06 November 2019

A New Planet By Todd M. Thiede Book Blitz! @TTMICHAEL9 @SagesBlogTours

A New Planet
By Todd M. Thiede
Genre: Science Fiction
As World Leaders Xiao, Rothchild, and Fisk work with and against one another, their government and way of life fall apart. One misstep creates a ripple effect that leads to the demise of the planet.
Tal Fisk and Jae Xiao, star-crossed lovers, meet as the stars have ordained. Fate and power
work to keep them apart while they defy their parents. As the fragile ecosystem of Hongsu
falls apart, the authority that comes as the children of World Leaders with very different
views weighs heavily upon them. 
Bastien works to end the unequal class system that keeps the poor down and helps the
rich get richer. With the unwitting help of rich connections, Bastien’s part in an elaborate
plan to scare the Council into action has disastrous consequences. 
As they try to save their civilization they can’t help but wonder…Is it technology, greed,
or human nature that causes the world to collapse?
About the Author
When you think of an Amazon bestselling author you probably won’t think of
Todd M. Thiede. He’s been a finance manager at a car dealership in Illinois for over
15 years. He’s a father of 4 and now a grandfather of 3. When he’s not working or
spending time with his family, he’s writing books. His Max Larkin Detective series
has been on Amazon’s Bestsellers list for multiple books in the series. He’s also
written Political Thrillers under the pseudonym T.T. Michael, and those books have
won multiple awards from Readers’ Favorite and Book Excellence Awards. 
Todd M. Thiede is now diving into the Sci-Fi world with his new book “A New Planet”. 

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  1. Thank you so much for showing my book on your blog. I look forward to reading other comments as they come in.

    Todd M. Thiede

    1. Thanks Todd! My pleasure, I have since gone back and fixed the formatting. It now looks better! Good luck with your book.


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