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14 July 2022

Rhapsody Of The Stars by @jannatbhat Reveal! #jannatbhat #RhapsodyOfTheStars #XpressoTours @XpressoTours


Rhapsody Of The Stars
Jannat Bhat

Publication date: December 10th 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Music. Love. Obsession.

Sophia Kade’s one true desire was to make a name in the music industry. So, when her school announced hosting the Global Musical Icon Competition, a life-changing event for the winning pair, it was the perfect opportunity. The trouble was, that she needed a partner.

When the God of music, Kairo Knight arrives in town to take part in GMIC, she could ask him to help her out in becoming the next best thing, right? But it was out of the question when Kairo looked at her as if she was the worst thing to happen to humankind. Of course, with talent like his comes arrogance. So, she did what any youngster in her shoes would do.

She abducted him.

But the unexpected happened. She fell for him, and he betrayed her in the worst possible way. Who was this guy who hated the world which adored him?

People say music was his obsession until she came into his life. But after what he had done, she was out to destroy him.

Twists and turns, push and pull, and explosive chemistry make for one epic musical tale.

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Jannat loves to watch movies & tv shows about myths and legends surrounding romance from a certain perspective. She absolutely adores reading about sexy heroes and sassy heroines.
When she's not writing, she will mostly be found daydreaming and snuggled up with her cat Sasha, whom she loves dearly.

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