14 June, 2018

The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham First Look and Giveaway! @scarlettpeckham, and @Barclay_PR

"She intended to be the mistress of her own fate. And there was one thing she knew with absolute certainty from observing the was of the world: one did not get that kind of power by marrying it"
THE DUKE I TEMPTED by Scarlett Peckham is out this July!


Having overcome financial ruin and redeemed his family name to become
the most legendary investor in London, the Duke of Westmead needs to secure his
holdings by producing an heir. Which means he must find a wife who won’t discover
his secretcraving to spend his nights on his knees—or make demands on his long
scarred-over heart.

Poppy Cavendish is not that type of woman. An ambitious self-taught botanist designing
the garden ballroom in which Westmead plans to woo a bride, Poppy has struggled
against convention all her life to secure her hard-won independence. She wants
the capital to expand her exotic nursery business—not a husband.

But there is something so compelling about Westmead, with his starchy bearing
and impossibly kind eyes—that when an accidental scandal makes marriage to the
duke the only means to save her nursery, Poppy worries she wants more than the
title he is offering. The arrangement is meant to be just business. A greenhouse
for an heir. But Poppy yearns to unravel her husband’s secrets—and to tempt
the duke to risk his heart.

On Sale in Digital: July 31, 2018
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Read and exclusive excerpt from THE DUKE I TEMPTED:

The Duke of Westmead cleared his throat. “Given I rebuked you for your lack of
transparency, Miss Cavendish, honor obliges I disclose to you that I became rather
dismayed when I learned you were betrothed. I suppose I thought, how dare she?
How dare she squander her gifts on so middling a creature as Mr. Raridan? Or,
more to the point, on anyone?”
Poppy didn’t speak. She couldn’t, because her breath was caught. She had never
heard herself described in such terms by anyone. How could she, when the local
gentry who had known her all her life told a different story about her? One of an
eccentric spinster who coarsened herself with commercial enterprise. An arrogant,
unlikeable woman, unhealthily obsessed with plants.
“Thank you,” she said, hoping her voice did not convey how deeply what he said
affected her. It would not do to seem overly moved.
He shrugged, as though his words were unremarkable. As though such assessments
of her worth were lobbed at her all day.
The carriage she had been waiting for at long last appeared through the stable gates
and rolled up to the bottom of the steps.
“Miss Cavendish, in light of my lapse of judgment, I fully understand if you do not
wish to return to Westhaven. But if my sister believes me guilty of ruining her plans
I shall have to live with her mortal disapproval. I don’t suppose I could prevail on you
to reconsider finishing your work? I assure you that I will not attempt to intercede
in so much as the placement of a vase.”
The contours of his face should not have a say in her decision and yet she could
not help but admire them, as the fading light danced across the planes that made
him sometimes handsome, sometimes fierce.
Or perhaps it was only the way that he looked at her. As if her respect meant
something to him. As if she did.
“Very well,” she said. “I shall return in the morning. For Lady Constance’s sake.”
After just a beat too long, he nodded. “I’m glad to hear it. For Lady Constance’s sake.”
And then he smiled.
Boyishly and quick and warm, like the sun darting out from a bank of clouds.
It was so unexpected and disarming that without thinking, she craned her face
towards his to get a better view of it. Their eyes met, and a chill ran down her spine.
Because for just a moment, she thought he might lean in, close the distance, and kiss her.
No. Not thought he might. Wanted him to.
She wanted him to kiss her.
Instead, he folded his mouth back into its usual grim line, bent in a deep bow and
offered her his hand to help her into the carriage.
But it did not escape her notice that he held her fingers just a beat too long as
he said: “Be well, Miss Cavendish.”
  Author Bio:
Scarlett Peckham fell in love with romance novels as a child, sneaking paperbacks
from the stash in her grandmother's closet. By the time she came of age she had
exhausted her library's supply and begun to dream of writing one of her own. 

Scarlett studied English at Columbia University and built a career in communications,
but in her free hours always returned to her earliest obsession: those delicious, big-hearted
books you devour in the dark and can never bear to put down. Her steamy historical
romances about alpha heroines have been finalists for the Golden Heart® Award four times.
Her debut book, THE DUKE I TEMPTED, will be out July 31, 2018.

Scarlett splits her time between London and Los Angeles. When not reading or writing
romance she enjoys pretending to know about wine, discussing The Real Housewives,
 and cooking enormous pots of soup.

Scarlett is represented by Sarah Younger at the Nancy Yost Literary Agency,
and spends far too much time on Instagram and Twitter.

Connect with Scarlett:
 Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram | Newsletter | Amazon

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