07 November, 2018

Fill Me In: Part Journal. Part Game. All Yours Spotlight!

Bella & Kendall, Selena & Cardi B, Blair & Serena – we all have best friends that we just click with. And what’s better to commemorate a friendship than a collaboration of all of your combined memories, hopes and insights?

Inspired by late nights filled with laughter, heartbreak, and predictions of the future, FILL ME IN: Part Journal. Part Game. All Yours. (on sale 11/6/18; Touchstone) is part game, part friendship journal, created solely by members of the Touchstone team. After all, secrets are better shared – so pour a glass of wine and get ready to spill.

For fans of bullet journaling, Wreck This Journal, and Cards Against Humanity, FILL ME IN is the perfect way to bond with your friends—and even get to know yourself a little better. This unique keepsake features 18 illustrations and designed pages by Jo Harrison.

Picture this—it’s Saturday night, and you and your friends are sitting around asking the important questions: What’s your future Real Housewives tagline? What would your dating profile say if it were 100% honest? How do you hope to change in the next three to five years? You can answer all this and more in Fill Me In, part journal, part game, uniquely designed for friends and for fans of Wreck This Journal and Cards Against Humanity.

Fill Me In has questions that range from the thought-provoking to the silly, such as:

· Cast your friends as the characters in the TV show FRIENDS.
· What would your dating profile say if it were 100% honest?    
· What’s something you wish you could tell your past self?
· What would your reality show be called?
· What will you commit to doing with your friends every 10 years?     
Complete with illustrations from Jo Harrison (including a coloring book page!), Fill Me In is a clever, irreverent, and fun keepsake for millennials and friends. It’s all the games of MASH you played as a kid rolled up in book form. Whether you complete it in one session or spread it out over months, this journal is a great way to bond with your best friends—and even get to know them a little better.

For more information and to purchase Fill Me In, please visit http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Fill-Me-In/Touchstone/9781501194795.

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