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10 March 2021

MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer Book Tour and Giveaway!

MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer 
Publisher:  Unsolicited Press (January 26, 2021) 
Category: Self-help, Non-Fiction, psychology, memoir, health/wellness, inspirational, eating disorder recovery, weight loss, & body positivity 

Tour dates: March-April, 2021 
ISBN: 978-1-950730-69-8 
Available in Print and ebook, 282 pages 

Description MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

"MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues" is a blend of motivational self-help, memoir, psychology, and health and wellness. Alli Spotts-De Lazzer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an expert in eating and body image issues, and a woman on the other side of her own decades-long struggle with food and body. A $702 billion global diet/nutrition and weight loss industry shows that people worldwide are devoted to achieving maximum health and their desired bodies. Yet mainstream approaches are failing these individuals, and sadly, science proves this. Intent on gaining the “health” and “happiness” that diets promise, consumers keep trying. They become sad and frustrated, believing they’re failing when they’re not. They simply need a legitimate, alternative path, which "MeaningFULL" offers. Through the contributors’ diverse, real-life mini-memoirs followed by Spotts-De Lazzer’s commentaries, readers will learn about themselves and discover their unique, unconventional formulas for conquering their issues. Along the way, "MeaningFULL" will also guide them towards more self-appreciation, wellness, and fulfillment.

Praise MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

"First, let me tell you….YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! Why? Because it will resonate with you at some level. Whether you’re the person that has had a moment of, “I can’t wear that” or “I don’t like the way my (insert body part here) looks in that shirt” or “That food is bad/good for me”. I promise something in this book will touch you. For me, there were many “A-HA” moments that made me tear up a bit reading them knowing that I was not alone. Alli does a fantastic job of letting these stories unfold, letting the writer tell their truth and where they’re coming from, and where they are going. You will laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely be better for reading this! Highly recommend. 5 SHINING STAR STICKERS!!"-cedarparkmom

"I loved your book so much it was an absolute joy to spend this valuable weekend time reading it. . .I really feel this book should be read by everyone in Western culture. This is so much more than a series of stories from people with eating disorders, it is a reflection on American (and to a large extent the whole of western) society. The pressure we put on ourselves and each other to look a certain way, unattainable aspirations that are robbing us of our health and robbing us of our ability to enjoy life. I am sure everyone can benefit from reading this book, and everyone will either relate to some elements of the stories, or know someone who has suffered from similar issues."-Caroline Watson, from the U.K. 

 "I SAW MYSELF IN THIS BOOK. I was fortunate enough to read a copy of this book prior to it's formal release. I expected to read story after story about other people. But, as I dug deeper, I realized, I was reading about parts of myself and parts of my family and friends within each story. I cannot recommend this book enough. It's a very easy read. Even if you don't think you need to read this book for your own personal journey, it's worth reading to better understand what your family or friends might be going through. It has definitely heightened my sense of awareness."-jrjanuszewski 

 "A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. MeaningFULL is just that; meaningful. It is FULL of hope and encouragement. Readers will surely recognize themselves in one of the many, beautifully diverse stories of food and body image struggles and triumphs. As an eating disorder therapist, I feel confident in recommending this book to my clients as the author takes great care to engage readers in a safe way that focuses on healing. Her straightforward commentary at the end of each mini memoir is refreshing and illuminating, helping to eliminate any potential misreading of the information presented. Need a fill-up on hope? Grab this book and settle in."-Josie Munroe, LMFT

"Reading MeaningFULL was like seeing myself in a mirror – sometimes I liked what I saw, sometimes I cringed a little, and sometimes I got a true glimpse of myself. The 23 stories featured in this book made me laugh, cry, and feel a lot of hope – not just for myself, but for everyone who has a contentious relationship with food and with their own body. The storytelling in MeaningFULL is excellent and it was easy to connect with and feel empathy toward the storytellers. The notes from Alli at the end of each story, which have incredibly useful commentary and suggestions are what make Meaning Full such a worthwhile read. I really appreciate how freely resources are shared with the reader. Alli knows that overcoming food, weight, and body issues takes so much more than reading a book. She offers real information and suggestions for how to do the hard work. She also offers hope and glimpses of real lives that are so much better for having done the work. MeaningFULL was not always easy to read, especially when I related too much to a storyteller. It was so worth it, though! I felt seen and I felt compassion from Alli in every word she wrote. I think that there is a lot to be gained from reading this book for everyone – if you don’t have a hard time with food, weight, or body issues, you know someone who does. MeaningFULL is chock full of insights for everyone."-Darcysmom's, Goodreads

About Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

Alli Spotts-De Lazzer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and a “CEDS” Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, and a person on the other side of her own decades-long struggle with food battles and body dislike. She has presented educational workshops at international conferences, hospitals, and graduate schools and has published articles in trade magazines, academic journals, and online information hubs. A believer in service and advocacy, Alli serves on multiple committees and created #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!—a movement embodying its message. 


