23 June 2020

As Good as Can Be by William A.Glass Book Tour!

As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass

As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass
 Publisher: Hawkeye Publishers, (April 14, 2020)
 Category: Fiction: Coming of Age; War and Military; Family Saga
 Tour dates: May & June, 2020
 ISBN: 978-1-946005-34-2
 Available in Print and ebook, 400 pages
  As Good As Can Be

Description As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass

‘As Good As Can Be’ is a novel about the wayward son of an alcoholic army officer. As his dysfunctional family moves from one military base to the next, Dave Knight develops a give-a-damn attitude that goes well with his ironic sense of humor. In high school he joins other delinquents in a series of escapades, some dangerous, others funny, and a few that would be worthy of jail time should the troublemakers be caught. After barely graduating Dave gets drafted into the army and sent to guard a nuclear weapons depot in Korea. There he runs afoul of his sergeant and must scramble to avoid dishonorable discharge. ‘As Good As Can Be’ draws on the author's experiences growing up in an out-of-control military family during the 1950's and his own military experience.

Advance Praise As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass

“A sweeping family saga that takes you into the world of a military family. A great read.” “William’s book flows magically, I had a stack of papers to grade one night but thought I would read a chapter before I started. Next thing I knew it was 2:00 am and I hadn’t graded anything!” 

As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass

Guest Review by Laura Lee

This novel is a portrait of a young man's life that is both wry and tender and leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart. Dave Knight never really had a simple life. Born as the son of an Army officer, Dave was uprooted often as a child and given little attention amongst his four other siblings. Although his family had money, Dave acted out quite a bit all throughout his childhood years just so that his parents might notice him. Of course, constant rebellion is no way to live, and Dave only matures when he is drafted into the Vietnam war and forced to learn how to be a good soldier and keep himself and his fellow men alive. 

I think most coming of age novels are like summer flowers, they kind of bloom and fade and you forget about them after a little while. But I can't see myself forgetting about this one any time soon. Dave's sympathetic and charismatic nature, his ultimate willingness to do what is right, and his desperation to be loved really struck a chord with me that I did not expect. 

Quite often, when I'm reading I find myself getting distracted or putting the book down every few pages but I didn't do that at all with this novel. It was like I couldn't put it down until the very last page and I couldn't believe that it was over once it was. Not that the ending isn't satisfying—it definitely is, but I still wanted more! Where did Dave go next? Did he have a happy life? What did he experience over the coming late 20th century that further changed and matured him? I guess I'll have to just trust that the future had good things in store for him like the author seemed to imply or perhaps there’s a sequel in the works! This is a 5 star read for me.

About William A. Glass

As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass

William A. Glass, formerly a VP at Gallup, now coaches soccer at a small college in South Carolina and writes. He lives with wife, Bettina, who is a high school German teacher. They have three sons who have all moved away to pursue careers. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/williamasaglass/

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  As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass


  1. Laura, it's nice to hear that you won't forget Dave Knight anytime soon. It makes all the effort that went into my book worthwhile. I knew when writing 'As Good As Can Be' that it would not be a literary masterpiece. Still, I wanted to pen a story that would be memorable and I'm so glad that you think I succeeded!

    Best wishes,

    Bill Glass

  2. Thanks so much for hosting!

  3. Hi there!

    Hope you are well! I see that you were a part of the blog tour for author William. A. Glass for his book.

    I'm interviewing him live on 22nd Dec 8PM CST and I was wondering if you could help me to let the reviewers who've read his book know about it, so that they can join if they are free. I'm also taking in questions through the submission form on the webpage below. The link to watch the show live is also on this webpage.




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