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25 July 2022

Inseparable: An Alcatraz Escape Adventure by David Kruh Book Tour and Giveaway! Plus Guest Review!


Inseparable by David Kruh
Publisher: DX Varos Publishing (June 21, 2022)
Category: Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure
Tour dates: July 6- 26, 2022
ISBN: 978-1955065504
Available in Print and ebook, 325 pages


Description Inseparable by David Kruh

Tommy knew the right thing to do was turn them in to the cops. But that wasn’t the adventurous thing to do!

What happened to the three men who escaped from Alcatraz prison in June, 1962? Did they meet the same watery fate as dozens who preceded them into the cold San Francisco Bay? There is credible evidence two of them – brothers John and Clarence Anglin – not only survived but lived for years in South America. Inseparable is a fictional account of how a 13-year-old boy named Tommy helped them to freedom.

Tommy O’Conner was an only child whose mother, a widow of the Korean Conflict, had been left to make it on her own. She passed her independent, sometimes lonely spirit, to her son. But Tommy was also, in many ways, no different than other boys his age who dreamed of adventure. Then, one June day in 1962, his daydreams were interrupted by the real thing when he came face to face with John and Clarence Anglin – two of the Alcatraz escapees – and made the decision which would change all their lives.

Review Inseparable by David Kruh
Review by Laura

“Funny, the places one goes when faced with utter exhaustion and uncertainty. John found himself thinking about a day many years ago when his parents, flush with some extra cash given them by a grateful farmer whose harvest had been especially good, took them to a movie. John still remembered the feel of the nickel, heavy and cool in his hand as he and his siblings lined up outside the theater. He couldn't remember the town, but he remembered the movie. Mutiny on the Bounty.”

Three prisoners escape from Alcatraz in this electrifying new historical fiction novel from author, David Kruh. Based off of the real life escape from the island in 1962, 'Inseparable: An Alcatraz Escape Adventure,' tells the story of what might have happened to the prisoners who, in real life, were never officially confirmed to have survived.

Frank Morris and the brothers, Clarence and John Anglin make it to San Francisco after rowing across the bay on a raft made of stitched together raincoats. After being split up, Frank makes it to a different part of the shore than the brothers, but all three face the same problem of trying to get as far from Alcatraz as possible—without being seen by any police.

Nearby, a young boy named Tommy O'Conner wakes for the day, excited to spend some time with his friend, only to stumble upon Clarence and John Anglin, waterlogged and exhausted. After the brothers confess to Tommy that they escaped from Alcatraz, he decides to help them anyway.

Meanwhile, Frank makes it to a group of abandoned forts and begins searching them for supplies, working his way west with the aim of eventually finding a car to steal so that he can get out of San Francisco altogether.

This is a fantastic work of historical fiction by David Kruh. It is clear that he did painstaking research but he also has a keen sense of character purpose and an incredible plot! ‘Inseparable’ is my new favorite this year! 

View Trailer Inseparable by David Kruh

Inseparable by David Kruh

About David Kruh

David is the published author of several books on Boston history and the co-author, with his father Louis, on a book about presidential homes and landmarks.

A frequent contributor to the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and History Magazine, David is also a published and produced playwright, and a popular lecturer on a variety of historical subjects. ‘Inseparable’ is his debut novel.

Website: http://https//

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Giveaway Inseparable by David Kruh

This giveaway is for 1 print copy and 2 eBook copies open to the U.S. only. This giveaway ends on July 27, 2022, midnight pacific time. Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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Inseparable by David Kruh


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