04 July, 2018

Review & Excerpt Tour for INSATIABLE by Michelle Hazen Tour!

Michelle Hazen is back with INSATIABLE, the next standalone in her Sex, Love, and
Rock & Roll series. When a sex addict lead singer falls into friendship with a hard
rock diva, he must fight their attraction or risk ruining her life. Fans of rockstar
romances will devour this angsty yet heartwarming story about a bad boy who’s a
good man.
“Insatiable is a beautiful story about love. There’s romantic love, the love between friends, the
often painful love we share with our family, and for Jax, finally the ability to love himself.”
—Reads and Reviews Blog
“Michelle gives us a powerful journey, raw emotions and high intensity in this rock and roll romance.”
—Cynthia at We All Make Mistakes In Books Blog
“I love Jax. I hope this book finds its way into the hands of anyone with addiction and that they don’t
feel alone.
Only read this book if you like rock star romance books with no cheating and full of love, both the
friendship type and the steamy type:)” —Michelle, Goodreads reviewer
Title: Insatiable
Author: Michelle Hazen
Release Date: July 2, 2018
Publisher: Self-published
Series: Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 322

Jax Sterling is a sex addict with the heart of a golden retriever puppy.
As the lead singer for the Red Letters, it’s easy to hide his loneliness behind his bad boy lifestyle
…until he lands on tour with a hard rock goddess who makes him want the relationship he can
never have.
Onstage, Ava’s all chains, whips
and guitar licks, but the backstage confessions they share are darker than their leather.
She wants Jax, but he wants better for her than him.
But then, bad news drops that threatens the life of one of his bandmates, and the loyalty of the other.
Terrified by how little he has left if he loses his best friends, Jax takes the plunge to let someone else
into his life.
Until Ava finds out his ugliest sin, and it’s nothing she can forgive.
**This book contains spoilers to earlier books in the series, but can be read and understood as a standalone.
No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed.**

Goodreads → http://bit.ly/2GLB6xk
Buy Now: Amazon | iTunes | B&N | Kobo
Barnes and Noble → https://goo.gl/3Jn33o
Copyright © 2018 Michelle Hazen
“Jax, wait!” She grabs my arm.
“Still not ready to sleep?”
Please God, let her ask me to hold her. That happens in Jera’s romance novels all the time.
And okay, the heroes never pop inappropriate wood, but that’s just because they’re a bunch
of pussies.
Ava nods, and I can’t quite read the look in her eye. Her hand feels soft on my arm and when it
drops away, my skin tingles. “If you want to trade in truth or dare for a bedtime story next time,
I rock at Dr. Seuss. Jera’s daughter can’t get enough of rhyming.” I half-smile. “Songwriter’s kid,
you know.”
“Sorry. You should go catch a nap before the plane lands. I need a new damn boyfriend is all.”
Ava sighs. “Hate sleeping alone.”
My heart jolts and I briefly debate the wisdom of jumping up and down, waving my arm in
the air.
Decide against it on the basis of possible un-coolness points. “You could try your bodyguard.
Judging by the look he gave me when I was on my way in here, he’s dying to play Big Spoon.”
Ava laughs. “Yeah, not even a little bit. Plus, his wife is in my knitting group back home.”
“AVA knitting? From the girl who started the skull-with-pink-bow trend, that’s some serious
blackmail, so now we’re even.” She still looks glum, so I skim my knuckles down her arm.
“Come on, you’re not really alone. You’re on a tiny plane with the world’s most prescient
flight attendant, a vampire bat, and a makeup artist whom I suspect of reading the dictionary.
For pleasure.”
She laughs, squirming around until she’s straight on the bed again and squinting up at me as a
tiny curl falls into her eyes. “You’re crazy weird, you realize that, right?”
“They’re your hand-picked staff, not mine.” I head for the door and pause with my hand on
the knob. “I’ll totally stay and cuddle with you, you know. As long as you have sex with me
three, maybe four times first.”
“Four?” She pushes her hair out of her face. “Oh, is that all?”
I wink. “‘If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.’”
“Oh my God, did you just sex-quote Dr. Seuss at me?” She explodes into my favorite laugh,
the gasping snorty one.
I close the door, grinning. Which sucks, because I look like a fool when I realize her
bodyguard is still awake, swiveled so he can watch me come out of her airplane’s bedroom.
And he still hasn’t blinked.
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will win eBook copies of A CRUEL KIND OF BEAUTIFUL and
About Michelle Hazen:
Michelle Hazen is a nomad with a writing problem. Years ago, she and her husband
ucked out of the 9 to 5 world and moved into their truck. As a result, she wrote most
of her books with solar power in odd places, including a bus in Thailand, a golf cart in a
andstorm, and a beach in Honduras. Currently, she’s addicted to The Walking Dead, hiking,
and Tillamook cheese.
Follow Author:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest | Instagram

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