23 May 2022

What Lies Beneath: A Dark Stalker Romance Amber Faye & K. A. Pryde Book Tour and Giveaway!


What Lies Beneath: A Dark Stalker Romance
Amber Faye & K. A. Pryde

(Game of Obsession Duet, #1)
Publication date: May 31st 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Three men who’d burn the world down for me.
But now one of them wants me to burn with it.

My grandmama used to tell me the women in our family were all cursed. They attracted danger. Not in bits and pieces, but in droves. She was struck by lightning—twice. Mom died in a plane crash. She was crossing the street at the time.


I attract obsession.


The first, in my teenage years, wrote me letters that started as love poems and progressed quickly to bloodstained all-caps rants.

He drove me into the arms of the second: a sociopathic organized crime boss here in sunny LA.

He drove me into the arms of the third. Greyson Cain, who told me the truth about being an undercover cop, but might just be lying about everything else.

It’s time for me to stop running. Patterns don’t end on their own, and luck doesn’t change.

If I want to win this game of obsession, it’s finally time I learned the rules.

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In the dark, I search her tiny closet until I find something noisy—a piece of plastic from a snapped hanger. Slowly, silently, I push the closet door open, and I throw the plastic so that it skitters across the floor on the opposite side of the room.⁠

Viola doesn’t react at all. Not so much as a twitch.⁠

I slip past the door, my broad shoulders catching and rattling the flimsy wood. I grab it with my hand and flinch, waiting, but Viola’s breathing doesn’t even falter. She’s out of it.⁠

With newfound confidence, I step into the center of the room. I know what I am: a bulky, towering shadow all in black, blotting the moonlight outside the bay window. My hood is up and my head is lowered, and I grip the fabric in my pocket tight while I look down at her sleeping form, spread out limbs.⁠

If she woke right now, her scream would split the night.

K. A. Pryde has been writing ever since she first started forming memories. Her favorite genre is horror/thriller, but her favorite tropes are all romantic or steamy. Imagine her excitement when she realized she could combine the two.

Amber writes romance featuring flawed characters with sizzling connections.

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