13 July 2019

Disruption by J.B.Jamison Review!

In the midnight darkness north of New Orleans, the towboat’s routine trip up the Mississippi River becomes something far more deadly. Captain Charlie Graff is suddenly thrust into the middle of one of the most twisted domestic terrorist plots ever conceived. He has to use his skill as Captain to protect his crew, his boat, his river, and his country. But he is not alone.

On land, already overwhelmed FBI agent Emily Graham finds herself thrust into the role of leading the pursuit of the terrorists. Her journey leads to dead ends and dead witnesses. She discovers her trust in her team-members is wrong, the terrorists are not who they say they are, and that the people who actually initiated the attack don’t even exist.

This tense, fast-paced thriller is a thousand-mile journey with more twists and turns than the river that carries it. A story that begins and ends with betrayal. The betrayal that has but one goal: Disruption.

2017 was the year that John Jamison turned 65 and signed-up for Medicare. It was also the year that as J. B. Jamison, he published his first novel called Disruption, as Pops Jamison he published his first children’s book, and as John B. Jamison he signed a contract for his fourth collection of stories with C. S. S. Publishing. As Dr. Jamison, he taught as an adjunct instructor at LincolnLand Community College, redeveloped curricula, and continued developing eLearning activities through his company ImagiLearning. As John, he took care of his beehives, played his guitar, and enjoyed time with his wife of 45 years and his two grandchildren. A long-time believer in the power of stories, John saw sixty-five as just another bookmark in his personal story…a story of possibilities.

My Review
Disruption by J.B.Jamison is a story of secrets and betrayal on the Mississippi River. Towboats and their crew was a topic I had never read about. Never really thought about how goods are being delivered along the river. Very interesting.

Captain Charlie Graff is put into an untenable situation when his boat is taken over by a group of men who are domestic terrorists. Their mode of destruction is to blow up every bridge along the Mississippi River, thus splitting the country in half. Not only do they want to blow up the bridges but the canisters they are using also has anthrax in them. Why do they want to do this? They feel that the government is corrupt and Congress can't get anything done. Sound familiar? That is why this book was so believable. Terrorism is not the way but when people get disillusioned, some will go to extreme lengths. 

Emily Graham along with many people in the government and military get involved in trying to stop the terrorists from completing their plans with Emily as the leader. Clues don't make sense, people are not who she thought they were and she is in a fight against time plus she has a father who is battling the first stages of dementia. All of these things are becoming a distraction in her pursuit to stop the terrorists before there is a disaster such as this country has ever known. Can she figure out who is the leader of the terrorists, who the mole is and how will she stop the terrorists?

All of these things make for a very unputdownable novel that will keep the reader wanting more. I enjoyed it immensely and learned a bit about towboats and life on the Mississippi River to boot! Engaging and believable characters and a plot that could have been ripped from the headlines. I want to read more by this author, oh yes I have book two on board to read soon! Love a fast-paced political thriller?  Then this one is for you! 

I received a copy of this book for review purposes only.

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