre: Nonfiction, Travel guide
Want to experience Cuba like a local? This is the guidebook for you. Talek Nantes, Cuban-American author and founder of the travel blog, TravelswithTalek.com, has traveled to Cuba numerous times. Her detailed explanations will guide you through all aspects of travel to Cuba and help you make the most of your time while in this unique and culturally fascinating country. 

Talek’s passion for Cuba is evident in every information-packed chapter from the classic Havana itineraries you cannot miss to the little-known gems pulsating under the radar in hidden Havana. Visit colonial military forts in Cuba’s eastern capital, Santiago de Cuba. Experience Cuba’s spectacular biospheres and animal preserves. Explore the French-influenced cities of central Cuba with their graceful architecture reminiscent of southern France. Sail the calm waters of underground rivers. Take salsa lessons, learn Spanish, cook a Cuban meal. It’s all here. 

Beyond a mere directory of attractions, this guidebook delves into the history of Cuba from
the pre-colonial days through the present. Special focus is given to understanding Cuba’s
fight for independence from Spain and the Cuban revolution of 1959 along with its key participants. 
This guidebook is packed with useful information, facts, and actionable tips:
•Updated guidelines on travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens.
•All you need to know about currency conversion.
•How to locate and reserve the ideal accommodation in any city.
•How to save money and travel comfortably anywhere within Cuba.
•Where and what to eat in Cuba from street food to top cuisine. 
•Highlights of the major Cuban cities from Havana to Santiago.
•Walking maps of the key Havana neighborhoods. 
* Directory of restaurants, galleries, attractions and music and dance venues in all key cities. 
* Current scams and how to avoid them.
* Budgeting for your Cuba trip
* Over 60 full-color photographs 
In addition to key tips and advice, this guidebook provides cultural insight gleaned from
conversations with local Cubans from the bici-taxi driver to the attendant at a cemetery
gate. Explore places and topics tourists rarely see like religious Afro-Cuban
dance performances, the hottest jazz clubs in Havana, remarkable art museums and stunning
natural beauty.
This extensive guidebook will save you time and money and help you truly experience Cuba
like a local. 
Interview with the author!
Tell us about your genre.  How did you come to choose it?  Why does it appeal to you?
I choose to inhabit the travel genre as I’ve always loved travel.  I wanted to inspire others to
feel about travel the same way I felt…exhilarated, joyous, happy!  For my most recent travel book,
I chose Cuba as a destination. I found that there was so much confusion around traveling to
Cuba especially for U.S. citizens.  I wanted to set the record straight and make sure people had
the necessary information to experience Cuba’s charm.
What do you find most challenging about the writing process, and how do you deal with it?
Writing comes pretty easily to me.  The words flow, especially when I am writing about
something that I love, like travel. Even when I’m writing about something that is a chore, I
find that if I imagine myself telling a story to a friend whatever writer block I may have had disappears.
When and where do you do your writing?
I write at my computer in my little office. I can pretty much write anywhere as laptops now
provide such flexibility and memory. Nevertheless, I still feel I get more done in my regular
space. Although I seem to write around regular 9 to 5 working hours, sometimes I’ll wake up
in the middle of the night, sit at my office and automatically begin to write.       
What have you learned about promoting your books?
My book has not been out so long that I can point to a particular promotional effort and label it
the most successful. I’ve engaged in several campaigns, but I have a hunch that social media
will prove to be the most efficient and effective promotional vehicle for my books.  
What are you most proud of as a writer?
I’m proud that I successfully navigated the operational details of publishing a book.  I’m also
happy that I am able to share my love of travel with others and hopefully help them make their
travel plans a reality.  
If you could have dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?
George Orwell is my favorite writer. I would love to have dinner with him.  We’d talk about
his experiences in Burma during the British colonization and his time down and out in London
and Paris.  I would love to get his personal interpretation of Animal Farm and what the
different characters symbolized. His masterpiece, 1984, would be the last topic of
That way I could relish the accompanying discussion on the techniques he used to achieve
such gems of sentences. I would be especially interested in the political views and experiences
that led to 1984.       
About the Author
Talek Nantes is an author, travel consultant and founder of the travel blog,
www.travelswithtalek.com. She is a passionate travel enthusiast and enjoys sharing her
travel experiences with others. In her blog, Talek shares information on unique destinations
and provides actionable travel tips and advice to help travelers make the most of their
time away from home. Her focus is on cultural immersion and interaction with local people
to help travelers create their own unique travel experiences. Her work has appeared in
several publications. 

Talek’s personal and professional background have led her to travel to over 100 countries.
She has lived and worked throughout the world and speaks several languages. Talek
is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and lives with her husband in
New York City and Miami.

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