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Alli’s Clumsy Conquering—
My Story Leading to this Book
As a mental health professional and eating disorders specialist, I can wholeheartedly share that what each person wants to conquer and their journeys to do so are unique. For me, the birthday cake incident humiliated me, but it wasn’t enough to make me challenge or change my “maintenance” practices. Instead, a bunch of other stuff lined up to help me realize that I wanted a different, more contented life—one with less focus on food, body, and weight.
Here’s one of the most influential factors: anger. Though the feeling often takes a bad rap as a negative emotion, I think anger is awesomely informative. It’s a waving red flag that broadcasts, “Hey, something is wrong! Since you’re not acknowledging it, I’m going to get your attention!”  
For years I had fastidiously kept photo albums. I finally noticed that when I looked back at decades of what others regarded as “cool” or “exciting” memories, I rarely recalled the event, my connections to the occasion, or the people in the photos. Who did I go to that formal with? Why did I meet that celebrity? How did I get talked into being on that parade float? Instead, I remembered my weight or dress size in each shot. This made me mad.  
Simultaneously, I’d met someone special who would become the love of my life. I felt protective of being able to recall both present and future memories—and not by weight or size. Also, my parents were getting older, and I wanted clear recollections with them too.
Then one more significant thing happened to jolt me. Long after that cake episode, that same dear friend confronted me in a loving way. It went something like this: “I know you may get mad at me, and this could ruin our friendship, but I don’t think what you’re doing—your ‘maintenance’—is normal. I don’t think it’s okay or healthy. I feel concerned about you.” Of course I got outraged inside. But something about her bravery touched me. I must have been sufficiently open and the timing must have been right enough to hear it. Plus, I think the guilt I had from messing up her birthday helped me listen to her.
For years I’d been working with a really skilled generalist therapist, but I’d mostly kept the eating and weight stuff out of the room. I hadn’t wanted her to know much about it or to meddle with it. After all, I’d accepted my “maintenance” practices as a forever part of my life.
Angry and fed up (no pun intended), at last, I said it: “I need accountability and help. Here’s what I’ve been doing...” I wasn’t scared when I told her. I felt calm, desperate, determined, and also relieved to stop hiding my secrets.

MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

Guest Review by Laura Lee

I have never read a self-help book quite like this. A powerful series of essays, some from anonymous authors, about diet culture, weight loss, eating disorders and all of the psychological trauma that comes with them. The main author of this book, Alli Spotts-De Lazzer is a trained therapist and having her commentary at the end of every story really helped put them into perspective and answer any leftover questions that the reader might have.

The stories in this book are captivating, moving and motivational. They are, at times, heartbreaking and at times, joyful. The stories range from one woman's descent into binge-eating to cope with the birth of her baby, who suffered from cerebral palsy to another woman who grew up in a family that was so focused on perfection that when she began to put on weight during puberty she immediately stopped eating and developed anorexia as a response.

Each story told includes a narrative about how the particular person made their way back to healthiness and the steps that they took along the way. None of the paths were easy but each is outlined in clear steps that give you a perspective on achieving the same peace of mind for yourself if you are struggling with a similar problem.

All of the stories shared common themes surrounding body image and how easy it is to fall into unhealthy eating (or not eating) habits. It was so easy to see myself in the stories and see different ways that my own viewpoints have affected my body image, so much so that I think this is a valuable resource even if you have never struggled with your weight.

I learned quite a bit from reading this. I am so grateful for such a compassionate look at diet culture and the toll that it takes on people in general, but especially on young women every single day.

Giveaway MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

This giveaway is for one print copy with 2 winners. It is open to the U.S. only and ends on March 31, 2021,midnight pacific time. Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only. 

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MeaningFULL by Alli Spotts-De Lazzer

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