26 April, 2018

The Gene Police By Elliott D. Light Cover Reveal!

The Gene Police
By Elliott D. Light
Genre: Mystery

Before the words “white supremacy” filled the airways, before we learned of American
Nazis and the alt-right, before there was a Muslim ban, before we considered building a
wall or knew what DACA stands for, there was eugenics—a pseudo-science that promoted
the belief that a race could be improved by controlling who was allowed to mate with
It was eugenics that compelled white doctors to inform Carl and Betty Langard that their
new born baby had died.  And it is the cruelest of circumstances—the murder of
Jennifer Rice—that fifty years later leads Shep Harrington to search for Baby Langard.  
As Shep soon learns, the quest brings him to the top of a slippery slope with an ill-defined
edge. Question begets question, and the slide down the slope proves inevitable:
What happened to the baby? Who took it? Why was he taken? And who killed Jennifer Rice?  
When Shep learns that Baby Langard was born at a hospital run by Alton Nichols, a
famous Virginia eugenicist, he is drawn into the dark history of the American
eugenics movement and its proponents—the so-called “gene police.”
You can view the video trailer by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/hSPDXiuQ4Po
On B&N: http://bit.ly/2qUf8T7


  1. Thank you for posting the cover reveal of THE GENE POLICE!

    You can view the video trailer by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/hSPDXiuQ4Po

  2. You are most welcome Elliot, good luck with the book!



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