29 September, 2018

That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastianoeleases the 30th of October 2018! @SebLanza

Book Description : Benjamin is a child able to foresee and forestall events unfolding in his life and that of others. Yet he dreads to reshape them, for these events intertwine each and every existence in a delicate balance. However, when he senses his sole caretaker’s imminent death, he feels he must intervene.

In a fevered state, Benjamin was abandoned in the midst of a winter night, and is now sheltered by Ms Penter, a woman grieving over the loss of her own child. As he’s nurtured back to health, and his presence helps the woman to partially let go of her grief, Benjamin is devastated each and every time he glimpses her imminent demise.

Despite his attempts to alter the events leading to her death, Benjamin knows he won’t be able to save Ms Penter without damaging the delicate balance which entwines each and every life. The same balance he was born to preserve.

That Which Must Happen tackles the theme of fate.
Not to be understood as a series of immutable events leading to a predetermined destination, rather, as a series of interconnected events which can be influenced by our choices.

Author Bio (Lanza Sebastiano)
Author of That Which Must Happen, currently working on more novels.
Born and bred in Italy, which must be why I love good food.
Passionate about non-linear storytelling, labyrinthine plots, and mise en abyme (amidst others), which feature heavily in my works.
After all, it's not by chance I take great pleasure from thinking for hours on end about what's rather important.
I also adore impossible challenges, if nothing else for their paradoxical nature. Nothing is impossible.

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