27 March, 2020

A Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett Guest Review and Giveaway!

Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett
Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett
Publisher: Rock Yard Books (February 26, 2019)
 Category: Historical Fiction, Suspense
 Tour dates: March, 2020
 ISBN: 978-0578471235
 Available in Print and ebook, 247 pages
  Place Called Jubilee


Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett

Deception, witchcraft, and the secrets of a long-dead former slave churn the life of ambitious young clergyman Coleman Hightower – even as fear, bombings, and riots rock the nation. Historical novel A PLACE CALLED JUBILEE tells Coleman’s story as he leaves his mountain home and arrives in Washington D.C. in 1961 as the Civil Rights movement explodes across America. Coleman’s plans for a prestigious life are torn apart by his forbidden longing for beautiful and fiery activist Rosalee. His search for meaning turns into a desperate journey that takes him and the woman of his dreams all the way to Jubilee, Alabama – a place where intrigue, betrayal, and murder combine to make Coleman wonder if he will win Rosalee’s love or even leave the tiny town alive.

Praise Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett

Notable Indie #1 in the Shelf Unbound Magazine 2019 Best Indie Book Awards. “A very dark time in our history. Not my usual type of read but could not put it down when I got started. Felt like I was right there in the story. Great read.”-Janice, Goodreads “Highly Recommend. Loved this book. I feel I really got to know the characters. Waiting for a sequel.”-LM, Amazon “I couldn’t put this book down. I love historical fiction and suspense. This book gave me both. The characters were well developed, the vocabulary was challenging and the descriptive language drew me in.”-CH, Amazon

Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett
Guest Review by Sage Nor
What an interesting and enthralling read this was! Timothy J. Garrett's, 'A Place Called Jubilee,' is a story not just about life but about love, religion, civil rights and tolerance. The main character, Coleman Hightower is a young white preacher-in-training in the early 1960's. After attending JFK's inauguration, he accidentally takes a wrong turn on the way home and winds up getting assaulted and thrown into a river. Coleman manages to pull himself out of the river, after which he is invited into a boarding house by a young black woman named Rosalee. 
Although Rosalee is nervous to have a white man in her house, Coleman finds her so entrancing that he begins to fall in love with her. Despite resistance from the preacher in charge of mentoring him, Coleman begins attending civil rights meetings in his neighborhood. Eventually, Coleman decides to join into the civil rights movement and travels to Alabama while trying to win over the love of Rosalee. 
Reading this book, I couldn't help but feel like it was such an apt and timely story for the world that we live in today. Coleman's spiritual journey throughout the novel was so poignant and stirring. I love the way Garrett writes, creating both his characters and the landscape. The journey that Coleman takes through the South was so real I could practically feel the heat and hear the accents. This story delves into aspects of the civil rights movement that I had never read about before. Not to mention the societal shame of engaging in an interracial relationship at that time in history. I absolutely loved Coleman and Rosalee as characters and their romance was very sweet and touching. It was the two of them against the world, in many ways. This book is a look at a time in America's history that was both dark and incredibly uplifting and it could not have been done better! 5 stars!
About Timothy J. Garrett

Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett

Award winning author, Timothy J. Garrett lives with his wife Cynthia in his native northeast Georgia where he spent 16 years working as an E.R. physician and is now a healthcare executive. History and historical fiction are his writing passions though his influences include Southern gothic luminaries like Cormac McCarthy, William Faulkner, and Flannery O’Connor. While Tim has written extensively for the healthcare industry, the award-winning A PLACE CALLED JUBILEE is his first published novel.
Website: http://timothyjgarrett.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drtimjgarrett
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drtimjgarrett

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  Place Called Jubilee by Timothy J. Garrett



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