15 May, 2018

Tribal Affairs By Matt Dallmann Spotlight and Interview!

Tribal Affairs
By Matt Dallmann
Genre: YA Fantasy

Brief Description

Dahlia, a centuries old genie, lies hopelessly trapped in a damaged golden locket charm attached to an ankle bracelet. Its owner, sixteen-year-old Liana, wears it for the first time during her father Jamison’s opening night illusion spectacular. Not only does its presence cause Jamison to folly his performance, but it also starts a chain of bizarre events that lead to a showdown with Dahlia’s mortal enemy, Stefan, and an unsuspecting romance between Liana and his son.

About the Author

Matt Dallmann has a background in acting and holds a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. His films and screenplays have been featured at film festivals across the United States including Cinequest, Big Apple Film Festival, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, DragonCon and Zero Independent Film Festival. His piano compositions have been published for commercial use and he is a member of ASCAP. Matt is also the Co-Founder and Vice President of the boutique medical billing firm VGA Billing Services, Inc. in New York City. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

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Interview with author!

Tell us about your genre.  How did you come to choose it?  Why does it appeal to you?
I think most people that are into fantasy like it because it lets us live in a world where the underdog prevails with the help of a special gift or power. It appeals to those who feel stuck, either permanently or temporarily. The thought of being divergent, the boy who lived, strong with the force, or a misunderstood vampire helps us get unstuck, if only for a moment.

What do you find most challenging about the writing process, and how do you deal with it?
Finding time to write is the most difficult for me. I run a business full time and have a wife and two daughters, so time has become a luxury. When I do have time, I mostly just want to catch up on West World. If I’m not too tired, I write on my commute into New York City—an hour and a half each way.

When and where do you do your writing?
Oops! I think I already answered this one.

What have you learned about promoting your books?
Quite a bit considering I knew nothing about it before hand. The most important thing I’ve learned is that there are a lot of people/hustlers out there competing for our marketing dollars. It’s big business when you think about it. There are over 3,000 books being traditionally or self-published every day. That’s a big pool of eager customers for any first, second or eighth rate marketing/promotion service.

What are you most proud of as a writer?
Just that I’ve been able to finish works that I’ve started. It took me a long time to come around to this. My wife would always tell me it’s amazing that I was able to finish a book or a screenplay, and I would say, “No it’s not. Thousands of people do it every day.” Success is difficult to measure in any entertainment field, so I guess if you can’t find triumph in simply completing your expression, being creative is more torture than cathartic.

If you could have dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

Probably Gore Vidal. I would ask him how we could make his works more accessible to people who don’t read, or who can’t read his style of writing. It would be an interesting conversation, because if you water down his writing style, I suppose it wouldn’t really be a Gore Vidal anymore. I just think it is a shame that some books have so much insight to offer, but have so limited a reach, at least by today’s standards.

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