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25 March 2021

The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power by Christy Whitman Book Tour! and Giveaway!

Desire Factor by Christy Whitman
The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power by Christy Whitman 
Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing (April 21, 2021) 
Category: Self-help, Motivational, Creativity, Inspirational, Non-Fiction 
Tour dates: March & April, 2021 
ISBN: 978-1582707594 
Available in Print and ebook, 208 pages 
The Desire Factor

Description Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

There is no limit to the amount of happiness that we, as human beings, can experience. There is no limit to how much love, laughter, excitement, or satisfaction we can feel. This universe is unendingly abundant, which means that it has the ability to yield to us whatever experiences we desire. Why, then, do some people manifest their desires so fluidly and naturally, while others are living lives of struggle, mediocrity, or quiet desperation? Hard work alone does not guarantee a positive result. In fact, pushing forward with determination and effort when things are not going as planned usually only makes a bad situation worse. Energy – not action – is the source of all manifested things, and The Desire Factor is the definitive guide to achieving energy mastery. The Desire Factor provides one of the most current, comprehensive, and easy to apply explorations into the realm of energy, and shows readers how – by purposefully calibrating the energetic frequency of their dominant thoughts, moods and expectations – they can bring any desire into physical form. The book is built around 7 universal principles, each of which assists readers in connecting with and deliberately harnessing the divine energy stream that sources all things. These are:
  • The Principle of Alignment
  • The Principle of Focus
  • The Principle of Joyful Expectancy
  • The Principle of Having
  • The Principle of Loving
  • The Principle of Surrender
  • The Principle of Action
Each principle builds upon the last one, and together, they provide a clear path – not just toward the manifestation of objects, experiences and conditions you desire to create in each important area of your life – but toward the personal evolution your desires are guiding you to embrace.

Advance Praise Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

“The Desire Factor is a testament to the success principles I’ve been living and teaching for more than forty years. Whether we experience happiness or unhappiness, success or failure depends on what we, ourselves, believe we are deserving of. What we think about, talk about, feel strongly about, and act on, we attract into our lives. In this book, my friend Christy Whitman lays out a reliable road map for how to do all of the above on purpose.”-Jack Canfield, coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™, and a featured teacher in The Secret “In The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman has pulled back the curtain and revealed how successful people fulfill their desires. Well-written, with engaging, easy-to-relate-to stories, this book will guide you to a completely new understanding of what fulfilling desires means and why you have the desires you have. This is one of those books to put on your must-read list.”-Chris Attwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches “As a TM meditator of almost forty years, I’ve often felt profoundly connected to our collective quantum soup. Christy Whitman’s The Desire Factor beautifully makes the case that desire not only doesn’t deserve its bad rap (thanks a lot, Adam and Eve), but it’s actually one of the soup’s most transformational ingredients.”-Tom Bergeron, TV host and soup resident “The Desire Factor is a handbook that teaches you how to manifest any desire, big or small. Christy reveals the art and science of creating fulfillment and empowerment in every aspect of your life. Bravo, Christy, for sharing these important principles.”-Cynthia Kersey, bestselling author of Unstoppable, founder & CEO of Unstoppable Foundation

Excerpt from The Desire Factor for Celticlady’s Reviews 

by Christy Whitman 

“Alignment is the key to everything you desire. If you are not connected to the power source  from which the desire came, you are out there trying, willing, and forcing your desires into form.  You are divinely designed to thrive and feel good, and that means your desires are an extension  of that alignment to your source.” 

- The Quantum Council  

How is it that desires are made manifest? How come some people seem to manifest so easily  with great results while others struggle for years—if not their entire lifetimes—trying to create  what they want? What exactly is the formula for becoming the happy, abundant, wildly  successful versions of ourselves that we truly wish to be? And how is it that our thoughts— seemingly so etheric and intangible—turn into objective, material realities like relationships,  cars, career breakthroughs, magnificent vacations, and high-end handbags?  

It may seem that taking physical, concrete action is the obvious—even the only—path to creating  all of the above. And the more we intensely desire something, or the bigger that desire looms in  the distance, then the greater the effort we feel we need to apply. This is the essence of the no  pain, no gain mind-set that so many are still living within, which tells us that paying our dues  and working hard is the only way to fulfill our heart’s desires. Clearly, we can accomplish  certain things just by applying physical force and mental effort. After all, just about everyone is 

capable of devising a plan and executing it, in the same way we can move a pile of rocks from  one place to another.  

