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24 February 2022

Wolf Destinies BY Lucia Ashta Book Blitz and Giveaway! @luciaashta @XpressoTours

Wolf Destinies
Lucia Ashta
(Rocky Mountain Pack, #4)
Publication date: February 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

My whole life is one tangled lie. A horrible deception. All my past choices steered by the woman who hunts me without pause.

She’s powerful, vicious, and cruel, feared by the entire supernatural community. She’s also an immortal. Yeah, she can’t be killed—supposedly. Nothing like an insurmountable challenge, right?

I’ve trained for years to defeat any opponent, and this time, I have my mate Bruno, my sister, my pack, and a pair of strange mages at my side, ready to go down fighting with me.

My enemy might be invincible, but that won’t stop us from doing everything we can to take her down. Better to live in a world without her in it than to keep going when she’s controlled everything I’ve ever done. Either way, I’ll secure my freedom.

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, I will find the way to kill her before she ends me. With magic, the impossible is never quite what it seems.

* The Rocky Mountain Pack series is gritty, sexy, and action-packed urban fantasy paranormal shifter romance.

* Wolf Destinies is a full-length novel recommended for mature readers due to language, sexual situations, and graphic fighting scenes.

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Clove was rushing all her words together as if they’d been bottled up, desperate to break free: “Cassia is an immortal. A fucking immortal who can do all sorts of scary shit. Ni told me Cassia actually exploded a vamp. Blew him the fuck up. And that was a master vamp. And she can fly. I mean, what the hell’re Ni and Mei supposed to do about a crazy-ass bitch who has no heart and can fucking fly?”

Bruno’s cheek twitched; he didn’t think that had ever happened before. He trained his focus on Naya and Mei as they danced around the ring, so equal in skill that they had to work harder to find an opening for a strike that might actually make a difference.

For a few moments, he pretended Clove’s concerns didn’t pierce him straight in the heart.

Then he spun on her, jaw clenched tightly, until he whisper-shouted at her, “Don’t you think I know all that? I can’t sleep or eat, and whenever I manage to do either it’s only because I’m forcing myself to so I can be strong for her. Mierda, Clove. I know, I know, I know all that. I’ve been all but begging her not to do it.”

Author Bio:

LucĂ­a Ashta is the Amazon top 20 bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and paranormal women's fiction filled with wild magic, spicy romance, and quirky characters that make you snort-laugh.

A former attorney and architect, she’s an Argentinian-American who lives in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains with her husband and daughters.

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  1. Good luck to the author for the book and tour!

  2. Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy - I love it all!
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing! This sounds like such a great read; I love paranormal romance stories! :)

  4. Like the character descriptions, a strong female lead.



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