But what about the fulfillment of truly extraordinary—even miraculous—desires? Is physical  action alone responsible for the sudden flash of insight that evolves into a multimillion-dollar  enterprise? Is mental effort the principal force at work within the artist who writes a song in  fifteen minutes that wins her a Grammy and becomes a part of pop culture forevermore? What  about the “chance” meeting that delivers you face-to-face with your soul mate, or the single  piece of information that drops into your lap and ushers in a whole new way of life?  

These are all examples of big accomplishments that seem to manifest easily—even out of the  blue—and of course, those experiences are thrilling. But what about those small, everyday  desires that sometimes manifest spontaneously and effortlessly? A few years ago, my husband,  Frederic, and I had only just begun to softly ponder the idea of selling our house. Really, we’d  barely even spoken about it. Five days later, through a completely effortless and mind-blowing  sequence of events, our house sold for the exact amount we wanted to receive, without us ever  listing it on the market or even taking a single photo. A textbook definition of the spontaneous  manifestation of desire.  

Could planning, strategizing, or forcing the issue have yielded us the same result? Maybe. But  trying to manifest your desires the hard way through willpower and force is not what this book is  about. The outcome that Frederic and I created—just like the outcomes created by the thousands  of people I’ve coached through the years—was the result of our alignment. In those moments in 

time when our hearts and minds are in perfect sync with our divine nature, we are at our most  creative and resourceful. Our actions are inspired rather than contrived, and they are far more  effective because they are backed up and sourced by our full spiritual power. There is an  unobstructed flow between the physical and nonphysical aspects of us, and this connection yields  far greater results than anything we can accomplish from a disconnected state. This is the power of the Principle of Alignment.  

When a desire—big or small—manifests this easily, it feels almost miraculous. But it’s not a  miracle. The people in this world who are the happiest; who have energy, vitality, and clarity;  who have plenty of money, creative self-expression, and loving and supportive relationships  aren’t accomplishing these things through hard work or effort alone. They are allowing them into  their experience through their alignment. And the manifestations themselves are rarely the  primary source—and certainly not a lasting source—of their happiness. The real joy comes from  the feeling of being in the flow of life and having the direct experience that the universe is our  willing, cooperative, creative partner.  

Whether it’s the manifestation of a ten-million-dollar winning lottery ticket or the manifestation  of a choice parking spot at the mall at Christmastime, the joy and satisfaction we feel as we  watch something we desire fall into place comes from knowing that we attracted that outcome to  us, through our clarity, our receptivity, and our alignment. We allowed ourselves to be guided to  the right place at the right time, and we accurately interpreted the clues that were being offered to  us by the benevolent universe of which we are all important parts.

In truth, these clues—which have the very real potential of leading us quickly and joyfully to the  spontaneous realization of everything we desire—are all around us, all the time, pointing the way  toward everything we desire in every important aspect of our lives. But to pick up on them with  clarity and accuracy, we have to be open to receive. In other words, the energy we are  broadcasting through our thoughts, our moods, and—importantly—our expectations must be in  energetic resonance with the outcome we desire. 

The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman 

Guest Review by Sol 

“Whether it's the manifestation of a ten-million-dollar winning lottery ticket or the  manifestation of a choice parking spot at the mall at Christmastime, the joy and  satisfaction we feel as we watch something we desire fall into place comes from  knowing that we attracted that outcome to us, through our clarity, our receptivity  and our alignment.”  

'The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your  Full Spiritual Power,' by Christy Whitman is a surprising take on self help books  with one central question: what do you desire?  

When this question is asked, most people want to answer with something big, like  world peace or true happiness, but, in the book Whitman insists that these desires  can be both big and small.  

She begins the book by talking about one of the experiences that led to her writing  it, which was her desire for a designer purse that she saw in a shop window in  Italy.  

Whitman told herself that she would one day return and buy the purse when she  could afford it. This then led to her making changes in her life that were beneficial  to both her job and her health.  

It was because of this that she discovered the main thesis for this book, that the  simple act of desiring something can help you manifest and bring that thing into  your life.  

The book is laid out over seven main chapters, each concerning a different  principal in the process of manifesting your desires.  

My favorite chapter was 'The Principal of Joyful Expectancy,' which talked, among  other things about underappreciated emotional labor and how much time we spend  on other people that might prevent us from spending time on ourselves.  

This book is a great provider of inspiration and spiritual consideration and it is  definitely worth the read! 

About Christy Whitman

The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book The Desire Factor will be released April 21, 2021. Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few. Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 10-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped certify over 3,000 life coaches and has helped countless others to unlock their power to manifest. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband Frederic and her two boys Alex and Maxim.

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 Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

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